Flowering vines for tropical gardens grow it for arches.

Flowering vines for tropical gardens, that you can grow for arches and trellises. Moreover these plants are ideal for landscaping as well as other decorative purposes. Especially as ornamental plants for compound walls, and farm houses to make it attractive. You can grow it either directly in the garden or in pots.

Surely it is essential to provide the required support for the plant to climb on. Temporary support like ropes and permanent metallic arches, trellises etc. are common.

Growing flowering vines in our gardens, why?

In farms and spacious gardens, we can see bamboo or wooden huts, adorned with flowering vines. Besides, most of these vines bear nectar producing flowers. For this reason, they can attract lots of butterflies, bees, hummingbirds etc. Definitely it will be amazing to have such a garden in front of your house, that is always lively. Even though our gardens are not much larger, we can grow a few flowering vines. Because there are a lot of such plants, that need only minimum space. Generally these vines cling to the supporting aids, instead of spreading around. Most of the garden plants require more space, if grown directly in the soil. For example, ornamental trees like Ficus Benjamina, Ficus alii, etc. Also Bougainville, Lantana, Ixora etc. are flowering plants that branch out fairly consuming more space.

Besides, most of these low-maintenance creeping plants need only minimum caring. Normally the perennial flowering vines, once established in our garden, can produce blooms longer. Certainly we should give proper care for our flowering vines, to maintain its health and beauty. Hence adding fertilizers at regular intervals, pruning the plant as and when it exceeds the required growth etc. are important.

Given below are a few examples of flowering vines, that are the most suitable ones for tropical gardens.

1. Flame vine or Firecracker vine ( Pyrostegia venusta )

Flowering vines for tropical gardens
The flowers of the Fire cracker vine plant

Really it is an evergreen perennial, with orange coloured tubular flowers. Usually the vine blooms in summer, that lasts for five to six months. Each tip of trailing stems bear the bright flowers in clusters.

It is really the tendrils, that help the plant to twine around easily on trellises or other supporting places.

Normally, the plant can thrive in indirect bright sunlight. Through stem cuttings we can propagate the flame vine plant.

2. Lady’s shoe flower vine ( Thunbergia mysorensis )

Owing to the shape, it is commonly known as the lady’s shoe flower plant. Doll’s shoe, Indian clock vine etc. are the other popular names of the plant. Truly it is one of the most beautiful flowering vines in tropical places. The colour as well as shape of the blooms, make the plant really unique. The flowers are seen with a combination of reddish maroon and yellow colour. For this reason, it is also known as the bricks and butter plant.

Besides, studies have proved certain medicinal properties of the plant. Surely, we can propagate the plant through stem cuttings. For providing shade in farm houses and large gardens, this vine is an ideal choice.

Furthermore, the plant starts producing flowers from the months of December-January. Naturally, the blooming continues for about six months.

Definitely we can find this plant that is very common in the western ghat regions of Kerala. Especially Moonnar, Gavi,etc. that are important tourist destinations in the state.

3. Trumpet vine plants

Flowering vines for tropical gardens
The flowers of the Trumpet vine plant

These are plants with woody trailing stems that can grow easily in temperate climates. This climber can thrive in a sandy loam, in sunny locations. The fast growing plant produces trumpet shaped blooms. Usually the flowers are seen in clusters, at the tips of branches.

There are different species of the trumpet vine plants. Monrovia, the plant with yellow flowers is one of the most common varieties. Because of its ability to climb easily, these plants are often referred to as the cat’s claw vine.

Usually the plant doesn’t need watering on a regular basis. But in hot tropical climates, it is better to water the plant daily for keeping it healthy. Similarly, this invasive and vigorous growing plant needs occasional pruning.

Through stem cuttings we can propagate the trumpet vine plants.

4. Sky vine ( Thunbergia grandiflora )

Flowers of the sky vine plant

Thunbergia grandiflora, is a creeping vine with large blooms in purple colour. Thunbergia Alba with white flowers, the black eyed Susan, etc. are other plants similar to this.

From mature ripe seeds, we can propagate the sky vine plants. Surely the plant needs bright sunlight, for producing blooms in abundance.

5. The Passion vine – One of the best Flowering vines for tropical gardens

Surprisingly there are more than 500 species of plants in the family.

Flowering vines for tropical gardens
Passion flowers, red and purple

Attractive flowers in different colours, is one of the main features of these plants. Using tendrils, the plants can climb easily on the arches or other such supports.

Certain species of the passion vine plants are used for making medicines. Preferably for ailments like anxiety, sleep disorders etc.

Passiflora edulis is an edible variety, from which we get the delicious and nutritious passion fruits. Certainly, the plant can do well in full sun and a well drained medium.

By sowing seeds from mature ripe fruits, we can make saplings for propagating the plant.

6. The Cypress vine

Flowering vines for tropical gardens
The Cypress vine plant

Star like flowers in red colour, and feathery foliage is the main attraction of the plant. Generally a bright sunny location is the ideal place for this low maintenance plant.

Usually mature ripe seeds are used for propagating the cypress vine plant.

7. Mexican flame vine – the beautiful Flowering vine for tropical gardens

Flowers of the Mexican flame vine plant

It is one of the best flowering creepers suitable for tropical climates. The vibrant orange coloured blooms and dark green foliage are the main attractive features.

Periodic pruning is necessary for maintaining this invasive plant. In a like manner, deadhead the plant regularly to promote new blooms. We can use healthy stem cuttings for propagating the Mexican flame vines.

Given above are a few examples of tropical flowering vines that we can grow easily. Definitely there are a lot of similar plants, that are equally good for the purpose. For example, the Bridal bouquet with white flowers, the Rangoon creeper, Antigonon etc.

Some trailing species of the plants like Bougainville, Lantana etc. are ideal for tropical climates. Likewise, the bushy types of these plants are ideal for making beautiful bonsai.

Above all, you can find more flowering vines that are popular in your locality. Try to grow a few of them to make your garden really fantastic.

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