Clean air plant Sansivieria for positive energy, grow it.

Sansivieria plants grown in clusters.

Clean air plant Sansivieria for positive energy, detoxification and definitely an endless supply of oxygen. Try to grow your own, even though there is lack of sufficient space in your garden. Because you can keep the plant in your balcony, window sides or even in your bathroom. Truly there are a lot of beautiful varieties of plants in the family, commonly known as Snake plant or Mother- in- law’s tongue.

Moreover, the Sansivieria is one of the most important plants enlisted by NASA, based on their clean air study.Usually the Sansivieria plants are tolerant to most of the climatic conditions. Likewise it can survive in bright sunlight as well as in the darkest corners. Of course we can grow this air purifying plant in our kitchen to detoxify. Especially from a lot of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde etc.  In addition, the plant can produce oxygen even during night time. Surely this is the reason why the Sansivieria plants are ideal for keeping in our bedrooms.

Beautiful dwarf  Sansivieria plant in a terracotta pot

Let us see how to grow the Sansivieria plants easily.Surely we can grow the Sansivieria plants directly in the soil. But using ceramic or terracotta pots is more common. Because these plants are mainly considered for indoor gardening.

Propagation of clean air plant Sansivieria

We can propagate the Sansivieria plants through saplings collected by division of the mother plants. Using rooted leaf cuttings is also fine, but the former method is better for a faster growth.You can buy saplings of different varieties of Snake plant that are available with most of the sellers. There are a lot of hybrid varieties of the plant that are much costlier than the common Sansivieria plants. Hence definitely you can try to collect saplings from other garden lovers. Preferably, through exchange of plants from your collection.Always remember to collect the saplings from mature healthy mother plants.For this we can first take the plant out of the pot along with soil. Then remove the soil and divide the saplings with roots carefully using a sharp knife.

Sansivieria plants in a terracotta pot.

Potting medium for the Sansivieria plants.

A well drained potting medium is essential for the proper growth of your Sansivieria plant. Certainly you can prepare it by mixing the ingredients in the following ratio.

River sand 20%
Coco peat 20%
Crushed bricks 20%
Neem cake Powder  10%
Garden soil 10%
Bone meal 10%
Vermi compost 10%

How to plant your Sansivieria saplings.

Saplings of Sansivieria plant in a ceramic pot

First fill 3/4 of the pot with the above mixture. Then, carefully plant the sapling in it, about two to three inches deep. Never forget to select saplings that are healthy as well as free from any kind of diseases.Keep the pot in shade for a few days and water regularly. Once the roots are fixed, move the pot to any place you like.
Water your Sansivieria plants on a regular basis and feed them occasionally with an organic manure.If you care it properly, the Sansivieria plants can produce lots of saplings that can fill the pots within a short period.Try to grow this  low maintenance plants that can detoxify as well as fill your home with positive energy. Let your life be more healthy as well as joyful in a clean toxin free environment.