Oxygen plant Ficus alii for Bonsai, Landscaping, Fencing etc.

Oxygen plant Ficus alii for bonsai, landscaping, fencing etc. Surely you can grow these positive energy plants, at any place with indirect bright sunlight, for a few hours a day.
Ficus alii plant
Ficus alii plant.
The Ficus alii is a beautiful ornamental plant from the Ficus family, which is quite different from the other varieties. The plant with long leaves, is commonly known as Ficus longifolia, Banana leaf fig, Banana leaf Ficus etc.Truly the Ficus alii is a newly cultivated species and hence it does not usually exist in the wild. The plant  thrives well in the tropical climates of the south Asian countries like India China etc.The Ficus alii plant was first commercially cultivated in the Hawaiian islands. It was from there, the plant got the name Alii which means king.Surely  you can grow easily the Ficus alii plants indoors or in your garden, like Ficus benjamina, Ficus retusa etc. Also it is one of the most suitable plants for making Bonsai. Moreover, a potted Ficus alii plant can purify your kitchen from a lot of poisonous gases.
Likewise, you can maintain the greenery around your home by making a fencing with the Ficus alii plants.
Usually, the plant grows up to a height of about ten metres. But you can maintain the required size or shape with regular periodic pruning.
Also, a well maintained Ficus alii as the centre plant, will make your landscaping really amazing.
Let us see the simple tips for growing a Ficus alii plant.

Propagation of Oxygen plant Ficus alii. 

Definitely, we can cultivate Ficus alii plants through stem cuttings. For this, select healthy mature mother plants without diseases. Collect stem cuttings of about ten inches using a sharp knife or scissors.Certainly,  you can buy saplings directly from sellers.

Medium for growing Ficus alii plants.

A medium in the following ratio is ideal for growing the Ficus alii plants, either in pots or in the garden,
River sand – 30%
Crushed bricks – 20%
Vermi compost – 30%
Coco peat – 10%
Neem seed powder – 10%

First, fill three fourth of a pot with the medium prepared in the above ratio. Then plant the cutting in the pot, about two inches deep. Keep it in shade for a few days and water regularly. Once the roots are fixed, new leaves begin to sprout. Gradually move the pot to indirect sunlight.
After a few weeks, your Ficus alii saplings will become ready to replant. Certainly you can use it for growing in your garden, bonsai, landscaping etc.

Transplanting your Ficus alii saplings.

Growing directly in the soil.

You can grow the Ficus alii plants directly in the soil, for landscaping or fencing. For this, first select a place where the plant gets indirect bright sunlight. Then make a pit with a dimension of 1*1*1 ft and fill it with the medium in the same ratio as above. Finally sprinkle water to make the medium wet, and plant your Ficus alii sapling in it.
Water regularly and add some organic fertilizer at intervals of one or two months.
With proper caring you can keep your Ficus alii plant healthy and beautiful.
Definitely, you can maintain the height and shape of your plant with regular periodic pruning . Always remember to use sterilized sharp knife or pruning scissors for this.

Oxygen plant Ficus alii, growing in pots.

Moreover, you can grow your Ficus alii plants in terracotta pots,for keeping indoors. Indeed, you can use the potting medium in the same combination as stated above. Put a few pieces of broken bricks or tiles at the bottom of the pot, for proper drainage.After filling ¾ of the pot with the medium, plant your rooted sapling in it. Keep the pot in indirect sunlight and water regularly.Similarly, periodic pruning is essential to, maintain the size of your indoor Ficus alii plant.

For making a Ficus alii bonsai.

Ficus alii bonsai ideal for indoors.
Ficus alii bonsai in an original Chinese bonsai pot.
Truly, like other Ficus plant varieties, you can make beautiful bonsai with Ficus alii plants. For this, first grow the plant in a training pot filled with the same potting medium. Do proper caring in all stages such as pinching, pruning, wiring etc.
Certainly, you can transfer the plant to an original bonsai pot after two or three year’s training.


Usually the Ficus plants are resistant to common diseases in tropical regions. However, you can use some organic fungicides to prevent falling of leaves due to fungus attacks.Keeping the above points in mind, try to grow Ficus alii plants in your garden, home, office or anywhere you like. Enjoy the endless flow of oxygen, and keep your mind and body really energetic.

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