Dancing girls the orchid plant for home gardens, try it

Dancing girls the orchid plant Oncidium for home gardens, you can try easily.

Flowers of Dancing girls the orchid plant

Orchids are really a large group of plants with beautiful flowers, that we can find in almost all parts of the world.

Usually the brightly coloured flowers are seen in bunches, or arranged on both sides of long stalks. Moreover, many other orchid plants are having blooms, that are sweetly scented.

In India, orchid plants grow in abundance, in the rain forests of the north eastern states. Likewise, there are different varieties of orchid plants in the southern parts, especially in Kerala.

In addition to its beauty, the orchid flowers are long lasting. Hence these are highly in demand for decorative purposes. A lot of people, preferably women, engaged in orchid cultivation, find it as a profitable business.

One of the unique features of the plants, is the resemblance of flowers to animals, birds, insects etc. The Tiger orchid with flowers having brown and yellow designs and the Dove orchid with a pigeon like structure inside the petals, are examples.

Dancing girls the orchid plant

The Dancing girls, the orchid plant with yellow flowers that belongs to the genus Oncidium, is really amazing. Surely it is fascinating to see a bunch of flowers, that looks exactly like a group of girls in dance costumes.

Dancing girls the orchid plant
Dancing girls the orchid plant flowers resemble girls in dance costumes

However it will be quite easier for you to maintain a few orchids, along with other flowering plants . For example, Ixora, Hibiscus, Lantana, Euphorbia milii, Plants with fragrant flowers etc.

Definitely you can follow the simple guide given below, to grow the plants easily.

Like many other orchid plants, this one also is an epiphyte that absorbs nutrition and moisture from the atmosphere directly. For this reason, a soil medium is not necessary for the plant.

Besides, there is no need to worry about finding extra space for the plant in the garden.

Propagation of Dancing girls the orchid plants.

Pseudobulbs for propagating Dancing girls the orchid plant
The pseudo bulbs for propagating Dancing girls the orchid plant

Ordinarily pseudo bulbs collected from the mother plants, are used for propagation. For this, we can divide the mother plants, at the end of the flowering season.

To separate the bulbs from the mother plants, you can use a sharp knife or garden scissors.

Preparation of medium

We can prepare the orchid medium very easily, because the ingredients are readily available in our homes.

First mix equal quantities of charcoal pieces and coconut husk chips. Always remember to avoid using fresh coconut husk chips, because the sticky sap can cause damage to the roots. Surely you can fix this problem, by soaking the husk in water for a few days.

Then place the sapling in the pot and fill the medium, in a way that it can hold the plant upright.

It is important to check the medium occasionally, to ensure proper drainage. The roots as well as the bulbs, have the tendency to rot in a water logged medium.

Dancing girls the orchid plant
Plants multiplied in growing basket

You can use terracotta pots with sufficient number of holes, or simple baskets made of wire mesh for this. It is equally fantastic to use the husk of a whole coconut, for growing your orchids.

Lighting requirements for the plant

Next, find a suitable place where the plant gets enough sunlight, preferably that is filtered to 60%.

Dancing girls the orchid plant with flowers
Dancing girls the orchid plant with flowers

Balconies or any other such places with indirect sunlight, for a few hours a day are ideal. Also the plant can do well, if attached simply to the trunks of ornamental trees in your garden.

Moderate amount of light beneath the shade trees, are suitable for orchid plants to grow fairly.

Likewise, you can grow it in the balcony along with low light plants. Aglaonema, Snake plant, Spider plant, Syngonium and Caladium are a few of them.

Furthermore, the combination of a few bonsai trees with the above plants, can make your balcony really amazing. In particular bonsai trees such as Ficus microcarpa, Ficus benjamina and the Fukien tea tree.

Watering your Dancing girls the orchid plant

In temperate climates, the plant needs watering on a daily basis. Spray water to make the surroundings moist, so that the plant can absorb sufficiently.


Feed your Dancing girls at intervals of ten days, with diluted organic manure. Also you can use NPK 19:19:19, 5 gms diluted in one litre of fresh water. Apply the manure with a sprayer, so that it can reach all parts of the plant, including leaves and roots.

Spraying diluted coconut water occasionally, helps better blooming.

Your orchid will start blooming within a period of one year, if you care it properly.

Pests and diseases

Snails that feed on the tender shoots, are the number one enemies of your orchid plants. By closely observing the plants during night time, you can easily remove them by picking with your hands.

Following the above simple tips, grow Dancing girls the orchid plant that can make your garden really awesome.

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