Sprouting green gram benefits simple tips and recipes


 Sprouting green gram benefits simple tips and recipes that you can try. Especially Kerala dishes that are delicious as well as healthy.

Sprouting green gram benefits
Green gram sprouts

In addition to different types of sprouts, we can try micro greens, that are equally good.

Sprouting green gram benefits – Difference between sprouts and micro greens.


Certainly micro greens always prefer a soil medium, whereas sprouting needs only moisture.


Depending on the type of seeds, it takes about two to three weeks for micro greens to become edible. Whereas, we can use most of the sprouts within a few days, preferably one or two.

Examples are green gram and black gram sprouts, that are ready to use within twenty four hours.


Usually we can use sprouted seeds as a whole, whereas plant parts that grow above soil level of micro greens are edible.

In Kerala and other South Indian states, there are different types of micro greens that we can grow easily. For example, wheat, green gram, fenugreek, mustard, spinach etc.

Among these, red spinach is quite common, because it adapts well to the particular tropical climate. Commonly like other tropical vegetables, garden plants, ornamental trees, bonsai, indoor plants etc.

Through the germination of seeds, really it is very easy to grow red spinach.

Red spinach is one of the favourites of foodies. Definitely the reason behind that is the variety in dishes that we can prepare with it.

Surely you can read here a few simple delicious Kerala red spinach recipes, that even beginners can try.

Since red spinach is rich in nutrients, it is one of the best alternatives for non-veg dishes.

Sprouting green gram benefits

Benefits of consuming sprouts


Sprouting green gram benefits
Green gram sprouts


Truly sprouted grains, beans, seeds etc. are more nutritious than the ordinary ones. Because they contain higher quantities of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Vitamin A present in sprouts have antioxidant properties that helps to strengthen our immune system.

Moreover, the starch content is much lower in sprouts. They are low in calories, and one of the best options for those who tend to lose weight.

Also larger quantities of insoluble fiber helps better digestion.

Sprouts for a healthy heart

Likewise, regular intake of sprouts controls not only our blood pressure, but blood sugar levels as well.

For maintaining the proper balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, sprouts play an important role. Owing to this, heart related health problems are much lower in those who include sprouts in their regular diet.

Sprouts for healthy hair and youthfulness

One of the most important benefits of consuming sprouts, is that it can enhance hair growth. Mostly due to the presence of vitamins E and C. By stimulating the hair follicles, they can keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair falling.

 Better eye sight, retaining youthfulness etc. are some of the other benefits of consuming sprouted green gram.


Negative effects of consuming sprouts.


Sometimes there may be certain kinds of food poisoning on consuming sprouts. Preferably due to the presence of harmful bacteria like salmonella.

Undoubtedly the warm atmosphere that is suitable for sprouting, may support the growth of such bacteria as well.

However by taking proper precautions, we can prevent any of the harmful effects caused by this.

Sprouting green gram benefits – Let us see the simple steps

Always remember to choose green gram, that is fresh or recently harvested. Normally, sprouting may be delayed as the seeds become older.


Step 1 – Sprouting green gram benefits

Firstly, take about one cup of good quality green gram.

Then wash it properly with water several times, to remove impurities like mud, soil, broken seeds etc.

After that, soak the green gram in water and keep over night or a minimum of six to eight hours.

Drain out the water at intervals of six to seven hours and repeat soaking in fresh water.

Step 2

Finally drain out the water, place the grains in a piece of muslin cloth, and fold the sides to cover it. Keep it in a warm place and sprinkle water over it occasionally.

Generally it takes about twenty four hours for the green grams to start sprouting.

Step 3

Further unfold the covered muslin, and we can find that the sprouts are ready to use.

Doubtlessly you can keep it in the refrigerator for further use.

Instead of the muslin cloth, you can surely use a sprouting vessel that is readily available in shops. Indeed, it is fine to use a colander or an ordinary strainer that is much larger in size.


Green gram sprouted in a colander

How to prevent poisoning of the green gram sprouts.


As stated above, there are chances for poisoning due to the presence of certain kinds of bacteria. Never forget to use the following tips to get rid of the toxic effects.

Transfer the green gram sprouts to a wide pan, and wash it thoroughly several times with pure water.

Higher temperature can kill almost all types of bacteria. For this reason always try to cook the sprouts before using it. Steam cook or bake instead, while adding sprouts to your salads.

Here, I am sharing with you the simple recipe for thoran with sprouted green gram, that is very popular in Kerala.


Sprouting green gram benefits

Thoran with sprouted green gram ( stir fry )

Sprouting green gram benefits
Sprouted green gram thoran

Ingredients needed:


  1. green gram sprouts 2 cups
  2. Grated coconut 1 cup
  3. Green chilli 1

Garlic 2 cloves

Turmeric powder ¼ tsp

Cumin powder ¼ tsp

4. For seasoning

Coconut oil 2 tbsp

Mustard seeds ¼ tsp

Curry leaves 2 sprigs

  • Salt to taste

How to prepare:

First, wash the green gram sprouts and cook well by adding salt and enough water. Meanwhile, grind ingredients 2 coarsely and add to the sprouts. Furthermore cook for a few minutes, and mix all the ingredients together.

Stir gently, till the water contents are completely removed.


Lastly, garnish with mustard seeds and curry leaves in coconut oil.

Of course, you will like this delicious as well as nutritious Kerala dish that goes fine with boiled rice, porridge etc.







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