Idli simple Kerala breakfast tasty and healthy make it

Idli simple Kerala breakfast tasty and healthy that you can make easily. Really idli and sambar is a very popular South Indian combination, that makes a wholesome meal.

Idli simple Kerala breakfast
Idli simple Kerala breakfast

South Indian people always prefer this for at least once in a day. Not only the taste, but it is really easy to digest and provide the required nutrients.

Additionally the recipe is so simple, that we can save much time and effort for cooking.

Kerala, the little state in the southern most part of India, has its own uniqueness of tastes. If you get a chance, never forget to try veg as well as non-veg dishes, that are equally fantastic.

 For example, karimeen pollichathu, the tasty dish that we prepare with green chromide, the state fish of Kerala. This wonderful combination of coconut milk and fish cooked in banana leaf is really delicious.

Hot and spicy Kottayam fish curry, is another popular dish in the central parts of Kerala. Tapioca and fish curry, is one of the most preferred delicacies of the people of Kerala.

Vegetarian dishes

Sadya is Kerala’s vegetarian feast that we serve on a cut banana leaf. Usually we prepare sadya on special occasions like festivals and functions. For this, there are a lot of side dishes with boiled rice, that are having a variety of tastes.

Surprisingly there are more than 64 side dishes for Vallasadya. It is really the special offering to lord Krishna, the deity worshipped at the temple of Aranmula.

Situated in the district of pathanamthitta, this place is also famous for Aranmula Kannadi. Truly it is a mirror made with the special combination of metals, preferably by a special group of artisans.

However, let us come back to our simple recipe for idli, the most popular breakfast of Kerala.

Dosa and chutney, appam and stew, puttu and kadala curry ( chic pea ) etc. are other popular breakfast items of Kerala.

Recipe for idli simple Kerala breakfast

What is idli:

Idli simple Kerala breakfast
Idli and sambar, the most popular breakfast of Kerala

Idli is surely a South Indian breakfast, made with a mixture of rice and lentil batter. Of course, there are many health benefits for this steam cooked food.

Really we use the fermented batter, and hence it provides a lot of gut friendly bacteria.

Owing to its soft and fluffy nature, people of any age group, even kids can consume this.

Likewise, it is one of the best food for people who suffer from any kind of diseases.

Ingredients needed:

First we have to make the batter for making idli. Rice and lentil ( de skinned black gram ) are the ingredients required.

Usually I use rice and lentil in the following ratio:

Raw rice2 cups
Ponni rice2 cups
Lentil1 cup
SaltTo taste

Ponni is a South Indian rice variety, that is having a lot of health benefits. Any other par boiled rice is also good, if Ponni rice is not available.

Undoubtedly you can use ponni rice for making meals, and other rice recipes.

Ratio given above is for making the batter in a grinder. On the other hand, you have to use rice and dal in the ratio 3:1, if you use a blender.

How to make the batter :

Idli simple Kerala breakfast
Fluffy lentil batter in grinder

Wash rice well till the water becomes clear, and soak for three to four hours.

Then grind the dal to a fluffy batter, by gradually adding small quantities of water.

Further grind rice, leaving a little coarse particles. Mix well and keep aside overnight or a minimum of eight hours, for fermentation. Always choose a warm place to keep the batter. Because it is essential for the formation of a fluffy batter, and the idli to become softer.

Let it remain for a minimum of eight hours, and after that you can use the batter for making idlis.

How to prepare idli simple kerala breakfast

Add salt to the batter, and mix well about one hour before making idlis. Meanwhile, boil water in the idli cooker and keep on a high flame.

Next apply a little oil in the idli moulds, and fill each one with the batter. Close the cooker with the lid, steam for about five minutes and lower the flame.

About ten to twelve minutes your idli will be ready.

Take the mould out of the cooker and let it cool.

Finally you can take out your favourite idlis with a spoon.

Side dishes for Idli simple Kerala breakfast

Extremely soft and fluffy idlis are ready, and definitely you can have it with sambar, or chutney.

Idli simple Kerala breakfast
Sambar, most popular side dish for idli

Sambar is truly a vegetable soup in which we add lentil, onion, vegetables and spices. Its unique taste and aroma, is due to the particular combination of ingredients and spices. Mainly tamarind paste with a perfect blend of mild sweet and sour flavour.

Chutney is another best side dish for idli, that we can make with different ingredients. Commonly we use coconut, because it is really healthy and delicious.  

Besides, coconut is abundantly available in Kerala, the land of coconuts.

 Coconut mint chutney, coconut coriander leaves chutney, coconut chilli onion chutney etc. are good.

Additionally we can have fried black gram pepper chutney, that also goes fine with idli and sambar.

Tips to remember:

Always remember the following tips, for your idli to be perfect.

Certainly the taste as well as texture of your idli always depends on the selection of ingredients. Therefore, never forget to buy fresh and good quality rice and lentil.

Keep the batter to ferment according to the surrounding temperature. For example, in colder climates keep it warm using the oven or other such devices.

Temperature for fermentation – idli simple kerala breakfast

Generally the favourable temperature for fermenting the batter is about 25-30*c.

There are many health benefits for cooking or wrapping food in banana leaves. For this reason, you can use small pieces in the moulds for making idlis.

Once the batter is prepared, you can surely keep it in the refrigerator for about four or five days.

Instead of rice you can try semolina, that is also fine for making idlis. Ratio that mentioned above is my favourite, although I tried many different ingredients.

My mother used to add small quantities of finely chopped ginger, curry leaves and green chillies to the batter. Though the flavour and aroma is fine, it may not be tolerable for kids.

With the simple recipe, try to make soft, tasty and healthy idlis, that you will love.


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