Beautiful plants are ideal gifts, on any occasion, give it !

Beautiful plants are wonderful gifts, ideal for your loved ones on their memorable occasions. Undoubtedly you can give it on their  birthdays, weddings, house warmings etc.

Really it is a tiresome task to find gifts, that are satisfying. For instance, we have to consider a lot before taking a final decision. Especially the cost and durability of the item to be purchased, age and gender of the person who receives it etc. 
Here is the ultimate solution!


Beautiful plants are ideal gifts why ?

1. Because greens always give a refreshing feel to our minds as well as eyes. A plant, whether it is flowering or non-flowering, in a beautiful pot will look really awesome.
2. Comparatively plants are much cheaper than any other material gifts. There is no need to spend extra money or time for this. Without any doubt, we can choose the most suitable one right from our garden.3. We can keep plants anywhere in our homes, either indoors or outdoors.
Moreover, it is quite natural to remember those loved ones, whenever we happen to have a look at these precious gifts from them.
4. Surely it is a good idea to give fresh roses or bouquets, on special occasions. But if we consider beautiful plants instead, definitely it can add greenery to our homes, for years to come.

5. The poor health conditions of a lot of people, are found improving considerably in the presence of plants. Especially those suffering from certain life style diseases such as hypertension, depression etc. Hence it is a good idea to give positive energy plants, that are widely used in vastu Shastra, feng shui etc.
6. Above all, let it be a part of our humble attempt to offer the gratitude to mother earth, for her wonderful creations.

Always it is better to select local plants, because they can adapt easily to the particular climates. Likewise most of the flowering plants need bright sunlight, at least for about four to six hours a day. Hence low light plants that can thrive indoors, are fine for those who reside in apartments or flats.
Here, I am sharing a few examples from my collection, that are ideal for tropical climates. In addition, these flowering as well as non-flowering plants need only minimum caring.

Flowering plants

Bougainville plants are ideal gifts
Bougainville bonsai with pink flowers

Bougainville with bright flowers in different shades, is one of the best plants for the purpose. The colourful parts are bracts that surround the white flowers.
The plants usually bloom well, for about eight to nine months a year.

Besides, these plants are ideal for making bonsai. Through stem cuttings, we can propagate the Bougainville plants.


Adenium obesum, also known as Desert Rose is a flowering succulent.

Adenium bonsai with red flowers

The plants with pink, red and white flowers are very common. The bulbous base of the stem called caudex, is one of the unique features of the plant.
The plant can do well in a sandy medium with proper drainage. Bright sunlight is essential for better blooming.
We can propagate Adenium plants through the germination of seeds.


3.The Daisies – Beautiful plants are ideal gifts


Daisies are the members of a large group of plants, with colourful flowers. Usually these plants prefer sunny locations.

Daisy plants are ideal gifts
Pink Gerbera daisy flowers

The Gerbera daisy, is one of the most popular plants from the family. The flowers in different colours, are widely used for decorative purposes.
We can buy saplings of the plant directly from nurseries.


Yellow Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum with flowers in different colours, are very popular in tropical regions. The  essential oil extracted from this medicinal plant, is one of the most important ingredients used in aroma therapy.

It is easy to propagate the plants through rooted stem cuttings.


Bright pink Dianthus flowers.

Bright flowers with amazing designs, make the dianthus plants really attractive.
Being dwarf in size, these plants are suitable for keeping in balconies or low space gardens. For proper blooming, the plant needs bright sunlight.

Through the germination of seeds we can propagate the dianthus.  

6.Chinese balsam

Red Chinese balsam flower

These low maintenance plants can bloom well in any sunny location. However it is essential to keep the plant in a well drained medium, to avoid rotting of the fleshy stems. Likewise we should remember, to transfer the plants to safer places during the monsoon months.


Dancing girls, yellow orchid flowers

Definitely you can try different varieties of orchid plants. It is quite easier to maintain these plants, because you don’t even need any extra space to keep it. Surely they will be safe either in hanging baskets or you can simply attach them to the trunks of trees.

Succulents – Beautiful plants are ideal gifts


The Panda plant, on of the beautiful succulents

There are a lot of flowering as well as non flowering succulents, that are fine for indoors or outdoors. Generally these low maintenance plants are ideal for gardening beginners.

Always remember to ensure proper drainage for the pots, because succulents have the tendency to rot faster.

Low light plants

Definitely you can try different varieties of positive energy plants that can thrive even in darkest corners. Spider plant, Money plant, Snake plant ( mother in law’s tongue), Aglaonema etc. are a few examples.

Money plant in ceramic pots

Surprisingly most of these are air purifying plants, according to NASA’s clean air studies.

Herbs and spices

It is  a good idea to give Herbs or Spices, that are really unavoidable, in our day to day life. In addition to its culinary uses, most of these plants are home remedies, for common ailments.
For example: Aloe vera, Basil plant, Black pepper plant etc.

Black pepper plant with ripe corns

Fruit bearing trees

Furthermore, it is a fine idea to give saplings of fruit bearing trees. From almost all nurseries, we can buy saplings of different varieties of dwarf hybrid trees, that are suitable even for small gardens.

Bonsai trees 


It is a tradition among people in China and Japan to gift bonsai trees. Besides, bonsai trees aged hundreds of years, are transferred to the next generation, as ancestral properties,  

Though the art form of bonsai was originated in China or Japan, it has now become popular all over the world. Trees, that are well adapted to the climates of a particular place, are usually used to make bonsai.
Likewise we can use different varieties of Ficus, the Jade plant, the Fukien tea tree etc. for tropical regions.

Ginseng ficus microcarpa bonsai

We can consider any of these bonsai plants, that are easy to care.
Mentioned above are a few examples of beautiful plants that are ideal gifts. Of course, you can try more plants that are familiar to you, and available in your locality.

Always remember, that there is no need for us to wait for special occasions to come. Because it is a pleasure to gift beautiful plants to our loved ones, at any time.

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