Aloe Vera for health skin and simple tips to grow, try it !

Aloe Vera for health skin and simple tips to grow your own, either directly in soil or in pots.

Really there are wonderful health benefits for this succulent herb that we can grow easily. Surely it is one of the best plants for home gardens, mostly like any other flowering or non flowering plants.

Though having all the features of desert plants, aloe vera can thrive in tropical climates.

Truly the plant doesn’t need any particular caring. However, a well drained medium is essential to prevent rotting of the fleshy leaves.

Bright indirect or direct sunlight is ideal for the plant to thrive, and hence we can keep it indoors or balconies.

According to NASA’s clean air studies, it is one of the best detoxifying plants. Especially like snake plant, spider plant, ZZ plant, ficus benjamina bonsai, money plant, etc.

Surprisingly people from certain parts of the world consider aloe vera as a plant that brings good luck. Lucky bamboo, jade, peace lily, etc. a few plants that are commonly considered as lucky plants.

Very often aloe vera is also referred to as the miracle plant.

Definitely we should have at least one plant in our garden. Because we can use it as home remedies, as and when needed. Preferably for minor skin and hair problems, beauty hacks etc.

Aloe vera for health skin and simple tips to grow – a short description of the plant

Really the plant aloe vera is a perennial succulent with fleshy leaves. Like cacti or desert plants, it can store plenty of water in leaves. Therefore they can survive longer in arid environments.

Owing to its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, aloe vera is also considered as a herb.

Though there are more than 500 species in the genus aloe, the one we use commonly is aloe vera.

Fleshy leaves filled with gel have small spines on the sides. Normally the leaves are arranged on a circular way, but the stem is not much prominent.

Usually the flowers in yellow, orange or red colours are  seen at the tips of long stalks.

Aloe vera for health skin and simple tips to grow

Medicinal uses

There are a lot of medicinal uses for this wonderful herb, that are effective for ailments. Not only for internal uses, but we can use the plant gel for various external problems as well .

Let us see a few examples:

General health benefits

Consuming aloe vera juice can control hypertension and blood sugar level.

Boosting the immune system is another important use.

Higher content of vitamins and minerals, that helps the body to function in a normal way.

Alkalises the body, that helps to keep a healthy heart and stimulate the brain function.

Being a rich source of antioxidants, aloe vera can protect the body from a lot of health issues. For example, it can delay the damage of cells, thereby preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Works as a soothing agent for minor burns, sunburn and heals wounds. Relieves itching and swelling caused due to certain allergic reactions.

Skin and hair care

Acts as a moisturising agent and hence ideal for people with dry skin.

Prevents stretch marks, brightens skin, delays skin aging and lightens blemishes.

Boosts up hair growth and keeps the scalp free from dandruff.

Above all, aloe vera gel is one of the main ingredients in a lot of cosmetics..

Aloe vera for health and skin – Home remedies – a few examples

Just applying aloe vera gel on your face can remove tan, black spots, freckles etc. Continuous application is surely needed for better results.

Coconut aloe vera gel oil to prevent hair falling, nourishing and moisturising scalp.

Ingredients needed:

Gel taken from leaves of aloe vera ( beat this in a mixer jar to make a liquid ) – one cup

Pure coconut oil – one cup

Black pepper – one tbsp

How to prepare:

First mix all the ingredients together in a pan and heat gently on a medium flame. When the bubbles are settled, we can remove the pan from heat. Finally allow to cool and keep it in a glass bottle.

For facial fairness, preventing acne and dark spots, wrinkle free skin etc.

Take about two tbsps of aloe vera gel and mix with equal quantities of honey and turmeric powder. Apply this mixture regularly on face for better results.

Never forget that any of the ingredients stated above may cause allergic reactions. Particularly for those who are having sensitive skin and scalp.

Always remember to make a patch test before using these home remedies.

Likewise home remedies are not alternatives for medication, and hence always get expert opinion before trying it.

How to grow aloe vera plants – the simple tips you can try.

Aloe vera for skin and hair – simple tips you can try to grow

Undoubtedly we can use saplings, known as aloe vera pups for propagation. Generally these pups are collected through the division of healthy mother plants.

Additionally, saplings are available with most of the sellers and nurseries.

Preparation of medium

Preparation of medium is the most important thing to remember while growing aloe vera. Water logged medium always causes a faster rotting of the plant.

Either directly in soil or in pots, it is fine to grow the plant.

Generally a medium that is having proper speedy drainage is essential, which we can prepare easily. Home made medium by mixing together ingredients in the following ratio is good.

River sand 30%

Crushed bricks ( preferably 1 cm ) 20%  

Garden soil 15%

Coco peat 15%

Dried compost 10%

Bone meal 5%

Perlite 5%

Remember to fill the bottom layer of 1 inch thickness with crushed bricks, to prevent blockage of the drainage hole.

Mix all the ingredients together and fill ¾ of the pot.

Plant sapling in the pot and keep in shade for a few days.

Ceramic or terracotta pots are good for keeping your aloe vera indoors or in balconies. Sunlight for at least four to six hours a day is preferable.

Regular watering is not necessary for aloe vera plants, and you can do it as and when the top soil becomes dry.

Faster multiplication is one of the special features of the plant. Certainly you can replant the saplings when they start outgrowing the pots.

Keeping the above points in mind, try to grow your own aloe vera plants. Absolutely as a beautiful garden plant or an essential herb.

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