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Bonsai mix for Ficus trees of different varieties

Bonsai mix you can make easily at home, for different varieties of Ficus trees.

The word Bonsai generally depicts to container grown miniature trees. Preferably with all the characteristic features of trees that grow naturally.

In addition to its basic genetic features, there are a lot of external factors that influence each tree.

For example, trees in dense forests, grow straight upwards in search of light. Likewise in places where strong wind blows, the branches bend sideways.

Bonsai mix for different varieties of Ficus trees

Proper caring is really essential for making a bonsai that is perfect in every aspect. Applying some artistic ideas at each stage of training, is equally important .

Definitely we can keep our bonsai trees in the required size and shape, through simple techniques. Generally, pinching, pruning, wiring, root pruning etc. are the different processes, during the training period.

Never forget to water the plant regularly. Furthermore, feed your bonsai with a nutritious fertilizer occasionally. Above all, change their position periodically, to adjust the lighting requirements.

Surely, each plant needs it’s own particular potting mixture, for better growth. Similarly, a medium that suits fine for one plant, may not be as much effective for another.

Adding ordinary garden soil, is essential for the preparation of medium for many bonsai trees. Whereas, we have to avoid that for succulent bonsai trees like the Jade.

Ficus bonsai re potted in new medium

Always keep in mind a few points, while preparing the medium.

Firstly, try to collect ingredients that are available in your locality. Further, remember to mix the ingredients in the right proportion. In addition, add sufficient quantity of materials for proper drainage.

Given below, are the simple tips for preparing bonsai mix for Ficus trees.

Bonsai mix for different varieties of Ficus trees

An introduction to Ficus trees

Ficus is a genus of plants having a large number of species. Commonly that includes trees, shrubs as well as vines. Surprisingly, there are more than 800 varieties of Ficus plants in the world.

Also these trees are marked by their role, in emitting the largest quantity of oxygen.

Many of them are ideal for making bonsai, suitable for homes as well as work places.

Surely, the presence of a few Ficus bonsai trees can make positive response in our health. Especially to those who suffer from hypertension, depression etc.

However, most of us are familiar with two important species of Ficus trees. Ficus benghalensis and Ficus religiosa. Both of these are common in Asian countries including India. Such trees, aged hundreds of years, are found at the premises of famous temples, parks etc.

1. Ficus religiosa ( the Peepul tree )

Ficus religiosa bonsai

2. Ficus benghalensis ( the Banyan tree ).

Ficus benghalensis bonsai

Some other species of Ficus trees, that are good for making bonsai.

Ficus microcarpa

Of course, the small bright green leaves and woody trunk are the attractive features of this plant. Above all, Ficus microcarpa, is one of the best plants for bonsai beginners.

Ficus microcarpa bonsai

Ficus benjamina,

Ficus benjamina bonsai

Weeping fig, is another name in which Ficus benjamina is known. Really, it will be easy for you to grow this fast growing plant. Moreover, the plant responds well to any of the required bonsai styles.

Doubtlessly, it is one of the best ornamental trees for gardens.

Ficus binnendijkii alii,

Ficus alii bonsai

The plant commonly known as Ficus alii, is a cultivated hybrid variety. But most of the others are naturally occurring Ficus plants. Not only for making bonsai, but we can use this plant for landscaping and fencing.

A finely trimmed plant in a pot, can definitely make your indoors gorgeous.

Ficus ginseng microcarpa

Ficus Ginseng microcarpa bonsai

One of the the main features of this bonsai, is the exposed thick roots above the soil level. From stem cuttings, we can propagate the Ficus ginseng microcarpa as well as other Ficus trees.

How to prepare bonsai mix for different varieties of Ficus trees.

By combining the ingredients in the proportion as stated below, we can prepare the bonsai mix.

River sand 20%

Garden soil 20%

Crushed bricks 20%

Coco peat 15%

A mixture of dried cow dung or compost 15%

Neem seed powder 5%

Bone meal 5%

Instead of crushed bricks, you can surely use perlite or pumice. Always remember, that the above ingredients are easily available in tropical countries, preferably in India. You can either buy it from local stores, or make online purchase.
Bonsai mix prepared with ingredients

Repotting our Ficus bonsai trees, at regular intervals is equally important. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare fresh medium each time, to fill the pot.

With the above simple tips, try to make bonsai mix for Ficus trees. Along with other flowering plants, let your garden be awesome with a few Ficus bonsai trees.

( Picture courtesy : Tamarind Bonsai, Kottayam )

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