Low light plants for indoors that are lovely too, try to grow

Low light plants for your indoors, that are lovely as well as very easy to grow and care. Truly, there are many advantages for growing these plants. Definitely you can keep them either in your balconies, patios, kitchen or window sides.

Low light plant for indoors
Dracaena Janet craig-ideal low light plant for indoors

Air purifying detoxifying as well as low light plants for indoors.

According to NASA’S clean air studies, many of these plants are having air purifying properties.

In a like manner, some others are positive energy plants. Moreover, Feng shui and Indian vastu sastra consider a lot of them as lucky plants.

Additionally, we can grow  some of them for edible purposes.

However, you can try at least a few of these, preferably without taking much effort.

Let me introduce a few plants for indoors that you can try, especially for tropical places.

Low light plants for indoors

Money plant or Golden pothos

These are really lovely plants with tender stems and shiny heart shaped leaves. Surely it is one of the best creeping vines for hanging baskets. Likewise, we can keep it bushy through proper pruning.

Low light plant for indoors
Money plant ( Golden pothos )

Climbing pothos plants are ideal for moss poles that we can keep in corners.

Similarly, there are many beautiful varieties of money plants that we can grow easily. N joy, neon, marble prince, marble queen etc. are a few of them.

Not only the beauty of the plant, but minimum caring makes it the favourite of plant lovers.

Additionally, there is a belief that keeping money plants in the south-west corner brings good luck.

Simple tips to care money plants

 Soil medium is not an essential requirement for pothos plants, because we can grow them well in water.

Adding a few drops of any organic manure helps to maintain the health and beauty of the plant.

Milk is another growth stimulator for the pothos plants. Two tea spoons of milk diluted in four to five litres of water, can make a perfect medium for the plant .

Spider plant ( Chlorophytum comosum )

Spider plant

Spider plant is another low light plant, that can thrive even in the darkest corners.

Further, we can propagate the plant through spider like plant-lets that sprout from the flower stalks.

Usually there are different varieties of spider plants, including those with green as well as variegated leaves.

Besides, the ribbon like leaves that grow downwards, make it ideal for hanging baskets.

Another importance of this Feng shui plant, is that it can remove negativity from our homes.

ZZ Plant one of the best low light plants for indoors


ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, popularly known as ZZ plant is another low light plant ideal for indoors. Undoubtedly it is the most suitable plant for indoors, either in your homes or work places.

Chiefly for tropical places like Kerala and other South Indian states.

Shiny leaves make the plant really attractive, that can also brighten up your indoors. Mainly, by providing a refreshing and positive atmosphere.

Adaptations for the plant to stay longer without water

Fleshy stems and leaves are adapted in such a way, that it can hold plenty of water. Furthermore, bulbous base of the stem can store more water for the plant to survive longer.

For this reason, it is the right choice, if you want to stay away from home longer.

Of course, we can use rhizomes or stem cuttings for propagation of ZZ plants.

Extreme care should be taken while handling your ZZ plants. Because it may be toxic to infants and pets.

Aglaonema ( Chinese evergreen ) -beautiful low light plant for indoors

Aglaonemas are evergreen perennials in vibrant shades, that come in vast varieties. Besides, these are common low light plant in tropical and sub tropical regions.

Aglaonema super red

 Also there are more than 100 beautiful Aglaonema varieties. Red lipstick, silver queen, lady valentine, pink dalmatian, sparkling sarah etc. are a few of it.

Commonly stem cuttings are used for propagation of Aglaonema plants.

Never keep the plant in bright direct sunlight, because there is the tendency for scorching of leaves.

Snake plant ( Dracaena trifasciata))

Low light plant for indoors
Snake plant

Mother in law’s tongue, St. George’s sword, sansiviera etc. are the common names for the plant. Filtering air borne pollutants, is another most important use of this plant. Toxic gases like CO2, toluene, formaldehyde, etc. produced while burning fuels in our kitchens.

Doubtlessly, we can keep this clean air plant even in our bed rooms.

Surprisingly there are more than 70 varieties of snake plants.

Fastest method for propagation is from saplings, that are collected through the division of mother plants.

Developing saplings through the rooting of leaf cuttings, is also possible.

Certainly these plants are toxic to pets, especially cats. Hence definitely consult your vet, if found ingested by them.


Syngonium with dark green leaves

Syngonium podophyllum popularly known as arrow head plant, is another beautiful low light plant for indoors. Heart shaped leaves in different colours, are the most attractive feature.

Normally these are trailing vines, but we can keep them short and bushy, through regular pinching and pruning.

Most suitable species of Syngonium for low light or indoors, is the one with dark green leaves.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plants are really associated with Feng shui, according to which it can bring good luck and prosperity. A soil medium is not a necessary requirement for the plant. Therefore, it is one of the best plants for those who reside in flats or apartments.

However the plant actually belong to the araceae family, with scientific name dracaena sanderiana.

Bonsai trees-low light plant for indoors

Bonsai trees, especially those from the Ficus family are low light plants for indoors. Tropical bonsai trees like Ficus benjamina, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus ginseng microcarpa etc. are best examples.

Schefflera is another beautiful low light bonsai, that comes under this group.

Schefflera ( Hawaiian umbrella ) bonsai

Given above are only a few examples of low light plants ideal for indoors. Indeed, you can find even more that, are popular in your locality. Indigenous plants can always do well with the environment.

With a few beautiful low light plants, make your indoors really amazing.


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