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Essential tools for bonsai beginners, try it

Essential tools for bonsai beginners, try it, make awesome art pieces and become a master.

Essential tools for bonsai beginners

Of course, we are familiar with the word bonsai, that simply means container grown trees.

Most of the trees that grow in nature, are having some special characteristics according to their environments.

For example, the branches of trees grow sideways in places where strong wind blows, whereas it bend downwards like cascades, from the cliffs. Furthermore, trees grow straight upwards in sunny regions, but remain with exposed roots on rocky hills.

Bonsai trees, are truly the miniature forms of such large trees, that we grow in small containers, without losing their beauty and natural appearance.

Inspirational trees, is an interesting topic related to the wide world of bonsai making.

Making bonsai trees – a wonderful art form

Like any other art forms, bonsai making also needs dedication, patience and of course, a little aesthetic sense. To maintain its beauty and health, especially in such tiny containers, the plant needs attention and care throughout its life.

Therefore it is really important to water the plant on a daily basis, feeding it with some organic manure at regular intervals etc.

Definitely we need some basic tools, that are handy as well as suitable for training in the particular stages. For example, sharp scissors or shears are used to prune the branches and roots of the plants. Likewise we have to filter the soil, sand etc. for making a good growing medium.

Here, I am trying to introduce a few bonsai tools, that are essential for beginners in the field.

The first step of starting a bonsai, is transferring the sapling to a training pot. For this, we have to prepare a potting medium, with ingredients that are mixed together in the right proportion. There may be slight variations in these proportions, according to the nature of the plant.

Tools needed for the preparation of training pot

A garden tray for soil mixing

A medium sized hammer for crushing bricks

A small hand shovel

A sieve with wire mesh.

A few pieces of wire mesh, for covering the drainage holes of pots.

A pair of chopsticks

Essential tools for preparation of potting medium

We can start applying different steps of training, as and when the plant adapts to the new environment. Once the roots are fixed in the medium, new leaves as well as branches begin to sprout. It is now time for starting pinching and pruning, the first steps of training our bonsai.

Pinching and pruning –

Essential tools for bonsai beginners

These are the processes in which we remove the unnecessary buds as well as branches. Certainly we can nip off the tender buds with our fingers. But for pruning the branches, we have to use specific tools such as the scissors or shears.

As a beginner, you require the following types of pruning tools.

Branch cutter

Leaf cutter

Knob cutter

Root rake

Shear for root pruning

Medium sized pruning saw

A pair of kitchen scissors

Essential tools for pruning

1. Knob cutter 2. Kitchen scissors 3. Pruning shears 4. Bonsai scissors 5. Leaf cutter 6. Concave cutter 7. Chop stick 8. Pruning saw

Root pruning of a Schefflera bonsai

Tools for Wiring your bonsai

Wiring is the process through which you can bend the branches of your bonsai, so that it can be transformed into the required shape.

A bonsai tree under wiring

For this purpose, we can use aluminium or copper wires. Preferably those with thickness that suits fine for the type of trees. For example, soft thin aluminium wires are suitable for common tropical trees like the Ficus, succulent trees such as Jade etc. At the same time, we can use thick copper wires, for trees that are having hard trunks.

Usually, wires with gauges ranging from 1 to 6 are available in markets.

Essential tools for wiring a bonsai

There is no specific rules regarding thickness of wires to be used in bonsai making. Usually, those having a thickness about two third of that of the branches, are considered better.

In addition, you need a wire cutter and a pair of wire bending pliers.

Brushes for cleaning – Essential tools for bonsai beginners

From bonsai stores we can buy different types of brushes, with bristles made of nylon, stainless steel or brass.

To dust off the plants after transplanting, cleaning the plants prior to display etc. are the uses of these brushes.

Given above, are a few of the essential tools for bonsai beginners. Surely you can try any of these, for making wonderful bonsai trees.

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