Air purifying kitchen plants – grow easily to detoxify.

Air purifying kitchen plants, you can grow easily, to detoxify. Definitely we have to pay more attention against toxins in kitchens, than any other place in our homes. Because burning of cooking fuels, use of chemical based cleaning materials etc. produce a lot of poisonous gases that are harmful to us. Certainly these may cause severe health problems in children as well as grown ups.

However, we can get rid of these to a certain extent in a natural way by growing plants.
NASA, after their clean air study, has recommended a lot of detoxifying plants. Surprisingly, we can grow most of them easily in tropical areas like India.

Let us see a few examples of air purifying plants, that we can keep in our kitchens.

1. Sansevieria.(The Snake plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue).

Snake plant to detoxify your kitchen
The Snake plant.
Indeed, it is one of the best air purifying plants that we can keep in our kitchens. Generally the plant thrives well in minimum light and needs less caring. There are different beautiful species in the  Sansevieria plant family. For small and compact kitchens, it is better to choose dwarf varieties.
You can collect saplings either from mother plants or buy directly from sellers. A well drained soil medium is essential for the proper growth of the plant. Over watering can cause the plant to decay. Wipe occasionally the leaves of your plant with a damp cloth, to maintain the air filtering property.

2. The Spider plant.

The Spider plant.
This fast growing plants have beautiful green or variegated ribbon like leaves. You can either grow these plants in pots or keep in hanging baskets.
For propagation, we can use the spider like baby plants that sprout from the stem tips.
To prevent rotting of the roots, ensure a well drained potting medium for your Spider plant.

3. The Syngonium plant.

The Syngonium plant .
There are a wide variety of plants in this family. Creepers as well as bushy Syngonium plants in different colours, are really attractive.  Ordinarily the syngonium plants cannot withstand  bright direct sunlight. Hence, these are the best plants for your kitchen and indoors.
A potting medium with proper drainage, is one of the must have requirements for the plant.

4. Golden pothos ( Money plant or the Devil’s ivy).

Air purifying plants.
The Money plants.
This good luck plant doesn’t need a soil medium to survive. Hence we can consider it totally as an indoor plant. Also it is one of the best plants that can absorb even the slightest traces of carbon dioxide. therefore without any doubt we can choose the Money plants for a toxin free kitchen. You can use cuttings of the plant for propagation. Add a few drops of any liquid fertilizer to the water medium for keeping your Money plant healthy. Always keep the leaves of your plant free of dust, to retain the glazing .
Moreover, you can keep this positive energy plant anywhere in your home.

5. Ficus benjamina or the weeping fig.

Ficus benjamina bonsai.
Usually the ficus benjamina trees grow up to a height of about 100 feet with drooping leaves. But with timely pruning, we can keep it as a bush or dwarf, for indoors. Also it is one of the best plants for making bonsai.
We can propagate the plant through stem cuttings. With proper caring you can keep this shade loving plant healthy and beautiful.

6. Air purifying kitchen plants – Aloe vera.

Aloe vera plants.
There are a lot of benefits for growing this succulent indoors. In addition to its air purifying property, you can use Aloe vera as remedy for a number of minor ailments. Especially like burns, itching, dandruff, allergies etc.
You can use Aloe vera pups( baby plants) for propagation. Like other succulents, Aloe vera plants also need a well drained sandy potting medium.

7. Air purifying kitchen plants – Boston fern (Nephrolepis).

Boston fern to purify the kitchen
The Boston fern.
In nature, we can find ferns in swamp and shady places. Likewise, we can definitely keep these plants indoors, with indirect sunlight for at least two hours.
Through division of the mother plants, we can propagate the Boston fern. A potting medium with sand, peat moss and garden soil in the  ratio 1:1:1 is ideal for this plant. Also feed the plant with diluted liquid organic fertilizer occasionally.
Water regularly, to keep the medium as well as the leaves moist. But over watering may cause the roots to decay.
The Nephrolepis plants will look really awesome in hanging baskets.

8. Aglaonema ( the Chinese evergreen plant).

Air purifying plant.
Red Aglaonema plant ( the lipstick plant)
In addition to its air purifying property, the Aglaonema plant with brightly coloured foliage will make your kitchen really amazing. The fast growing plant thrives well in minimum light. We can propagate the plant through saplings, collected by division of the mother plants.
Mentioned above are only a few examples of air purifying plants you can grow easily in your kitchen. Also you can try other such plants that are available in your locality. For example different types of Palms, the Jade plant, Schefflera plant, Peace lily, etc.
However, try to grow any of these plants in your kitchen. Let your life be more happier and healthier in a  toxin free kitchen.