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Ornamental trees for small gardens.

Ornamental trees for small gardens, that you can grow easily in tropical regions. Regardless of the size of your garden, you can try a lot of such beautiful trees. Definitely these flowering or non-flowering trees can make our gardens really awesome.
In addition, our gardens will be more lively with these trees, because they provide room for lots of butterflies, birds, squirrels etc.

Here, I will try to share with you a few examples of ornamental trees, that are ideal for small gardens

Fruit bearing ornamental trees for small gardens.

The Mango tree.

In India mango is considered as the king of fruits, and the trees are widely cultivated in almost all parts. Therefore, the relevance of having at least one mango tree in home gardens is quite clear.

Mango tree with branches spread around

We can buy saplings of different dwarf hybrid varieties of mango trees from nurseries.
If we care our mango trees properly, most of them  produce fruits within very short periods, preferably two to three years.Moreover they make the perfect shade trees for your garden. Hence you can also keep some low light  plants such as Orchids, Ferns, Aglaonema etc. beneath these trees.

Cherry tree.

The Cherry tree with fruits

Certainly cherry trees are the best options for small gardens. The white jasmine like flowers as well as pink fruits in clusters, can make our garden really amazing.

The Golden Papaya tree.

The golden papaya tree with fruits

In addition to the nutritional values of its fruits, the Papaya trees can definitely adorn our gardens.
Usually the papaya trees are propagated  through the germination of seeds from mature fruits. We can buy saplings of different varieties of Papaya trees directly from sellers.
A well drained sandy medium is one of the must have requirements for the proper growth of the papaya trees.
Surely there are a lot of other beautiful fruit bearing trees, that are ideal for small gardens. For example, the rose apple, rambutan, citrus trees like orange, lemon etc.

The Orange tree with fruits

Flowering ornamental  trees for small gardens.


Bougainvillea tree in full bloom

Though the Bougainvillea plants are generally classified as shrubs, we can grow it as vines or trees. Usually the Bougainvillea plants are propagated through stem cuttings. Saplings of different varieties of Bougainvillea plants are available with most of the sellers. Bougainvillea glabra, the common species of the plant with pink, purple, peach or white flowers, can make your garden really attractive.


There are a wide variety of plants in the hibiscus family. Through timely pruning and proper caring, we can  maintain the hibiscus trees in our garden.

Hibiscus tree with pink flowers

Plumeria or Frangipani.

( Chempakam in Malayalam language ).
Usually the plumeria trees grow up to a height of about 20 to 25 feet. The tree with fragrant flowers in clusters, is ideal for landscaping and small gardens.
We can use stem cuttings for the propagation of plumeria trees.
A well drained soil medium is  essential, because the fleshy branches have the tendency to rot easily.

The Plumeria tree with flower buds

The Powder puff tree.

The Powder puff tree with flowers

It is an evergreen tropical tree with feathery bright blooms. We can grow it directly in soil as well as in pots.
To keep the health and beauty of the tree, it is essential to prune the branches occasionally.
Certainly we can make a beautiful bonsai with the powder puff plant. Woody stem, small leaves, bright flowers etc.are the features that make it the favourite of bonsai lovers.

Trees with fragrant flowers.

The Kamini jasmine (Murraya paniculata).

It is really fantastic to have a Kamini jasmine in your garden. Dark green leaves and jasmine like flowers are the main features of the tree.

Mimusops elengi (Elenji in Malayalam language).

Though the sweet scented flowers are not much showy, this evergreen tree with dark green shiny leaves looks really fantastic.

The night coral jasmine. (Pavizhamalli in Malayalam).

The coral jasmine plant, also known as Parijat, is considered as sacred in many parts of India.

Bamboo trees.

Bamboo trees are the best options for all types of gardens. Because there are a wide variety of plants in the family.
Generally the bamboo plants need  bright sunlight and a moist well drained soil medium for proper growth.
Following are a few examples of beautiful bamboo plants for small gardens.

The Buddha’s belly bamboo tree.

The dark green shiny leaves and bulbous trunk are the main features of the Buddha’s belly bamboo plant.

The Buddha’s belly bamboo tree

Miniature bamboo plants. 

A cluster of miniature bamboo plants will look really awesome for small landscapes.
We can grow the bamboo plants easily through stem cuttings or saplings collected from mother plants. 

A cluster of miniature bamboo plants

Ficus trees.

Generally all species of Ficus trees are the best examples of air purifying plants.

Ficus benjamina or the weeping fig, ficus microcarpaficus alii etc. are a few examples.
In the wild, most of the trees from the ficus family grow up to a height of about ten to twenty metres. But we can keep it shorter or according to the required size through proper pruning.

Ficus benjamina tree

The Palms.

Definitely there is some unique speciality for each plant in this family. For example, the colour and shape of the trunk, the distribution of foliage etc.
The Red Palm with bright coloured trunk, is one of the most popular plants in the family.
The royal palm, fox tail palm, areca palms etc. are equally good.

Coconut tree

If there is a little more space in your garden, you can definitely try one coconut tree. Truly it is considered as the kalpa vriksha on earth, because each part of the tree is useful to us in one way or the other.
Seedlings of different dwarf hybrid varieties of coconut trees are available with most of the sellers.  

The Coconut tree with flowers and fruits

Mentioned above are a few examples of ornamental trees, that are fine for small gardens. Definitely you can find a lot more, that are familiar to you and easily available in your locality. Try to grow any of them, make your little garden really awesome.

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