Best flowering bonsai for beginners in tropical places

Best flowering bonsai trees that you can try in tropical places, especially for beginners. Bonsai trees are beautiful art pieces that can make our indoors as well as outdoors really amazing.

Usually there are a lot of of indigenous plant varieties, ideal for making bonsai. They can adapt well to the particular climates and other growing conditions easily.

Leaves and stems are the attractive parts of most of the bonsai trees. For example, trees that belong to the Ficus family, the Jade, Rubber tree etc.

Likewise there are many other beautiful bonsai trees with attractive flowers. Especially that we can grow without taking much effort. Many of them bear fantastic fruits as well.

Let us see a few examples of flowering bonsai trees that we can grow easily in tropical places. Preferably in Kerala and other South Indian states.



Woody stem and beautiful bright blooms are the key features that make the plant suitable for bonsai. Among these there are shrubs, small trees and trailing vines.

Bougainville glabra with colourful blooms in clusters, is one of the most beautiful varieties.

There are flowers in different shades of pink, red, purple, white etc.

Also it is very easy to train the plant, to any of the basic styles.

We can use stem cuttings for propagation of Bougainville bonsai.

Always remember that we should give proper care during different stages of training.

In addition, repot your bonsai every two years for retaining its health and beauty.

Try your own Bougainville bonsai with the simple tips here.

2. Ixora

Ixora is an evergreen perennial flowering shrub, ideal  for bonsai. Surprisingly there are more  than 500 varieties of ixora plants. There are plants with the flowers in red white, pink, and yellow colours. 

Uses of Ixora flowers

Flowers are used for pooja purposes in South Indian temples. Likewise the plant has got medicinal properties. Hence it is one of the main ingredients in a lot of Ayurvedic medicines.

Propagation of Ixora, one of the flowering bonsai trees for beginners

The most common method for propagation is through stem cuttings. Another method is through the germination of mature seeds. But it takes more time for the plant to grow.

Usually we use the dwarf varieties of  ixora coccinea for making bonsai.

In addition, we can buy good quality saplings directly from sellers or nurseries.

Really a well drained sandy medium is very essential for the proper growth of the plant. Therefore we can make it by mixing equal quantities of river sand, garden soil, coco peat and bone meal.

Timely pruning, wiring, repotting etc. can make your ixora bonsai healthy and beautiful.

The Fukien tea tree or Carmona retusa

Surprisingly, the name of this is because of its origin from the Fukien province of China. This evergreen plant is very common in the southern as well as south eastern parts of Asia.

The plant has got a number of medicinal properties as well. Hence it is an important component in herbal medicines for stomach ailments, skin diseases etc.

Truly it is one of the favourites of bonsai lovers all over the world. Because the plant responds well to training in different stages.

Besides the star like white flowers, conspicuous trunk, small shiny leaves etc. make the bonsai awesome. Berries that are green in colour, which gradually turns orange and finally red, are equally fine.

Propagation of Fukientea tree, one of the best flowering bonsai for beginners

Through stem cuttings and germination of seeds, we can propagate the Fukien tea tree. But remember that it takes longer, if we use seeds for starting our Fukien tea tree bonsai.

Commonly the Fukien tea tree plants are not fast growing. However, it becomes an amazing art piece with proper caring. Mostly with timely pruning, wiring, repotting etc.

Here you can find the simple tips for growing the Fukien tea tree bonsai.

4. Cassia fistula, one of the beautiful flowering bonsai trees for beginners

Golden shower tree, is the common name for the plant. South Asian countries, especially India and Sri Lanka are the places where we can find this plant abundantly. Additionally it is the state flower Kerala.

Above all, flowers of this tree is an unavoidable item for preparing Vishu Kani. Vishu is one of the most important festivals of Kerala associated with harvesting. Furthermore, Kani is the first sight to be seen on a particular day.

Bright yellow flowers hanging directly from the woody stem, is the main attraction.


Generally ripe mature seeds are used for propagation of the golden shower tree plants. Vegetative propagation using stem cuttings take much longer time for results.

Adequate quantities of mulch, river sand any organic manure etc. mixed together is the best growing medium.

Direct bright sunlight is the must have requirement for better blooming.

Definitely you can prune your cassia fistula bonsai, once the flowering ends.

5. Crepe Jasmine

Owing to the particular shape of the flowers, this plant is commonly known as the pinwheel flower plant. This evergreen plant branch out fairly, which is one of the factors that make it ideal for bonsai.

Moreover, the leaves that are in different shades of green, is really attractive.

Stem cuttings collected from mature mother plants are suitable for propagation.

Crepe Jasmine plants respond well to training at different stages, which is most essential for a bonsai.

The plant always needs a moist but well drained medium enriched with nutrients.

6. Tamarind

Truly it is one of the best plants for making bonsai in tropical places. Small leaves, woody stem, drooping branches, flowers and fruits are the main features.

Saplings collected through germination of seeds, is the best method for propagation.

Loamy well drained soil mixture enriched with any organic manure, is the adequate medium for the bonsai.

Surely we can train our tamarind to any of the basic bonsai styles, and you can follow the tips here.

Examples of a few other flowering bonsai trees for beginners

Given above are only a few examples of flowering bonsai trees.

You can find even more, that are suitable for the particular tropical climates. For example, Adenium, Murraya paniculata, Powder puff plant, Coral Jasmine ( Parijat ) etc.

Certainly you can make your garden really amazing with any of them, following the simple tips,

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