Beginner’s plants for balcony gardens to grow easily.

Beginner’s plants for balcony gardens to grow easily, without taking much effort. Especially in tropical places like Kerala and other South Indian states.

One of the most important problems that garden lovers face today, is lack of sufficient space. Mostly those who reside in flats or apartments.

Definitely we can fix this easily, by choosing plants that are ideal for balconies and indoors. Many of them can thrive even in the darkest corners.

What are the different types of plants for beginner’s balcony gardens

Surely these plants include fantastic flowering and non-flowering plants.

Moreover, there are lots of beautiful plants that we can hang from the rooftops, using strings.

In addition, there are different types of vegetables, herbs etc. that we can grow in balconies.

Points to remember while preparing beginner’s balcony gardens

While preparing our balcony garden, we should always remember certain important things. Because, it is essential to maintain the beauty and health of plants.

For example,

1. Always use potting medium that suits fine for particular plants. Succulents always need well drained sandy medium to prevent rotting. Whereas, plants like anthurium or orchids never need a soil medium.

2. Feed the plants with nutritious fertiliser at regular intervals.

3. Water the plant according to the particular nature. Certain plants prefer occasional watering, whereas some others need it on a daily basis.

4. Change the places of plants, so that it can adjust light requirements.

Given below are a few examples of plants, that you can grow easily in balconies, preferably as a beginner.

Beginner’s flowering plants for balcony gardens

Really, it is very easy to grow flowering plants in our balconies. Because the only important requirement is sunlight for a few hours a day.

It is amazing to keep flowering plants in ceramic or terracotta pots in balconies.

As a beginner, you can try succulents like impatiens or chinese balsam, euphorbia, begonias, kalanchoe etc.

Euphorbia milii plant with pink flowers

Likewise Anthurium is another best plant that you can try. Miniature anthurium plants with flowers in different shades, are fantastic for small space gardens.

Orchidsbeginner’s best plants for balcony gardens

Orchids are the most suitable flowering plants for balconies. Wide range of varieties, availability in almost all places etc. are a few of the reasons behind this.

Surprisingly most of the Orchid flowers resemble animals, insects, birds etc. that make the plants really unique. Many of them are having pleasant fragrance too.

Orchids are best examples for beginner’s plants for balcony gardens
Yellow Orchid flowers

Orchid plants need only 60% sunlight, which is one of the favourable factors for balcony gardening.

Above all, we can keep these plants either in pots or in hanging baskets.

Surely we can buy saplings of orchids from nurseries.

Shade loving plants

Furthermore, there are a lot of shade loving plants ideal for balconies. For many of them, leaves are the most attractive parts. Hence we can keep it either in balconies or even at window sides.

Usually, most of these foliage plants are non flowering .

ZZ Plant, Sansiveiria, Monstera, Money plants, ferns, etc. are a few examples that you can try easily.

Z Z Plant

Generally a large number of these shade loving plants are having detoxifying properties. For this reason we can also keep it indoors, especially in kitchens.

Never forget that many of these are positive energy plants. Best examples are Spider plant, Aglaonema, etc.

Spider plant is one of the best examples for beginner’s plants for balcony gardens
Spider plant

Excess light may make the leaves to lose colour and lustre. For this reason always keep these plants in shade or places with moderate sunlight. Additionally most of these plants tend to dry out due to severe heat.

Plants in hanging baskets or pots make our balconies not only attractive but help saving lots of space.

Definitely you can choose flowering or non-flowering creepers according to your requirements. In well lit balconies, flowering trailers are the most suitable ones, preferably for beginners.

Given below are a few examples of:

Flowering trailers or vines

Petunias, portulaca, Episcia, Evolvulus etc. are examples of flowering vines. Particularly in tropical places like Kerala and other South Indian states.

Beginner’s nonflowering vines for balcony gardens

Commonly most people prefer non flowering creepers for balcony gardens. Low maintenance, easy availability etc. are the important reasons behind this.

Cactus plants

Never forget that there are a lot of positive energy plants among non-flowering creepers. Different varieties of Money plants or the golden pothos, ferns, turtle vine etc. are widely used by people all over the world.

Cacti are beginner’s plants for balcony gardens
Cactus plants with colourful parts

Cacti are plants in which leaves or stems are transformed into thorns or other such plant parts. Colourful and bright parts are the special features of many of them. As a beginner, you can select a few colourful cactus plants for balconies.

Certainly you can try a few vegetables in your balcony. Spinach, chilli pepper, brinjal etc. are not only nutritious but attractive.


Having a few herbs in your balconies is really a wonderful experience. Freshness as well as fragrance can make us feel good, preferably in depressed moods.

Holy basil, sweet basil, cilantro, mint etc. are a few examples of herbs that you can try. In addition black pepper, aloe vera etc. are also ideal for keeping in your balconies.

Aloe vera plants in a pot

Bonsai trees

Whether flowering or non flowering, bonsai trees can make your balcony gardens really amazing. Bougainville, Adenium, Fukien tea tree and Ixora are best examples of flowering bonsai plants. Sunny places in balconies are ideal for keeping these plants.

Ficus benjamina bonsai

Bonsai trees from Ficus family are generally low light plants that can thrive either indoors or in balconies. Ficus benjamina, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus ginseng microcarpa , Ficus alii, Ficus rumphii etc. are examples.

Water plants-beginner’s best plants for balcony gardens

Ready to use garden ponds are available with most of the sellers and nurseries. Without any, doubt you can keep one according to the size of your balcony.

Lotus and water lilies having flowers in different colours can make your balconies really awesome.

Ready to use concrete garden pond

Of course, you can buy saplings directly from nurseries for this.

Potting medium for different types of plants

Mixing the ingredients in the right proportions, you can make the medium suitable for each plant. River sand, garden soil, organic manure, coco peat, compost, neem seed powder, perlite etc. are the main components.

If you find it difficult to collect the suitable potting mixture for each plant, you can buy it directly from sellers.

Given above are only a few examples of beginner’s plants for balcony gardens. You can find even more, that are popular in your locality.

With the above simple tips try to make your own balcony garden. 


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