Jasmine plant varieties of Kerala to grow for gardens

Jasmine plant varieties of Kerala that you can grow easily for home gardens. Truly there are different species of jasmine in Kerala, especially with beautiful as well as fragrant flowers.
Most of the varieties are with flowers in white colour, either in large or small clusters. Petals in single or multi layers are common.

Definitely it is one of the most beautiful ornamental plants that we can grow easily. Either directly in soil or in pots, these plants can thrive in tropical climates.
Moreover we can find different types of jasmine plants such as trailing vines, shrubs or small trees.
It is really awesome to have an arch or trellis with fragrant jasmine flowers in our garden.

Jasmine plant varieties in Kerala-spiritual importance.

In almost all South Indian states, it is one of the must have plants for home gardens. Preferably like holy basil, ixora etc. that are having religious importance. Likewise large scale cultivation is common for the production of perfumes and essential oils.
Also for many people in the southern states of India, it is a profitable cash crop. Because jasmine flowers are highly in demand for festivals and functions.
On special occasions, it is a tradition of women to adorn hair with strings of jasmine flowers. Mostly for weddings, house warming, birthdays etc.

Besides, we use it for decorating mandapa ( auspicious stage ), where the ceremony is conducted. Additionally it is an important offering to temples, where goddess is worshipped as the deity.
Many parts of the world consider jasmine flowers as the symbol of love, purity, and sacredness.

Jasmine plant varieties of Kerla – Medicinal properties

Owing to its medicinal properties, people use these plants as home remedies for minor ailments. Mild and soft fragrance of jasmine flowers really relieves stress related problems.
Additionally essential oil extracted from the flowers, has got the honour as the king of oils.
Jasmine tea is one of the best alternatives for green tea, that may help to maintain a healthy heart.
Similarly there are a lot of herbs that we can grow easily for home gardens.
For example, aloe vera, turmeric, ginger etc. that we can grow either directly in soil or in pots.

Jasmine the most fragrant flower

One of the main attraction of jasmine flowers, is its soothing fragrance. For this reason, jasmine plants are cultivated on a large scale for the production of perfumes.
Many other plants with fragrant flowers are also ideal for our gardens. Rose, plumeria, tube rose etc. are a few examples.

Importance of jasmine flowers

Fragrance of the flowers can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the surroundings. Hence it is always good to grow jasmine plants, either in our balcony or closer to the house.
With proper caring, we can make it bloom throughout the year, especially in tropical places.

Importance of jasmine flowers

There are different varieties of jasmine plants in Kerala, that can adapt well to the tropical climate.

How to grow jasmine plant varieties of Kerala

Since the climate as well as other conditions are favourable, we can definitely grow these plants easily.

Propagation of jasmine plant varieties of Kerala

Almost all jasmine varieties are propagated through stem cuttings. Certainly we can collect cuttings of about six to eight inches, having at least four nodes.
Moreover, we can buy good quality saplings from nurseries.

Medium for growing jasmine plant varieties of Kerala

Well drained moist medium is essential for the plant for proper growth. You can definitely prepare a home made medium, by mixing ingredients the following ratio.

Garden soil30%
River sand30%
Dried cow dung or compost30%
Coco peat10%

After filling the pit having dimensions 1:1:1 ft with the above medium, you can plant the cutting in it.

Light requirements for jasmine varieties of Kerala

They always prefer full or partial sunlight for proper blooming.

Watering jasmine plant varieties of Kerala

Daily watering is essential for the healthy growth of your jasmine plant. However ensure proper drainage for potted plants, between two consecutive watering.

Feeding your jasmine plant

Intervals of about two months, is really the minimum requirement for feeding your jasmine plants. Potassium rich manure is fine for the plant for better blooming.

Pruning your jasmine plant

Pruning helps the development of larger number of flower buds. Therefore, timely removal of old flower stalks leads to faster development of new buds.
Of course, you can use a sharp knife or pruning shears for this.

Potted jasmine plants

Furthermore it is awesome to have a few potted jasmine plants, that you can keep in balconies.
Any other well lit places, preferably window sides, patios etc. are also ideal for keeping the pots.
Through proper pruning, you can definitely keep most of the jasmine varieties as shrubs, that are suitable for pot planting.

Diseases and pests

Normally jasmine plants are not affected by pests or diseases in tropical climates. However we should take care against the attack of certain kinds of worms that may destroy flowers.
Let us see a few examples:

Arabian jasmine

Arabian jasmine flowers

Though the name is Arabian jasmine, it is the most commonly found variety in Kerala. We can grow this evergreen plant as a shrub or vine.
Among these, there are plants with flowers having single or multi layered petals.
Surprisingly this is the most wanted jasmine varieties in Kerala. Flowers are highly in demand during the festival seasons, especially onam, vishu etc.
A lot of people from rural areas are engaged with cultivation of Kuttimulla, the dwarf variety of Arabian jasmine.

Royal jasmine also known as Spanish jasmine

( Bot.name: Jasminum grandiflorum )
Malayalam name for the plant is pichi.
It is one of the most common varieties of jasmine plant found in south South India. Really the Royal jasmine is a semi evergreen climbing shrub with fragrant white flowers.
Fragrance of the flowers is sweeter and light when compared to that of Arabian jasmine.
Usually the plant produces bloom soon after the monsoon season in Kerala.
Definitely we can propagate the plant through stem cuttings, and the plant always needs a support for climbing.

Azores jasmine ( Jasminum azoricum )

Azores jasmine, an evergreen climbing plant with lemon scented star like flowers, is also ideal for pots.

Crepe Jasmine ( Pinwheel flower plant )

Another tropical jasmine variety very common in Kerala, which is a shrub. Name of the plant is due to the resemblance of the flowers to that of pinwheels.
Further, it is one of the best examples of beautiful flowering bonsai trees. Fukien tea tree, tamarind, adenium obesum, ixora etc. are other such bonsai trees.

False jasmine plants

These are plants and flowers that closely resemble jasmine, but not belong to the same family. Cape jasmine ( Gardenia ), Night blooming jasmine ( centrum nocturnam ) etc. are examples.
Given above are a few jasmine plants varieties of Kerala that we can grow in home gardens.
Undoubtedly you can find more and try in your garden, that surely make it awesome.

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