Caladium plants for indoors balconies and outdoor gardens.

Caladium lindenii, one of the most beautiful plants that you can try for indoors, balconies or outdoor gardens. The low light plant can thrive in warm climates, and hence it is ideal for tropical gardens.

Caladium lindenii plants for gardens
Caladium lindenii plants

Angel’s wings, white vein arrow leaf etc. are the common names of the plant.

Though lightly scented, the flowers of the plant are not much showy.

Definitely you can grow this plant either directly in soil, or in pots.

General features of the plant

Caladium lindenii plants for indoor gardens
Caladium lindenii plants for indoors

Under favourable conditions, the caladium lindenii plants grow up to a height of about two to three feet. The leathery foliage that spread around, gives the plant a lively look.

Likewise the bright green leaves, with conspicuous creamy white veins, make this ornamental plant really attractive.

Growing medium for Caladium plants for indoors balconies

The shrub with fleshy stems always need a well drained sandy soil medium. For growing directly in the soil, make pits of dimensions 1:1:1 foot, and fill it with a mixture of leaf compost and any organic manure.

Never forget to choose shady locations for your Caladium plants.

Pot planting

Caladium lindenii plants for gardens
Caladium lindenii plant in a ceramic pot

To prevent rotting of the plant, the pot should have enough holes for proper drainage.

Moreover, you can prepare a potting medium, with ingredients mixed in the following ratio:

River sand 30%

Garden soil 30%

Coco peat 20%

A mixture of Neem seed powder, bone meal and dried compost or cow dung 20%

Lighting requirements for the plant

Generally caladium plants prefer places, that are slightly shady or with indirect light. Hence always remember to find such locations, for your Caladium lindenii plants. For example, low light plants such as the Spider plant, Aglaonema, Snake plant, Money plant. etc

It is equally important to avoid direct bright sunlight, that can cause scorching of the leaves, or even the plant to die faster.

Surely you can keep it in your balconies or window boxes, if grown indoors. Moreover, the plant can do well at any place, where it gets partial sunlight for a few hours, a day.

Watering your Caladium lindenii plant for indoors.

In tropical climates, the plant needs watering on a daily basis. Because a slightly moist medium, is essential to keep the plant healthy. But never forget, to maintain proper drainage for the medium, that you can check with your fingers by touching the top soil, about half an inch deep.

Over watering and shortage of moisture, are the two important enemies of the plant. The symptoms are marked by drooping of leaves followed by drying out of the plant.

Certainly you can prevent these problems, by caring the plant properly.

Generally these plants are not affected by any kind of pests, preferably in tropical climates.

Feeding the Caladium plants for indoors balconies

In growing season, you can feed the plant with any organic manure, at intervals of about four weeks.

Besides, it is better to feed the potted Caladium plants with water soluble NPK 19:19:19 ( 5 gms diluted in one litre of water ). Particularly every ten days, for bright colour and texture of the leaves.

Repotting the plant

In favourable growing conditions, the plant multiplies faster, producing a large number of saplings.  When the plant starts outgrowing the pot, you can do repotting.

For this, first take the whole plant out of the pot carefully, along with the soil.

Then, remove the extra roots and soil using a root rake. After that you can divide the tuberous corms or bulbs of the plant, with a sharp knife.

Propagation of Caladium plants for indoors balconies

Certainly you can use the pieces of the corms, having at least one plant bud. It is really important to make sure, that the saplings are healthy and not infected by any kind of diseases.

Besides, you can apply some kind of fungicide, before using the corms for propagation.

With the above simple tips try to grow Caladium lindenii plants. Along with a few flowering plants like the Ixora, Lantana, Hibiscus etc. Caladium can make your garden really awesome.

Above all,  you will get an endless supply of oxygen, by keeping Caladium lindenii plants indoors. Definitely with some bonsai trees, such as Ficus microcarpa, Ficus benjamina etc.

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