Aglaonema plants for positive energy – learn how to grow.

Aglaonema plants for positive energy- learn how to grow. Surprisingly, there are more than hundred varieties of plants in this family, commonly known as Chinese evergreen. Definitely you can grow the Aglaonema plants easily in your garden as well as indoors. The plants with attractive foliage in different colours, can survive in almost all climates. Especially in tropical and subtropical regions.

Red Aglaonema ( the Lipstick plant) in a ceramic pot.

According to the studies conducted by NASA, Aglaonema plants can purify the indoor air. Hence we can grow these plants to detoxify our homes. Also the Aglaonema plants have an important place in Fengshui. Particularly like other positive energy plants such as Golden pothos, Peace lily, Jade tree etc.

We can keep our Aglaonema plants at any place where we get sunlight for a few hours. Window sides, balconies or even bathrooms are ideal for keeping these beautiful low maintenance plants. A colourful Aglaonema plant in a beautiful ceramic or terracotta pot will look really awesome.

Let us see the different steps for growing the Aglaonema plants in pots.

1. Propagation of Aglaonema plants for positive energy.

Red Aglaonema sapling in a ceramic pot.

Certainly we can use rooted saplings for propagation. Usually, baby plants are collected by division of mature mother plants. Always remember to select good quality healthy saplings free from any kind of diseases. You can also buy saplings directly from sellers.

2. Potting medium.

Prepare a potting medium in the following ratio, for better growth of your Aglaonema.

River sand 40%
Vermi compost 30%
Garden soil 10%
Coco peat20%

Mix all the above ingredients well and fill about 3/4 of the pot. Ensure proper drainage for the pot by placing a few pieces of broken bricks in the base.

3. How to grow the Aglaonema plants.

Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen) plant with pink and green leaves.

After preparing the pot, you can carefully plant the sapling in it. Never forget to water the plant twice daily. Avoid over watering as it may cause the sapling to decay. Add water as and when the top soil becomes dry, which you can check by touching it with your fingers.

Then keep the pot in shade for a few days. Once the roots are fixed, new leaves begin to sprout. Gradually move the pot to a place where the plant gets bright but indirect sunlight. Always remember that Aglaonema plants cannot survive in direct sunlight.

4. Caring your Aglaonema plant for positive energy.

With proper caring, you can maintain the health and beauty of your Aglaonema. Never forget to water the plant moderately on a regular basis. Moreover, add diluted liquid organic fertiliser at intervals of two to three months. Usually these plants are resistant to any kind of diseases or attack by insects. But the tips of leaves turn dry, due to certain reasons such as over watering, severe heat etc.

5. Repotting your Aglaonema plant.

Aglaonema plant in a terracotta pot near the kitchen window.

Repot the plant once in a year with fresh potting medium. For this, first make the soil wet by adding enough water. Then gently take the whole plant out of the pot, along with roots and soil . After that, remove all the unnecessary extra roots with a sharp knife or scissors. Finally, divide the mother plant and separate the baby plants.

Meanwhile clean the pot, and fill it with fresh potting medium in the same ratio as stated above. Plant one of the saplings, and repeat the same procedure for caring. Surely you can grow all the other saplings in separate pots, following the above steps. Also you can try different types of pots, to make your Aglaonema plants really amazing.

Keeping the the above points in mind, try to grow your own Chinese evergreen plants. Let your home as well as your life be filled with happiness and positive energy !!

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