Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors growing tips try it

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors growing tips, you can follow easily. The plant with bright blooms amidst the green glossy leaves, is really awesome.

Surprisingly, there are more than 1000 species of Anthurium plants, in the broad family araceae.

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors growing tips
Miniature Anthurium plant with flowers in orange colour

Generally the plants are with heart shaped bright blooms and leaves on long stalks. Usually the flowers are in red, pink, orange or white. But we can see Anthurium plants with purple, brown, yellow or even blue flowers, that are rare.

Truly the Anthurium flowers are long lasting, preferably like that of the orchid plants. For this reason, the flowers are highly in demand all over the world, for decorative purposes.

Owing to its resemblance to the bird, it is also known as the Flamingo flower plant. Painter’s palette, Lace leaf, Hawaiian heart etc. are the other common names of the plant.

In addition to the flowering varieties, many foliage Anthurium plants are grown for its decorative leaves. For example, Anthurium magnificum, Velvet leaf anthurium, King anthurium veitii etc.

Anthurium Plants indoors and outdoors- beautiful house plants for gardening beginners

Definitely, Anthurium is one of the best house plants, for those who reside in flats or apartments.

Whether indoors or outdoors, you can grow these beautiful plants very easily. Because the plant needs only minimum caring.

You can keep the plant either in your balcony or window sides. Any place is suitable, where the plant gets sunlight for a few hours a day.

Anthurium plants with white flowers

Normally, the plant grows up to a height of about three feet. But we can buy a lot of dwarf hybrid varieties, that are suitable for indoors.

Generally, the plants produce blooms throughout the year. Most of the flowers lasts for more than two months.

According to NASA’s clean air studies, Anthurium plants can improve the indoor air quality. Preferably by absorbing toxins like formaldehyde, toluene etc. Surely we can keep it along with other air purifying plants. The Spider plant, Snake plant, Money plant, the Jade, Aglaonema etc. are a few examples.

Vastu sastra as well as Feng shui, recommend keeping Anthurium plants to bring good luck and prosperity. You can definitely keep it along with a few bonsai trees, that are best examples of good luck plants. Ficus benjamina, Ficus microcarpa, the Fukien tea tree etc. are some of them.

Likewise, the flower represent long lasting relationships. Therefore, these plants are ideal for gifting to our dear ones, on their memorable occasions.

Doubtlessly, we can say that it is one of the most suitable plants for gardening beginners.

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors growing tips-

Favourable conditions for growing.

Anthurium plants prefer a warm environment for proper growth. Preferably, a temperature between 20 to 25 degree celsius. Hence, these plants can respond well, to the growing conditions, in tropical places.

Lighting requirements

Surely, the plant needs bright sunlight for producing better blooms. For this, we can keep the plant either in a green house, or in a well-lit place. Always remember, to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, that may cause scorching of the leaves.


The plant can thrive in a humid environment, preferably about 70 to 90 %. Misting on a regular basis, especially during the summer days, keeps the plant healthy.


Commonly, Anthurium plants are propagated through seeds. Saplings collected by the division of the mother plants are also good.

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors
Seeds developing from spadix of the flowers

Besides, we can buy saplings directly from nurseries. Moreover, saplings that are cultivated through tissue culture, are available with sellers.

Potting medium

Anthurium plants always prefer a well drained medium, that can also hold slight moisture.

Certainly we can prepare the medium by mixing equal quantities of the following ingredients:

Crushed bricks, chopped coconut husk, charcoal and river sand.

How to grow

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors
Saplings of Anthurium plants

A terracotta pot having sufficient holes for drainage, is suitable for the plant. Never forget to cover the drainage hole with a piece of wire mesh. After that, fill the pot with the medium and plant the sapling in it.

Water the plant moderately on a daily basis, and ensure proper drainage for the pot.

A water logged medium, can cause the roots as well as the stems to rot faster. Yellowing and drooping of the leaves, are the primary symptoms.

Fertilising the Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors

Feeding the plant with a diluted liquid fertilizer is required for better growth. It is fine to fertilize the plant at intervals of ten days.

Diluted coconut water, extract of water in which banana peel soaked overnight etc. are effective home made organic fertilizers. For a healthy growth and blooming, it is equally important to add fertilizer to the potting medium and spraying it all over the plant.

Repotting Anthurium plants

Usually the Anthurium needs repotting, only when the plant out grows the container. For this, first take the whole plant out of the pot, and remove the extra roots and wilted leaves.

Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors growing tips
Anthurium plants with flowers in different colours

Then fill fresh medium in a much larger container, and plant your Anthurium. Your plants can stay healthy for many years producing blooms, if you care it properly.

Pests and diseases that affect the Anthurium plants indoors outdoors

Snails that feed on the tender buds, are the number one enemy of the plant. By closely observing the plant during the night, we can remove them by picking with our hands.

Also the plants are prone to attacks by bacterial and fungal infection. In severe conditions, we have to use fungicides or other such remedies for saving our plants.

Keeping the above simple tips in mind, try to grow Anthurium plants indoors and outdoors. Make your home garden really awesome.

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