Positive energy plants for indoors you can grow easily.

 Positive energy plants for indoors, you can grow easily. Especially in tropical places like Kerala and other South Indian states.

The concept of positive energy

It is really the boosting up of our general well being, both mentally and physically. Definitely the presence of certain things can make us feel good and relaxed. Preferably during the time of stress, strain and boredom.

Positive energy plants for indoors

Indoor plants for positive energy

Undoubtedly, everyone agrees that plants are the most wonderful creations of Mother nature. Truly, green colour from nature gives a soothing effect to our eyes, preferably in a tiresome mood.

It will be a wonderful experience to be in an atmosphere surrounded with plants, having fragrant blooms. Mostly like small trees, bushes, flowering vines or aquatic plants like water lilies, lotus etc.
Feng shui as well as Indian Vaastu sastra recommend keeping plants, that can bring positive energy.

Surprisingly there are a lot of such beautiful plants, that we can grow indoors and outdoors.

Plants for positive energy

If there is sufficient space in your garden, you can try plants with fragrant flowers. For example, different varieties of Jasmine, small trees like the Plumeria, Murraya etc. Likewise, different species of Basil, are best examples for positive energy plants.
Most of these plants need bright sunlight. Hence it will be difficult for those who reside in flats or apartments.

However you can try any of the given indoor plants, that need only minimum caring. Moreover you can keep it either indoors, balconies or even in window boxes. Sunlight, for at least a few hours a day, is the only requirement.
Above all, many of them are detoxifying plants according to NASA’s clean air studies.

1. Pothos or money plant

Positive energy plants for indoors
Neon Pothos – a beautiful species of Money plant

Money plant or Pothos, is really one of the most popular indoor plants, that people use all over the world. Usually money plants need only minimum caring, and we can keep it even in the darkest corner. In addition, a soil medium is not essential for most of the pothos species, since it can thrive in water.  Never forget to add a few drops of liquid fertiliser to the water.
Through stem cuttings collected from mother plants, we can propagate the pothos plants easily.
Read here the simple tips for growing money plants.
Also there are a lot of beautiful varieties of money plants, from which you can choose the best ones.

2. Positive energy plants for indoors – Money tree or Jade

Positive energy plants for indoors
Jade plant ( Crassula ovata )

Famous old saying ‘Jade by the door, poor no more’, justifies the importance of the plant.  Especially in bringing good luck, prosperity and general well being. Bright green shiny leaves resemble the precious stone Jade, from which the plant got the name. Another popular name of the plant is elephant bush. Because it is the favorite food of elephants in the African forests.
Usually the plant grows up to a height of about twenty feet. Certainly we can keep it short, or according to the required height, through timely pruning.
Though there are different species of Jade plants, the best garden varieties are the Portulacaria afra and Crassula ovata.
Moreover, it is one of the best plants for making bonsai, preferably in tropical places.
Using stem cuttings, we can propagate the Jade plant very easily.

3. Peace lily ( Spathyphyllum )

Peace lily plants are widely used for indoors in many parts of the world.
The white part of the plant is the spathe, that surrounds the flower stalk. However, it looks  really fantastic amidst the dark green foliage.
On exposure to direct sunlight, the shade loving plant starts scorching in a faster way.
In the genus spathyphullum, there are about 40 species of peace lily plants. Little angel, Patricia etc. are examples for dwarf varieties suitable for indoors.
Saplings of the plant, are available with most of the sellers and nurseries.

4. Aloe Vera – one of the most important positive energy plants for indoors

Usually this perennial succulent is used as effective home remedy for a number of ailments. Mainly like minor burns, skin irritation, stomach disorders etc.

Positive energy plants for indoors

Aloe vera plant with pups

We can grow this herb either directly in soil or in pots.
There are different varieties of the Aloe vera plant. Among these, Aloe vera barbadensis miller is one of the edible species.
Saplings commonly known as pups, are used for propagation of the aloe plant. Its most important growing requirement is a well drained sandy medium in a sunny location.

5. Snake plant ( Sansiveiria trifasciata )

Snake plant in a ceramic pot

Commonly, this low maintenance plant is known as the mother in law’s tongue. Generally, the plant can thrive indoors longer even without water. Snake plants can produce oxygen during night time, and hence it is widely accepted as a bedroom plant.
Tall varieties of snake plants in large terracotta pots, are ideal for places like patios and balconies. Whereas, dwarf species are fine for indoors, preferably as tabletop plants.

6. ZZ Plant

Positive energy plants for indoors
ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant, commonly known as Eternity plant, is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. Bright green fleshy leaves are the main attraction of the plant.

Bulbous base of the stem can hold plenty of water, that helps the plant to thrive longer. Owing to this reason, it is the best option for those who have to stay away from home for long periods.
From rooted leaves or stem cuttings, we can propagate the plant.

7. Ornamental Palms

Red Latania palm

Palms are best air filtering plants, that can adapt easily to the low light conditions indoors. Different  varieties of ornamental palms suitable for indoors, are available with most of the sellers. 

Areca palm, majesty palm, Chinese fan palm etc. are a few of them.

8. Lucky bamboo

Positive energy plants for indoors
Lucky bamboo

Though the name of the plant is lucky bamboo, it really belongs to the dracaena family. According to Feng shui, the plant can attract wealth, health and good luck. Moreover, there are particular meanings  for the number of stalks, direction in which the plant to be placed etc.
 Soil medium is not essential for the plant, because it can thrive in water.

9. Aglaonema

Aglaonema red zircon ( Chinese evergreen ) plant

Aglaonema or the Chinese evergreen is one of the best plants , that we can keep indoors for positive energy. This air purifying plant can absorb a lot of toxins like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide etc.
Hundreds of Aglaonema varieties are available with sellers, from which you can choose the most beautiful ones. 

10. Bonsai trees are best positive energy plants for indoors

Bonsai trees, can make your indoors look fresh as well as lively. Those from the Ficus family are the most suitable ones. They can do well in places like window sides or balconies, with partial sunlight.

Positive energy plants for indoors

Ficus alii bonsai tree

Studies have proved, that Ficus trees produce the largest quantities of oxygen in nature. Adding a few of them to your collection, can improve the indoor air quality.

Ficus benjamina, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus alii and Ficus ginseng microcarpa are a few examples.
Given above are only a few examples of positive energy plants, that you can grow easily indoors.  Spider plant, Boston fern, Succulents etc. are a few of such plants you can try.

Let your garden be really awesome, with at least a few from the above plants. Furthermore, fill your home as well as surroundings with positive energy.


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