Flowering plants for gardening beginners try easily 

Flowering plants for gardening beginners, preferably in tropical places, that you can try easily. Surely you can grow these plants either directly in your garden or in any sunny locations. Mostly like balconies, window boxes or courtyards.

Flowering plants for gardening beginners
Dianthus with bright pink flowers

Definitely your garden will look amazing with flowering plants . Especially along with low-light plants like Aglaonema, ZZ Plant, Boston fern etc. Not only that but ornamental trees, palms, flowering vines, etc. are fantastic.

Why flowering plants are ideal for beginners?

Really the low maintenance plants I am sharing here, are common in tropical places.

First, you can try a few flowering plants as a gardening beginner. Additionally, most of them are easy to care.

Also you can collect stem cuttings or seeds, without spending much money.

Certainly, minimum caring and easy availability make them our favourites.

 Let us see a few examples of plants with beautiful flowers, that you can grow easily.

Best flowering plants for gardening beginners

Generally these plants include shrubs, small trees, succulents, climbing vines etc. 

Besides you can try aquatic plants like lotus, water lilies etc. if you have enough space.

Flowering plants for gardening beginners
Chrysanthemum flowers

Certainly we can propagate most of these plants through stem cuttings. Furthermore, you can buy amazing hybrid varieties from nurseries.

Likewise, it is easy to keep these plants as shrubs, through proper pruning. Definitely we can use tools like sharp scissors or pruning shears for this. 

Also we can maintain these plants like other ornamental trees. Mainly like Ficus benjamina, Bamboo trees, Palms etc.

Given below are a few examples of tropical flowering plants

Shrubs or small trees.

1. Ixora-flowering plants for gardening beginners

Ixora with flowers in different colours is common in South Asian countries. These are evergreen plants with woody stems, that are ideal for making bonsai

Dwarf Ixora plant with red flowers

Owing to its medicinal properties, different parts of the plant are used as home remedies. For example, Ixora flowers boiled in pure coconut oil, is an effective remedy for skin problems.

Truly, ixora flowers are used for pooja purposes in Indian temples. Mostly like the holy basil, crepe jasmine etc.

You can read here, the simple tips for growing ixora plants.


Really Lantana camara is the one with attractive flowers. Other than shrubs, we can use trailing varieties for arches.

Though the plant needs only minimum caring, it blooms throughout the year. 

Above all, it is one of best plants for attracting butterflies. Therefore, a few lantana plants can definitely make our outdoors lively.


Bougainville glabra with beautiful flowers, is one of the most popular varieties. Attractive parts are really the bracts that surround the flowers. Usually, the flowers are small and white in colour. 

Flowering plants for gardening beginners
Bougainville flowers

Moreover, it is one of the best plants for making bonsai


Purple Melastoma flowers

Deep purple flowers in bunches are the main attraction of the plant. Commonly stem cuttings are used for propagating the plant.

Succulents-ideal flowering plants for gardening beginners

Surely you can try a few flowering succulents, especially as a beginner.

Adenium, Impatiens, Portulaca, Euphorbia milii, Kalanchoe etc. are a few examples.

2.Adenium obesum one of the best flowering plants for gardening beginners

Adenium bonsai with pink flowers

Actually Adenium plants are having fleshy stems and leaves. These are really one of the special features of desert plants. For this reason, they are popularly known as desert rose.

Surprisingly, enlarged base of the trunk called caudex is its fascinating speciality.

Furthermore, essential requirements are bright sunlight and well drained medium.

2.Impatiens or Chinese balsam

Flowering plants for gardening beginners
Impatiens with flowers

Really the bright flowers in different shades can make our gardens fantastic. Obviously, these beginner friendly plants are ideal for window boxes and balconies. Similarly impatiens are suitable for vertical gardens and for making borders.

3.Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia milii plants with bright blooms, belong to the cactus family. Further, we can propagate the plant through stem cuttings or mature ripe seeds.

Read here the tips for preparing home made potting mixture for succulents and other plants.

Plants with fragrant flowers

Gardenia flower

Of course, you can try different varieties of jasmine, gardenia, etc. with fragrant flowers. After all, these tropical plants are easy to care, and we can use stem cuttings for propagation.

Dwarf varieties of plants ideal for pot planting

Gerbera daisy with flowers

Dwarf varieties of plants with amazing blooms, are equally good for pot planting. Moreover, we can keep these plants in sunny balconies or indoors. Daisies, dianthus, chrysanthemum etc. are a few such plants

Orchids are best flowering plants for gardening beginners

Yellow Orchid flowers

In order to start a garden, you can choose orchid plants without any doubt. Evidently, hanging baskets and coconut husks are suitable for growing these plants. Therefore, we don’t need any extra space for keeping our orchids.

Here you can read the tips for growing the attractive orchid plant Oncidium ( dancing girls).

Aquatic plants

Purple water lilies

Undoubtedly, water lilies and lotus flowers, can make your front yard amazing. Particularly garden ponds with a few such plants are unavoidable for landscaping.  

Feng shui recommends keeping ornamental fish for positive energy.

Likewise, saplings of these plants are available with most of the sellers and nurseries.

Given above are examples of flowering plants for gardening beginners. Above all you can surely find more, that are popular in your locality. 

With the above simple tips, try to start your own garden with flowering plants.

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