ZZ Plant for homes offices, grow indoors very easily

ZZ Plant for homes and offices, grow it indoors and outdoors, which is much easier for you. Popularly known as the Eternity plant, it is one of the best perennials for indoors. Botanical name of the plant is Zamioculcas zamiifoli.

ZZ Plant for homes offices
ZZ Plant in a terracotta pot

The plant can thrive in almost all climatic conditions, and hence it is widely used for indoors all around the world. Really, ZZ plant is the best choice for gardening beginners, because it needs only minimum caring

Moreover, it is one of the best plants for tropical climates, either indoors or outdoors.

Generally, ZZ Plants are used for pot planting, but it is easy to grow this low light plant directly in the garden.

Surely we can find proper places for the plants, underneath the ornamental trees in our gardens.

ZZ Plant for homes offices – a short introduction

Certainly, it is one of most beautiful ornamental plants, with bright green shiny leaves. On both sides of the fleshy stems, with thick rhizomes at the bottom, the leaves are distributed evenly.

Usually, the plant grows up to a height of about two to three ft. Though not much popular, dwarf species of ZZ Plants are also available.

New shoots develop directly from the base gives the plant a fantastic appearance. The plant rarely produces flowers, that are not much prominent.

Mostly, these drought tolerant plants can thrive up to four months without water. The thick rhizomes can store plenty of water, that help them to survive during the days of water shortage.

Leaves as well as the stems of the plant, are able to hold more water. Hence, we can keep it live, even in adverse conditions.

Air purifying properties

ZZ Plant can improve our indoor air quality, by absorbing a lot of toxins. Various studies, have already proved its air purifying properties.

Above all, the green leaves can brighten up our indoors by reflecting light, thereby making it lively.

The low light plant can do well under fluorescent lighting. For this reason, it is one of the best plants for offices or other such places, that are functioning totally indoors.

ZZ Plant for homes offices – importance in Feng shui

According to Feng shui, the ZZ Plant is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The thick green upturned leaves represent wealth, steadiness etc. Therefore, it is also known as the Fortune tree.

ZZ Plant for homes offices
ZZ Plant is important in Feng shui

Definitely the plant has got an important place, among other good luck plants. Preferably, like the Jade, Money plant, Bonsai trees like the, Ficus microcarpa, Fukien tea tree etc.

Given below are the simple tips to grow the ZZ Plant in our home garden.


We can easily propagate the ZZ Plant through rooted stem cuttings or leaves.

ZZ Plant for homes offices
Sapling of ZZ Plant

In addition, we can use the rhizomes collected from the mother plants. Surely you can replant your ZZ plant, when it starts outgrowing the pot. At this time, it is easy for you to divide the mother plant .For this, you can definitely use a sharp knife or scissors.

Moreover, you can buy saplings that are available with most of the sellers and nurseries.

Preparation of the potting medium.

You can prepare the medium for your ZZ plant by mixing ingredients in the following ratio.

Garden soil 25%

Dried cow dung or compost 20%

River sand 20%

Coco peat 15%

Crushed bricks 15%

Neem seed powder and bone meal 5%

Before filling the medium, remember to ensure proper drainage for the pot. For this, you can make the bottom layer of about one inch thickness, with crushed bricks. Also remember to cover the drainage hole, with a small piece of wire mesh.

ZZ Plant in a ceramic pot

Watering the ZZ Plant

After planting your ZZ plant in the new medium, water moderately with a sprayer on a daily basis. Once the plant adapts to the new medium, take care against over watering.

As stated earlier, the plant can survive longer without water. Whereas, in a water logged medium, it tends to rot and die faster. Truly, the first symptoms are marked by browning of tips and yellowing of leaves.

Hence you need to water the plants, only when the top soil becomes dry.


During the first one year, there is no need to feed the plant. You can use diluted NPK (19:19:19 ) at intervals of about ten days, to keep the plant healthy.


The green shiny leaves are the attraction of the ZZ Plant
The beautiful green shiny leaves of ZZ Plant

Because of the slower growth rate, the plant doesn’t need regular pruning. But you can make slight changes for the position of the pot at intervals, according to the lighting conditions. This can keep the plants grow straight upwards, preventing the branches from falling sideways.


Remember to keep the plant away from kids as well as pets, because the toxic sap may cause irritation.

Pests and diseases

Generally the ZZ Plants are not affected by pests, preferably in tropical climates.

Dusting and cleaning your ZZ plant plant

Wiping with a soft damp cloth or sponge, can retain the beauty and glazing of the leaves.

Keeping the above points in mind, try to grow ZZ Plants, to make your home as well as office really awesome.

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