Bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air grow it

Bonsai trees that can bring positive energy, clean air and to detoxify your home. You don’t need any extra effort for growing a few bonsai trees. Because it is as easy as maintaining any other plants, either in your garden or indoors.

Bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air
Ficus religiosa bonsai

Very often bonsai trees are considered as living art forms. People in Japan, China etc. hand over bonsai trees to their next generation as ancestral properties. According to them, these are equally important to any other material gifts.

Keeping such a valuable thing in our home will definitely bring positive energy. Moreover, we are well aware about the air purifying properties of plants

Those who are not having enough space for outdoor gardens, bonsai trees are best alternatives.

Best plants for positive energy and clean air

Usually we grow positive energy plants such as snake plant, money plant, ZZ plant, spider plant, dracaena, etc. In addition most of these are clean air plants according to NASA’s study.

Snake plant for positive energy and clean air
Snake plant

Similarly, we can grow many plants with fragrant flowers for positive energy. 

Jasmine, rose, tube rose, chrysanthemum and lavender are a few examples. Undoubtedly the presence of these flowers can make us refreshed, mostly when we experience mood swings.

Rose flower for positive energy and clean air
Red rose flower

Likewise, we can grow many bonsai trees that are equally fantastic.

Bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air.

Really bonsai is the miniature form of trees, that exactly resemble natural ones. Moreover, the word bonsai literally means plants that grow in containers.

Ficus microcarpa bonsai for positive energy and clean air
Ficus microcarpa bonsai

Surely, we can grow our own bonsai trees easily through simple steps. Always remember the following points before you start your own.

  1. Select native plants, that can easily adapt to the particular climates.
  2. Give proper caring at various stages of training, mostly like pruning, wiring, repotting etc.
  3. Never forget that your bonsai trees are unable to survive fully indoors. Hence, to maintain  its health and beauty, keep the plants outdoors occasionally.
  4. Over watering as well as shortage of water, can make your bonsai trees unhealthy.
  5. Use potting medium with ingredients mixed in the right proportions for, proper drainage.
  6. Feeding the plant with a diluted fertiliser at regular intervals, is essential for keeping your bonsai healthy.
  7. Throughout its life time, we have to care the plant properly.

Examples of bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air

Let us see a few examples of bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air. Especially that are ideal for tropical places, like Kerala and other South Indian states.

Certainly different varieties of trees from the ficus family, are the most suitable ones, preferably for beginners.

Surprisingly, there are more than thousand varieties of ficus trees. However we can use a few of them for making bonsai. For example, ficus benjamina, ficus microcarpa, ficus benghalensis, ficus bodhi, ficus alii etc.

Why ficus trees are the most suitable ones for positive energy and clean air ?

  1. Firstly, they are the plants that produce largest quantities of oxygen in nature. For this reason, we can keep it either indoors or outdoors for clean air.
  2. Furthermore, we can grow these plants easily from stem cuttings. Hence there is no need to spend any extra money to buy saplings.
  3. Most of the ficus trees are having woody stem, dark green shiny leaves, hanging roots etc. Really these are the features that make ficus bonsai trees attractive.
  4. Definitely we can keep our ficus bonsai trees anywhere in our home, especially balconies, window sides etc. Because, ficus trees prefer indirect bright sunlight for better growth.

Given below are a few examples of ficus bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air.

Ficus benghalensis bonsai

Truly, it is the common banyan tree popular in almost all south Asian countries.

Faster development of aerial roots, is one of the most attractive features of ficus benghalensis.

Ficus benghalensis bonsai for positive energy and clean air
Ficus benghalensis (Banyan) bonsai

Ficus benjamina bonsai

Ficus benjamina bonsai for positive energy and clean air
Ficus benjamina bonsai

Evidently, these are ornamental trees for small home gardens as well as large parks or other public places. Responding well to pruning, makes ficus benjamina the favourite of garden designers and bonsai lovers.

Ficus maclellandii ( Alii )

Ficus alii

Commonly the plant is known as Ficus alii. Different from other ficus varieties, it is artificially cultivated. Long slender shiny leaves and hanging roots, make the plant really attractive.

Further these are the best plants for fencing, and to grow as the Center plant for garden designing.

Ficus microcarpa

Additionally, ficus microcarpa and ficus ginseng microcarpa are equally fine.

Ficus ginseng microcarpa for positive energy and clean air
Ficus ginseng microcarpa

Not only different varieties of ficus, but many of other tropical trees are ideal for making bonsai.

Best examples are:

1. Schefflera or the Hawaiian umbrella

One of the best plants for bonsai, that we can keep indoors or outdoors for positive energy and clean air.

Schefflera bonsai (variegated)

Schefflera with dark green leaves or variegated varieties are really fantastic.

Through stem cuttings collected from mature healthy mother plants, we can propagate the schefflera plants.

Jade bonsai for positive energy and clean air

Jade bonsai

Money tree and lucky tree are the popular names for this plant. It is quite clear from the old saying “ Jade by the door poor no more “.

These plants are really the natives of African forests, and the favourite food of elephants. For this reason, it is also known as the elephant bush.

Usually we use different species like Crassula ovata, Portulacaria afra etc.for making bonsai.

Bright green heart shaped leaves resemble the precious stone Jade, from which the plant has got the name.

Though the plant grows up to a maximum height of about six feet, we can keep it short through proper pruning.

Owing to this, we can also grow Jade as ornamental tree for home gardens.

We can easily propagate the Jade plant through stem cuttings. Jade is a succulent, and hence we should take extreme care against rotting while watering the plant.

Given above are only a few examples of beautiful bonsai trees for positive energy and clean air. Try to grow a few, mainly with plants that are available in your locality.

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