Stress relieving indoor plants – grow easily outdoors as well

Stress relieving indoor plants, that you can grow outdoors as well.

Stress relieving indoor plants

In order to get rid of the difficulties and discomforts on certain occasions in our lives, we find different ways such as watching movies, listening to music, reading books etc.

Definitely all these ideas are fine, but I would like to to be with my plants, especially on such depressed situations. Moreover, the freshness as well as positive energy, that we feel in the presence of plants, is really amazing.

Let me introduce a few stress relieving indoor plants, from my collection. Surprisingly most of them are detoxifying plants, according to NASA’s clean air studies. In addition, these low maintenance plants need only minimum care, and hence you can grow it easily indoors.

1. The Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

The Spider plant

Owing to its long and slender leaves, these plants are popularly known as the ribbon plant. There are different varieties of the plant, preferably those with dark green or variegated green and white leaves. The Spider plant needs only minimum sunlight and hence it is easy to keep it indoors, even in the darkest corners. Surely we can use plantlets popularly known as pups, for propagation of the spider plant.

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2. Stress relieving indoor plant Aglaonema or the Chinese evergreen.

Aglaonema lipstick plant ( Chinese evergreen)

These are beautiful perennial tropical plants, with bright coloured leaves. More than hundred varieties of plants are in this family, commonly known as Chinese evergreen. In addition, these easy to grow, shade loving plants, are  considered to bring good luck and prosperity.

The one shown in pic with beautiful red leaves, is commonly known as the lipstick plant.
You can read here, the simple tips for growing the Chinese evergreen plant.

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3. Sansivieria, the Snake plant or Mother in law’s tongue.

The Snake plant ( Mother in law’s tongue )

Usually the Sansivieria plants are tolerant to most of the climatic conditions. Generally, these plants can thrive in bright sunlight as well as in dark shady places. Besides, studies have proved its ability to produce oxygen, even during night time. For this reason, it is one of the most suitable plants for keeping in our bedrooms.
We can propagate the snake plant easily, through saplings or leaf cuttings.
A well drained sandy medium, is one of the most important requirements for the plant.

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4. Stress relieving indoor plant Dracaena Janet Craig compacta

Dracaena Janet Craig compacta

This plant family consists of a wide range of members, that includes trees as well as bushes and miniature or dwarf varieties. Without any doubt, you can choose the dwarf varieties of these low maintenance plants for growing indoors, especially in tropical regions. Dracaena Janet Craig compacta, the slow growing plant with dark green spiky leaves, will really look awesome in a ceramic pot.

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5. Money plant

The Money plant

Pothos, Devils ivy, Silver vine etc. are the other common names of the plant.

The green waxy heart shaped leaves are symbols of happiness. In many parts of the world, people believe that it is auspicious to keep Money Plants in the south east corner of the house.

Likewise, experts in vastu sastra and feng shui recommend growing Money Plants in houses and offices, for prosperity and well being. Besides, studies have already proved its properties to purify the air by absorbing toxins and poisonous gases. Through proper pruning we can keep the money plants as bush, though they are creeping vines that need supporting trees to climb.

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6. ZZ plant or the Eternity plant.

ZZ Plant ( Eternity plant )

Zamioculcous zamiifolia ( the Eternity plant ) is one of the best options for you, to keep either in your office or home. Because, the plant with thick shiny leaves, needs only minimum caring.
In addition, the tuberous base of the plant can hold plenty of water inside. Hence it is one of best plants, if you have to stay away from home for long intervals.

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7. The Jade plant

The Jade plant ( Portulacaria afra )

The importance of the plant is quite clear from the old saying, ‘Jade by the door, poor no more’. Money tree, friendship tree, lucky tree etc. are the other names of the plant.  

Feng shui as well as Indian vastu sastra recommend keeping the Jade plants indoors. Because there is a strong belief, that the Jade plants can bring good luck and prosperity.

The dark green, shiny, heart shaped leaves of the plant really resemble the precious stone jade.
Moreover, it is one of the best plants for making bonsai.

Though there are different varieties of Jade plantsPortulacaria afra, is the most common one, that we can grow easily indoors.

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8. Stress relieving indoor plant Boston fern ( Nephrolepis )

The Boston fern ( Nephrolepis )

Ferns are a large group of non-flowering plants, with bright green leaves. Usually we can find these plants in moist and shady places, mostly under large trees in forest areas.

The beautiful feathery leaves are the main attraction of these plants. Surely we can grow these shade loving plants anywhere in our homes, except warm places.

 Through the division of mother plants, we can collect saplings for propagation of the Boston fern.

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9. Bonsai trees.

Ficus benjamina bonsai

Keeping a bonsai tree in our study room, office, kitchen or any other place, is always refreshing. Definitely we will get an endless supply of oxygen and positive energy, from plants that belong to the Ficus family.

If you are a bonsai beginner, the low maintenance plant Ficus benjamina, is one of the best options for you.

Keeping the above points in mind, try to grow a few indoor plants, that are detoxifying, refreshing and of course, stress relieving.

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