Jackfruit health benefits and recipes popular in Kerala.

Jackfruit, the state fruit of Kerala is having many health benefits and we can try simple recipes with it.
Really it is the largest fruit in the world, that we can consume either in tender stage or after ripening. A medium sized jackfruit weighs about 25 to 30 kilograms.
Surprisingly almost all parts of the fruit are edible, except rind which is hard and thorny.

Jackfruit health benefits recipes
Jack fruits

In India, this tropical fruit has got the title as super food, owing to its amazing health benefits.

Jackfruit health benefits and recipes

Jack trees

We can find jack trees abundantly in the western ghats of Kerala, because tropical climates are ideal its growth.
Definitely we can grow at least one jack tree in our backyards or kitchen gardens. Especially in Kerala and other South Indian states having tropical climates. Seedlings of dwarf hybrid varieties ideal for home gardens are available with almost all sellers. Mostly like ficus benjamina, bougainvillea, hibiscus. etc. that are beautiful ornamental trees for gardens.

Though we can grow dwarf jackfruit trees in large pots or grow bags, they are not suitable for bonsai.

Likewise different varieties of jack trees such as Ayur jack, Vietnam early etc. are with higher yields.
Among many cultivated varieties, those with latex free fruits are becoming popular.

Jackfruit health benefits and recipes

Jack tree uses

Jack tree with fruits and flower

In addition to fruits, many other parts of jack trees are useful to us. For example, we can use tender leaves for making dishes, that are also having some medicinal properties.
Likewise, regular intake of boiled water with jack tree leaves, may control sugar level in diabetic patients.
Above all the hard wood of aged jack trees, mostly about 30 to 40 years, is best for making furniture.

Jack fruit varieties

Inner flesh of ripe Jackfruit

Mainly there are two types of jack fruits. The one with firm inner flesh known as varikka in Malayalam language. Other than those with yellow flesh, there are cultivated varieties with flesh having different shades of red.
Not only the fascinating colours, but these varieties are delicious and nutritious.
Second type of fruit is with inner soggy flesh, that we use mainly for making dishes and sweets. Most delicious sweet among these is kumbilappam, a popular sweet in Kerala. Also it is the main delicacy during Vishu, one of the important festivals of Kerala.
Usually we make this sweet with rice flour, jaggery, grated coconut and crushed ripe jackfruit. Besides, powdered cardamom seeds and cumin seeds are the spices that give the special flavour to the sweet.
Moreover cinnamon leaves in which we wrap dough before steam cooking, gives it the unique aroma.

Jackfruit health benefits recipes

Surely there are lots of other different tasty dishes that we can make with jack fruits.
Tender jackfruit is a wonderful substitute for non veg dishes. Preferably fries, cutlet etc. that are delicious and can be the favourites of kids as well as grown ups.
Additionally crispy jackfruit chips made in pure coconut oil is another good tea time snack.

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Jackfruit chips

With mature unripe inner flesh, we can make different kinds of tasty side dishes. Preferably that go well with boiled rice and Kerala fish curry.
Furthermore we can use jackfruit seeds for making delicious dishes.
Fried jackfruit seeds is one of the important items, that we can prepare easily.
Likewise jackfruit seeds and red spinach is a fantastic combination for making Kerala dishes like thoran. Truly thoran is a stir fry that we make with the vegetables, coconut and spices.

Jackfruit health benefits and recipes

Surprisingly the largest fruit in the world has got many health benefits too. Mostly from the flowering stage till the fruits ripen, that occurs from December to July

Let us see a few examples

Health benefits


Surely jackfruit is a wonderful source of vitamins and antioxidants. Especially vitamin B6 that helps to produce energy and vitamin C for healthy immune system.
Also the fruit contains vitamins A K E and minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron in moderate quantities. In one way or the other, all these are essential for our health.

Jackfruit health benefits and recipes

Heart health and sugar level control

Inner flesh of raw jackfruit

High fiber in jackfruit helps to manage our blood sugar level and keep the heart healthy.
Further the potassium present in the fruit can control blood pressure to a certain extent. Powdered raw jackfruit powder is now available with almost all shops and supermarkets, at moderate prices. Certainly we can use it as a substitute for rice or wheat flour, that are having higher levels of glucose.

Jackfruit health benefits and recipes

Clear eye sight

Vitamin A present in jackfruit may protect our eye sight, preferably from premature deterioration.

For a healthy stomach

The presence of high fiber in jackfruit keeps the stomach healthy, whereas natural chemicals heal minor wounds and ulcers.

Skin health

Vitamin C and antioxidants present in jackfruit helps to maintain a healthy skin. Because they can prevent aging of the skin due to exposure to sunlight.

Weight loss

Surely it is one of the best options for those who are in a diet control for weight loss.

Disadvantages for consuming jackfruit

Definitely there are many disadvantages for consuming jack fruit.

Though jackfruit is referred to as the super food, there are also certain disadvantages for consuming it. Especially by people who suffer from certain diseases. For example, it may cause drowsiness and sedation if taken with some other medication.

Likewise the presence of potassium in the fruit may worsen the condition in kidney patients.

Certain people are allergic to the latex present in the fruit, and may also cause stomach disorder due to indigestion. Therefore stop immediately consumption, if you feel any discomfort.

Jackfruit with latex

Besides, never use it as an alternative for medication. Because the effect of the fruit in one person may not be the same for another. Also never forget to seek medical advice if necessary.

However it is one of the favourite fruits of most of the people of Kerala. Definitely you can try it either in the raw form or making delicious dishes.

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