Garden plants with fragrant flowers you can try easily

Garden plants with fragrant flowers, that you can try easily. Definitely, we are all fond of having beautiful gardens in front of our houses. It is not the size of the garden that matters, but the variety of plants and the way in which we care them.

Mostly, people like flowering plants in their gardens, to make it really attractive. For example the Bougainville, Hibiscus Adenium etc. are plants with beautiful blooms.

At the same time, many others prefer non-flowering low light plants, that can thrive indoors. Maintaining outdoor gardens, is not easier for those who live in apartments or flats.

Studies have already proved the air purifying properties of a lot of plants. Preferably that can absorb poisonous gases in our homes. The Snake plant, Spider plant, Aglaonema etc. are some examples of detoxifying plants.

For bringing positive energy, vastu sastra, fengshui etc. recommend keeping plants in homes. Definitely we can grow the Jade, Money plant etc. to bring good luck and prosperity.

However, it is really amazing if we have a few plants, with fragrant flowers, in our garden. Given below are some of the best examples, that we can try in tropical climates.

Rose plants

We don’t need any introduction for roses, one of the most amazing creations of Mother Nature. In India, rose is considered as the king of flowers, whereas it is the queen, in some other places.

However the importance of this beautiful flower, is quite clear from its worldwide acceptance.

Surprisingly there are hundreds of varieties of roses, natives as well as hybrids. Most of the hybrid varieties need cool climates, whereas some others can thrive in the tropics.

Edward rose, the one with fragrant pink flowers, is common in the southern parts of India. The name of the plant in Malayalam is Pani neer rose ( Pani neer means rose water in Malayalam ).

We can grow this plant easily in sunny places, either directly in the garden or in pots. Usually the plant starts blooming during the months of august or September.

Usually these varieties of roses have comparatively weaker stems. Hence they always need extra support, for holding the blooms that are seen in clusters.

Roses are plants with fragrant flowers
Red Rose flowers

Another species is the one with fragrant red flowers, having thickly packed silky petals. It is popularly known as Pattu rose ( the word pattu means silk in Malayalam language ).

Through stem cuttings we can easily propagate these plants.

Jasmine plants with fragrant flowers

Jasmine flowers

Almost all the fragrant species of Jasmine plants, are night blooming. Usually these are creeping vines, that need supporting trees to climb. Certainly, we can use it for making garden arch trellises.

We can use stem cuttings of the plants for propagation.

Moreover saplings of the bushy type, ideal for pot planting, are available in nurseries.

Jasmine plants are widely cultivated in South Indian states, for the flowers. Of course, Jasmine flower garlands are highly in demand, for functions and festivals.

Crepe Jasmine

Crepe Jasmine is commonly known as the pinwheel flower plant. Surely it is one of the best plants for home gardens in tropical climates. The plant, with fragrant flowers, has got a number of medicinal properties too.

Definitely we can grow this plant, either directly in soil or in pots. In addition, Crepe Jasmine is one of the best plants for making bonsai.

Crepe Jasmine flower


Chrysanthemum are plants with fragrant flowers
Pink Chrysanthemum flowers

We can find these plants, with fragrant flowers in different colours, sizes and patterns.

Being dwarf in nature, these are ideal for landscaping and for making garden borders.

Likewise, we can keep potted Chrysanthemum plants in balconies or indoors. But always remember to select places, with sunlight for a few hours a day.

Furthermore, the plant has got a lot of medicinal properties. The essential oil extracted from the plant, is used in aroma therapy.

Through rooted stem cuttings or saplings, we can propagate the Chrysanthemum plants.

Gardenia plant with fragrant flowers

Gardenia is truly an evergreen shrub, with glossy green foliage and white fragrant flowers. The flowers though larger in size, resemble that of the Crepe Jasmine.

There are different species of plants in the family. Stem cuttings are used for propagation of the plant, but rarely seeds are also used.

The plant needs bright sunlight, as well as a humid atmosphere for better blooming.

Gardenia flower

Plumeria or the frangipani

These are small succulent trees, with sweet scented flowers in bunches. It is one of the most common plants used for landscaping, preferably in spacious gardens, parks etc.

Surely a well drained medium and bright sunlight, are essential for better growth and blooming. We can use stem cuttings for the propagation of the plant.

Ginger lily – garden plants with fragrant flowers

Ginger Lily is a garden plant with fragrant flowers
Ginger Lily flower

These are perennials, having beautiful butterfly like white flowers, with enchanting fragrance. We can grow these plants easily in our gardens, either directly in the soil or in pots.

The plant can thrive in partial to direct sunlight, in a humid environment. A well drained medium with a little loam is ideal for its proper growth.

We can collect rhizomes from the mother plants, for propagating the ginger lily plants.

Garden plants with fragrant flowers – Small trees

Likewise there are lots of beautiful trees with sweet scented flowers, that are suitable for gardens. The night blooming Coral Jasmine, Kamini Jasmine ( Murraya paniculata ) etc. are best examples.

Mimusopus elengi, is another tropical tree that you can try. Though the fragrant flowers are not much showy, this ornamental tree with attractive foliage, is the favourite of garden lovers.

Mentioned above are a few examples of garden plants with fragrant flowers. Certainly you can try any of these, or even more for your gardens to make it really awesome.

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