Best potted flowering plants for home gardens try it

Best potted flowering plants for home gardens that you can grow easily. Mostly for balconies and patios, where the plants get enough sunlight, for about five or six hours a day.
Really we can grow lots of beautiful flowering plants ideal for tropical climates. Especially for places like Kerala and other South Indian states.
Truly there are many advantages for keeping potted flowering plants. Most important among these, is lack of sufficient space.
Definitely there is no way for outdoor gardens, if we live in flats or apartments. Likewise it is more easy to care plants that we keep indoors or in balconies. Preferably in this busy world with a hectic schedule.
Flowering plants always need bright direct sunlight, at least for about five or six hours a day.
Additionally we should make the right proportions of ingredients for making potting medium. Mainly depending on the nature of the plant.
For example, succulents always need well drained sandy medium. Whereas adding garden soil to the potting mixture, is necessary for certain other plants.
Similarly you should always remember to remove the stalks after each blooming. Because it is essential to keep the health and beauty of the plant.

Let us see a few examples of beautiful potted flowering plants. Particularly that are ideal for tropical places.

Adenium – one of the best potted flowering plants

Because of the succulent nature as well as bright blooms, these are known as desert rose plants.
Certainly it is one of the best plants for growing in pots, especially in tropical climates.
Either through the germination of seeds or from stem cuttings, we can propagate adenium plants.
Caudex, the bulbuous base of the stem as well as bright blooms are really the main attractions.
Always remember to keep the plant in a well drained sandy medium to prevent rotting.

Adenium with red flower

Vinca rosea

It is known in many other names such as bright eyes, cape periwinkle etc. Truly there are different species of the plant, that are ideal for pot planting.
In addition, they are having lots of medicinal properties. For this reason it is used for the preparation of medicines including anti cancer drugs.
Certainly we can propagate the plant through the germination of seeds.

Best potted flowering plants
Vinca rosea plants with flowers in different colours


Portulaca with pink flower

Commonly portulaca grandiflora is known in other names such as table rose, moss rose, ten o’clock plant etc.
These succulents having large number of species, are very common in most of the tropical places.
Not only the variety of species, but the beautiful flowers in different shades and shapes are the attraction of the plants.

Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii plant with flowers

Crown of thorns, Christ thorn or Christ plant is another one suitable for pot planting in tropical places.
Significantly there are more than 7500 species of plants in the family euphorbiaceae.
Among these, many varieties with beautiful blooms are ideal to grow as ornamental plants.
Generally euphorbia milii with flowers in red, pink, orange, white and yellow colours are used for pot planting.


Best potted flowering plants
Chrysanthemum with flowers

One of the best flowering plants for tropical home gardens. Also this plant is the symbol of grief in certain western countries.
There are lots of different varieties of plants in the family asteraceae. Aromatic oil extracted from the plant is one of the main ingredients for making certain medicines.
In Indian temples, chrysanthemum flowers are widely used for pooja purposes.
We can buy saplings of chrysanthemum plants from nurseries.
Always remember to fill the pot with a well drained sandy medium for better drainage.

Bleeding heart

Bleeding heart flowers

Ordinarily bleeding heart is a creeping vine, but we can cut it back as a bush, ideal for pots.
In bright sunlight, the plant blooms well with crimson red flowers from heart shaped white bracts.
We can propagate bleeding heart plants from stem cuttings.


Chinese balsam is the common name for the plant. These plants are having fleshy leaves as well as stems, mostly like succulents.
Surprisingly there are lots of different varieties of the plant, having flowers in bright colours.
We can propagate impatiens plants through stem cuttings.


purple Melastoma flowers

There are more than 350 species of plants in the family melastomataceae. Truly many of them are having blooms in bright purple, pink or white colours.
Generally it is known in different names such as the princess flower plant, tibouchina, etc.
We can propagate melastoma plant easily through stem cuttings.
Bright filtered sunlight and well drained medium are essential for the plant for better blooming.
Tibouchina plants with purple flowers are very common, and those with white flowers are also fine.

Pinwheel flower plant – one of the best potted flowering plant

Crepe Jasmine popularly known as the pinwheel flower plant is ideal for growing in pots.
Furthermore, we can make beautiful bonsai with this plant having small leaves and white star like flowers.

Begonias – are best potted flowering plants

Best potted flowering plants
Begonia with flowers

These are succulents with beautiful flowers and leaves. There are more than 2000 different species of begonias.
Also it is one of the best plants for gardening beginners.
Bright indirect sunlight and well drained sandy medium are the important requirements for the plant.


Truly there are more than 1000 species of anthurium plants, with amazing flowers. Low maintenance and long lasting flowers are the main attractions of the plant.
Miniature anthurium plants with white, red, orange and pink flowers are really awesome. Further these plants are ideal for gardening beginners.
We can propagate the plant through the germination of mature seeds, that we can collect from the spathes.
Also good quality saplings are available in almost all nurseries.

Orchids – are best potted flowering plants

Orchid plant with purple flowers

Orchids are the best positive energy plants for home gardens that need only minimum caring. The most important advantage is that, there is no need for a soil medium for the plant.
Similarly, orchids can do well in filtered sunlight, and hence ideal for keeping in balconies, window sides or courtyards.

Positive energy plants

In addition, there are many positive energy plants that produce beautiful flowers.
It is really amazing to keep a few such plants in our gardens or balconies.
For example, plants such as different species of basil, butterfly plants (oxalis ), jasmine etc. Though most of the jasmine varieties are trailing vines, we can keep them bushy through proper pruning.

Detoxifying plants

Also we can try certain potted flowering plants that are detoxifying. Mostly from poisonous gases like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene etc.

Though the flowers are not much prominent, snake plant is also a good example for this.

Peace lily is one of the best examples of detoxifying potted plants.

peace lily with flower

Best potted flowering plants among Herbs and spices

In a like manner, there are many herbs or spices that we can grow easily in pots. For example, different varieties of basil, turmeric, ginger etc.
Always remember that bonsai is an unavoidable item amongst potted flowering plants. Bougainville, Fukien tea tree, ixora etc. are examples. Really all these plants look amazing in original bonsai pots.

Given above are only a few examples of best potted flowering plants. Definitely you can find more that are common in your locality, try to grow it, and make your garden really amazing.

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