Ornamental plants for compound walls, grow your own

Ornamental plants for compound walls. Grow your own, make home and surroundings really awesome. Of course, you can try it easily with plants that are available in your locality. In tropical places like Kerala, we can use a lot of flowering as well as non-flowering plants for this. Really different types of small trees, bushes, climbing plants etc. are ideal.

Let us see a few examples of ornamental plants for compound walls.


There are different varieties of palms, that grow in tropical regions. For propagation, we can collect saplings either from mother plants or buy directly from sellers.

Moreover, these plants are widely used in landscaping.

The red palm with bright red trunk, is one of the most attractive plants in the family


The Bougainville plant in full bloom.

In tropical climates the Bougainville plants bloom for an average period of eight months. Using stem cuttings we can propagate the Bougainville plants easily. Surely, you can grow these plants with attractive flowers in different colours, to decorate your garden walls.

Ficus trees.

Small Ficus benjamina tree.

There are a lot of beautiful trees in the Ficus family, from which we get an endless supply of oxygen. In addition, the low maintenance Ficus plants with beautiful foliage, provide lush greenery all around.

With proper pruning, you can keep the Ficus plants as bush or dwarf that go well with the size and shape of your compound walls. From stem cuttings you can easily propagate the Ficus plants. Different types of Ficus plants are the favorites of bonsai lovers. For example, Ficus microcarpa, Ficus benjamina, Ficus alii etc. are the common plants in the family.

The bamboo plants.

There are more than hundred varieties of bamboo plants in the world. We can grow dwarf or miniature bamboo plants in our garden for fencing, landscaping etc. 

From rooted saplings we can propagate the bamboo plants easily.

Lantana, one of the best ornamental plants for compound walls.

Usually in the wild, the Lantana plants grow as bushes or small trees. But now we can buy different hybrid Lantana plants, that are suitable for gardens. Especially for making hedges, arches etc. in landscaping.

Lantana plant with purple flowers.

We can easily grow a few Lantana plants to beautify our compound walls.
Surprisingly, the Lantana is one of the best plants for attracting lots of butterflies to our gardens.

Climbing plants or creeping vines.

Yellow Trumpet Vine plant.

The curtain vine, trumpet vine, morning glory, sky vine, Jasmine etc. are a few examples of flowering vines. We can propagate most of these plants  through stem cuttings.

Ornamental potted plants

The idea of keeping potted plants on our compound walls, is really good. But always remember that the muddy water that drains out of the pots may leave marks on the walls. Hence it is better to use garden trays as a precaution.

Mentioned above, are a few examples of ornamental plants for the compound walls. You can try this idea with any of these plants to make your garden as well as the walls really amazing.

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