Best flowering succulent plants for gardens to grow easily.

Best flowering succulent plants for tropical gardens, that you can grow easily.


Succulents are a large group of plants, in which we can find trees, shrubs, creepers etc. Adaptation to store water in plant parts, preferably leaves or stems, is their main specialty.

Kalanchoe is one of the best  flowering succulent plants
Kalanchoe with red flowers

Cacti are best examples of succulents, in which leaves are modified as thorns, to prevent water loss. Likewise, many of the cacti are having beautiful flowers.

Medicinal properties

Surely, there are flowering as well as non-flowering succulents. Likewise, leaves, fruits and flowers of many succulent plants are having medicinal properties.

For example, Aloe vera is a succulent plant, that we can use as home remedy for many ailments. Applying the gel on mild burns gives quick relief. Moreover, it is one of the most important ingredients for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.

Mexican mint is another herbal succulent for preventing cough and cold in infants.

Edible uses of certain best flowering succulent

Definitely we can consume some of these succulents either in the raw form, or for making dishes. In a like manner, we can use the flowers and leaves of certain succulent spinach varieties. Malabar spinach is one of the best examples for this.

Delicious Dragon fruit, is another example for the wonderful source of nutrients.

Dragon fruit plant with flower
Dragon fruit plant is one of the best flowering succulent plants for gardens
Dragon fruit plant with fruit

Evidently different species of succulents can make our gardens attractive. Of course, we can grow a lot of them easily, either directly in soil or in pots.

Favourable conditions for best flowering succulent plants

Light requirements

Truly, succulents need bright sunlight for better blooming, especially like any other flowering plants. For this reason, we must always remember to choose sunny places for them.

In balconies or other such places, we can keep the pots according to the availability of light.

Potting medium

Undoubtedly we can say that succulent plants have the tendency to rot faster. Hence, we should always use potting mixture with good drainage.

Certainly a home made potting medium, with the ingredients combined together in the following ratio, is ideal.

  • River sand  30%
  • Crushed bricks  30%
  • Garden soil  20%
  • Coco peat  10%
  • Dried cow dung ( or any organic manure )  10%

First, put a bottom layer of crushed bricks for preventing blockage of the hole.


Always remember, that succulents never need watering on a daily basis. Also you should take care to ensure drainage, before the next watering. You can check the moisture by touching about two inches deep in the top soil.

Let us see a few examples for flowering succulent plants for gardens, that are having beautiful flowers:


Adenium is a flowering succulent plant.
Adenium bonsai with red flowers

Common name for the plant is desert rose, and there are different varieties in the family. Further, there are flowers in pink, red and white colours. But rarely we can find adenium plants with yellow, purple or orange flowers.

Besides, it is one of the best plants for gardening beginners. Through the germination of seeds we can propagate adenium plants. Additionally we can buy saplings directly from sellers.

Adenium is one of the best examples for flowering bonsai. Of course, we can make it easily through proper pruning and caring.

Portulaca ( Moss rose ) – best flowering succulents for gardens

Portulaca is one of the best flowering succulent plants
Portulaca plant with pink flowers

Portulaca grandiflora, is commonly used for decorative purposes. Most of the varieties are ideal for pot planting, balconies and window boxes. Likewise, these are the best plants for making gardening borders.

Usually there are single or multi layered flowers.

During monsoon seasons in tropical regions, we should take extreme care against rotting.

Generally the portulaca plants are propagated through stem cuttings.

Kalanchoe are best flowering bonsai plants

Surprisingly, there are about 125 species of plants in the family crassulaceae. Common names for this tropical succulent, are Flaming caty, Madagascar- widows-thrill etc. Bright flowers in different shades are usually seen in clusters.

Best flowering succulent plants for gardens
Kalanchoe plant with pink flowers

Vegetative propagation through stem cuttings, is the most common method.

Though these are perennials, repotting every two or three years can make the plants bushy. 

Euphorbia milii

Christ thorns, crown of thorns etc. are the popular names for the plant. Euphorbiaceae is the family, in which we can find many beautiful varieties of plants.

Euphorbia milii plant with red flowers

Bright blooms in clusters, thorny stems and fleshy leaves are the main features. Similarly, the common euphorbia species are those with red, pink, white and yellow flowers.

Repotting is essential when the plants outgrow the container. In order to prevent the leggy growth, we can prune the euphorbia milii plants.

Begonias one of the best flowering succulents for gardens

Begonia plant with red flowers

Begoniaeceae is another broad family with more than 1000 species of succulent plants.

Begonias never tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore, always provide shade or choose a partially sunny location. Besides, blooming year around, makes the plants favourites of garden lovers.

These are perennial plants, and hence there is no need to repot them occasionally. Of course, feeding with diluted manure at regular intervals, can keep the plant healthy.

Chinese balsam ( Impatiens ) – one of the best flowering succulent plants

Impatiens are plants with fleshy leaves and stems. Also they produce flowers throughout the year in tropical places. Single or multi layered flowers in different shades make the plants awesome.

Impatiens best flowering succulen plant for gardens
Impatiens with pink flowers

Furthermore, never forget to keep the plants away from direct rains during monsoon period.

Flowering succulent trees

However, if there is enough space in our gardens, we can grow beautiful ornamental trees. Tropical non flowering trees like palms, ficus, bamboo etc. are very common and easy to grow.

Flowering trees like jade, plumeria, bougainville, hibiscus etc. can make our gardens amazing. Among these, jade and plumeria are flowering succulents.

Jade ( Money tree ) – best flowering succulent plant

Elephant bush is the common name in which the plant is known. Because it is one of the favourites of elephants in the African forests. Normally, jade trees grow up to a height of about 3 to 6 ft in the wild. Proper pruning can make the plant short. Mainly according to our requirement, for gardening purposes.

Not only a lucky plant, but it is one of the best trees for making bonsai.

White star like flowers in clusters can make the Jade plant really attractive.

Plumeria or frangipani

Plumeria or frangipani with white flowers

Fragrant flowers in white, pink, and light yellow colour make the plant fantastic. Owing to the distribution of branches, beautiful leaves and flowers, garden designers choose it as the centre plant.

Given above are only a few examples of tropical flowering succulents that you can grow easily. Try to find more that are popular in your locality, grow it and make your garden fantastic.

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