Best plants for garden fencing in tropical places

Best plants for garden fencing and hedges, that you can grow easily. Especially for tropical places like Kerala and other South Indian states.

Best plants for garden fencing
Bamboo plants

Besides protection, these fencing can make your garden really attractive.

Garden fencing with plants

Definitely we can find different types of plants that are ideal for making fences. For example, trees, shrubs, creeping vines etc. Among these, flowering as well as non-flowering plants are common.

Surely, we can make these plants more beautiful through proper caring. Timely pruning is the most important requirement for this.

Also you can turn your garden fencing to an amazing art form, by applying some aesthetic sense. Box wood, different species of kuphea, aralia etc. with tiny leaves, are best plants for this.

Likewise, there are many other plants that are suitable for making borders for landscaping.

However, I am trying to share with you a few examples of best plants that are ideal for garden fencing.

Firstly, let us see some tropical flowering plants.

Lantana – one of the best flowering plants for fencing

Lantana camara is one of the best examples of flowering plants for making garden fencing. Truly, the plants with flowers in different colours, are really attractive.

Lantana plant with yellow flowers

Through stem cuttings we can propagate the lantana plants very easily. For making fences, grow these cuttings one foot apart serially.

Always remember to collect them from mother plants that are healthy.

Saplings of lantana plants are available in most of the nurseries.

Mostly, these are shrubs and we can grow it as small trees, if necessary.

In a like manner, lantana plants with pink or red flowers are shrubs. Whereas, those with yellow white or purple colours are creeping vines.

Usually creeping lantana vines need support to climb. Besides they are beautiful ornamental plants for compound walls.


Best plants for garden fencing
Bougainville plants with pink flowers

Doubtlessly, bougainvillea plants are ideal tropical flowering plants for garden fencing. Sunny locations are ideal for these plants to produce blooms about six to eight months a year.

Bougainville plants with creeping stems are also common. By providing proper support, we can make fine arches or garden trellises with these plants.

Also bougainvillea is one of the best plants for pot planting and making bonsai.

Most important advantage is that, the plant doesn’t need frequent watering. Feeding with an organic manure occasionally, helps the plant for better blooming.


Hibiscus plant with pink flowers

Hibiscus is one of the most common flowering plants for tropical gardens. Of course, we can grow these plants as shrubs or trees.

Usually, the tall varieties with pink or red flowers are used for garden fencing.

Regular watering, feeding with organic manure and well drained medium are essential for better growth.

Dwarf hibiscus plants with blooms in different shades, are ideal for pot planting.

Owing to its medicinal properties, hibiscus plant is used for making ayurvedic preparations.

Hibiscusmedicinal properties

In Kerala, we use different parts of the plant as home remedies for many ailments.

Moreover, leaves as well as flowers mixed with other ingredients are home remedies for many ailments.

Examples are:

1. Flower buds of red hibiscus boiled in pure coconut oil is an effective remedy for severe dandruff and hair falling.

2. Making a paste with finely ground hibiscus leaves, is an effective alternative for shampoo. Mainly for those who are allergic to chemical based hair cleanser available in markets.

Crepe Jasmine or the Pinwheel flower plant

There are different varieties of Crepe Jasmine, commonly known as the pinwheel flower plant. Thickly packed bright green leaves and small white star like flowers, are the main attraction of the plants.

Crepe Jasmine plant with flowers

Fragrant multi layered flowers of another variety, is having medicinal properties.

Ixora, certain species of plumeria etc. are also good for the purpose.

Non-flowering plants for garden fencing

Lush green leaves are the attraction of many non-flowering plants, that we can use for garden fencing. Size, shape, variety of shades etc. make them suitable for the purpose.

Let us see a few examples:

Ficus trees-different varieties

Ficus benjamina-beautiful non-flowering plant for garden fencing

Though most of the ficus species are trees, we can keep it in the required height through proper pruning.

Branching properly with distribution of leaves in abundance, makes the plant ideal for fencing. Evidently, it is one of the best plants for making bonsai, preferably for beginners.

Potted ficus benjamina is not only a positive energy plant, but can detoxify our indoors.

According to various studies, ficus trees can produce the largest quantities of oxygen in nature.

Ficus alii ( Ficus maclellandii alii )

Ficus alii

Apart from other species, ficus alii is a cultivated variety, with beautiful long slender leaves. Without any doubt, we can choose this plant for making garden fences.

Ordinarily, ficus trees are shade loving, and hence we can keep them either indoors or in balconies

Through stem cuttings we can propagate the ficus plants easily.

Bamboo plants

They are evergreen plants from the grass family.

Bamboo plants make the perfect fencing for gardens, because they can easily adapt to the environments.

Buddha’s belly, yellow bamboo, variegated bamboo etc. are a few of the common varieties.

Vastu sastra recommends keeping bamboo plants either indoors or in gardens, for prosperity and good luck.

Golden cypress

These plants are wonderful addition to your garden, giving it a golden yellow shade. Also these are slow growing, like other plants from the cypress family.

Best plants for garden fencing
Golden Cypress plants

We should take extreme care against some kind of fungus attack, that leads to drying out of branches.

Ornamental palm trees

Palm trees with colourful stems are ideal for garden fencing. Red palm, yellow palm, lady palm etc. are common in tropical places.

Red palm

Similarly, these low maintenance ornamental palms can do well in partial to full sunlight.

Plants with colourful foliage for fencing

Furthermore, certain plants with colourful foliage, are also fine for garden fencing.

Copper leaf plant ( Acalypha wilkesiana )

Best plants for garden fencing
Copper leaf plant

Jacob’s coat, is the popular name in which the plant is known. Attractive leaves in different colours and shapes make the plants really unique.

Syzygium, different varieties of crotons etc. are a few other examples.

Never forget that these plants always need bright direct sunlight for retaining the colours. Otherwise, the colours gradually turn green, and finally end up in a dull and pale appearance.

Best Creeping vines for garden fencing

Above all, many creeping vines, with proper support, are suitable for making garden fences. Both flowering and non-flowering vines are fine.

Best flowering vine plant suitable for garden fencing
Mexican flame vine

Given above are only a few examples of plants that are ideal for fencing. Try to grow your own, make your garden really awesome.

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