Most beautiful indoor plants, you can grow easily.

Most beautiful indoor plants, you can grow easily. No doubt, gardening is one of the most interesting hobbies, that attract a lot of people. But many of them turn away from this, due to lack of sufficient space.

Surely, I can say that if there is a will, there is a way. You can grow a lot of plants indoors without any extra effort. Always keep in mind, that no plants can totally survive indoors for a long time. Because each and every plant needs sunlight, either fully or partially. However, you can definitely keep such plants indoors for short periods. Usually non flowering plants are the best ones to grow indoors. Before selecting plants, find ideal places in your house for the plant. Window sides, balcony etc. where you get sunlight for two or three hours is enough. 
Let me introduce a few plants that are really beautiful, and can survive indoors with minimum sunlight.

1. Pothos or Money plants. Most beautiful indoor plants, you can grow easily.

Pothos or Money plants.
Truly money plants, are the first things that come to our minds when we think about indoor plants. The main attraction of this plant is the abundance in varieties. Moreover this plant doesn’t need a soil medium. Because it can thrive well in water. Also there are a lot of benefits for growing this plant. Especially like purification of air, detoxification from poisonous gases etc.

2. Caladium, a beautiful indoor plant.Most beautiful indoor plants, you can grow easily.

Attractive heart shaped leaves with different colors
Caladium plant.
Definitely we can find more than thousand species of plants in the caladium family. The heart shaped colourful leaves make them the favorite of garden lovers. No doubt, a caladium plant in a ceramic or terracotta pot will make your balcony really wonderful.

3. Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen plants.

Most Beautiful Indoor plants
Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen plant.
These are evergreen plants with colourful foliage, and you can find a lot of amazing varieties in this family. We can easily grow it indoors, as the plant needs very low maintenance. Generally the Aglaonema plants are slow growing, and hence you can keep it in small spaces such as window sides, half walls etc.

4.Schefflera or Hawaaian umbrella plant. Most beautiful indoor plants, you can grow easily.

Plants with beautiful leaves.
Schefflera or Hawaiian umbrella plant.
Schefflera or Hawaiian umbrella.The dwarf varieties of Schefflera plants are most suitable for growing indoors as well as for making bonsai. This plant is often considered as a natural air purifier, and hence we can grow it in our work places also.In short, these are only a few examples of plants that we can grow indoors. Surely, I will share with you later, the cultivation methods. Definitely, try to grow your own indoor plants in your leisure time. Also, fill the empty space left in your home with beautiful plants. Preferably according to your imagination. In addition, experience the positive energy, that makes you and your home really awesome.