Ideal places for indoor plants to bring good luck

Ideal places for indoor plants, that you can grow easily for good luck and prosperity, preferably in Kerala and other South Indian states. Really there are many beautiful plants that are believed to bring wellness to the inhabitants. Especially if they are in the right places in our homes, whether indoors or outdoors.
Likewise, there is a belief that they can adversely affect the health as well as wealth, if kept in the wrong places.

lucky bamboo plant

Most of these are air purifying plants as well, that can absorb toxins like toluene, formaldehyde, benzene etc.
In addition, NAASA have enlisted many of them after their clean air studies.
Let us see a few examples of such plants, preferably that are suitable for tropical places.

Ideal places for indoor plants-

Snake plant (Mother in law’s tongue )

Ideal places for indoor plants
Snake plant

Sansiveiria, commonly known as snake plant is a flowering succulent that can survive even in the darkest corners. Also it is one of the few plants that can produce oxygen even during the night time. For this reason snake plant is ideal for keeping in our bed rooms.
Truly there are a lot of benefits for growing this beautiful plant in our home gardens. Among that low maintenance is the most important one. Frequent watering is not necessary, since it can store plenty of water in the fleshy leaves.
According to Feng shui, the best places for the snake plants are east, north-east and north directions.

Spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum )

Spider plant

Surely this perennial plant needs only minimum caring and we can grow it either directly in soil or in pots.
Owing to the long and slender leaves, it is popularly known as the ribbon plant.
We can propagate the spider plants through baby plants commonly known as plantlets.
Indian vastu sastra as well as Feng shui recommends keeping the plant in homes and offices for positive energy.
Vastu sastra suggests north-west, north, east and north-east directions to place spider plants for maximum benefits.

Ideal places for indoor plants-
Money plant ( pothos or devil’s ivy )

Definitely different varieties of money plants or pothos, are accepted as positive energy plants worldwide. We can keep the plant with shining heart shaped leaves bushy as well as trailing vines.
Ideal place for money plant in our homes, is the south east corner of the living room. Always remember to avoid keeping the plant in outdoor gardens. Because it may make financial hardships according to the principles of vastu sastra.

Money plant

Jade plant ( Money tree )

Jade plant

Crassula ovata, portulacaria afra etc. are different species of money tree. Importance of the plant is quite clear from the old saying “ Jade by the door poor no more “.
It is really a succulent with small leaves that resemble the precious stone jade. This low maintenance plant is the favourite of garden lovers in different parts of the world.

Besided it is one of the best plants for making bonsai. Mostly like ficus benjamina, ficus benghalensis, ficus alii, ficus microcarpa, fukien tea tree, etc.
We can propagate jade plant through stem cuttings collected from mature mother plants.
As per the above saying , the best place for the jade plant is close to the main entrance of the house. South-east corner in the living room is also fine.
Likewise, gifting a potted jade plant to your loved ones can make the relationship stronger.

Peace lily ( Spathyphyllum )

ideal places for indoor plants
peace lily plant with flower

There are about 40 species of peace lily plants. These evergreen foliage plants can thrive in bright indirect sunlight.
White flowerlike structures are bracts ( spathe ) that surround the spikes that hold tiny flowers.
Amongst the bright green leaves these spathes appear really awesome.
We can definitely place the peace lily plants anywhere in our homes. However north or west facing directions are best. Because these are ideal places for the plant to get proper lighting.
Additionally you can keep it in the window sides of your bedroom for maximum benefits. Always remember to keep a distance of about 5 or 6 feet to avoid direct light. Exposure of the plant to direct light may make scorching of leaves.

Syngonium ( the arrow head plant )

Syngonium or arrow head plant

These are also low maintenance plants that we can grow easily indoors as well as outdoors with indirect sunlight. Really Syngonium also known as arrow head plants or butterfly plants are natives of tropical rain forests.
Mostly Syngonium plants are trailing vines that need support. However we can use moss poles or other supporting aides to grow them indoors.
Also we can keep the plant bushy by proper pruning and maintaining carefully.

Ideal places for indoor plants-

ZZ Plant

Ideal places for indoor plants
ZZ Plant

Zamioculcus zamiifoli, popularly known as ZZ plant or eternity plant is another beautiful plant for indoors.
Fleshy dark green shiny leaves evenly distributed on both sides of the stem makes the plant really attractive.
These drought resistant plants can thrive longer without water, preferably three to four months. Hence it is the best choice for those who want to stay away from home for long periods. Owing to the low maintenance, it is one of the best plants for gardening beginners.
Truly ZZ plants are ideal for bed rooms, but we should keep it in indirect bright sunlight.
Most suitable places for the plant in our homes are north, north-east or east directions.

Holy basil ( Tulsi or Thulasi in Malayalam language )

Holy basil plant

In Kerala and other South Indian states people consider it auspicious to grow holy basil plants. Moreover, leaves of the plant are the main offerings in temples.
According to holy texts tulsi plant is truly the earthly manifestation of goddess Lakshmi. She is the wife of Vishnu, who is one of the important deities in hinduism.
Likewise, it is one of the best medicinal plants that we can use as home remedies. Preferably for minor ailments like cough and cold, fever, insect bites etc.
In Kerala and other South Indian states, almost all houses have specially made platforms ( Thulasi thara ) for the plant.
Usually the place of Thulasi thara is in the east or north-east direction.
Certainly we can make it either outdoors or within the courtyards where the plant gets bright sunlight.

Ideal places for indoor plants

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant

Really there are a lot of health benefits for this wonderful succulent. We can use it either in the raw form or along with other ingredients for ailments. Especially the inner gel that gives faster relief to minor burns.
In addition, aloe vera is one of the main ingredients for many ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics.
It is very easy to grow the plant either directly in soil or in pots. However always remember to use a well drained growing medium for the plant.
To bring positive energy, vastu sastra recommends north or east directions for the plant.

Given above are a few examples of plants that can give good luck and prosperity and their best positions in homes. Definitely you can try a few of them, feel the positive vibes and goodness that they can make in your lives.

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