Simple Garden Fish Pond with water plants – make your own.

Simple Garden Fish Pond with Water Plants – definitely you too can make it very easily. There is no need to worry about lack of sufficient space in the garden. Because you can design your own fish pond with the required size and shape.   Moreover, ready to use compact fish ponds are available with sellers of garden accessories.

However try to make your own simple garden fish pond with a few water plants in it.

Let us see the benefits of keeping a garden fish pond.

1. It makes our garden more beautiful.

Make your garden pond attractive with pebbles around.
A garden fish pond with plants and pebbles around.

No doubt, keeping a fish pond with  water plants, will make our garden more beautiful. Ornamental fish like Koi carp, gold fish, guppy etc. are ideal for keeping in garden ponds. Fish that live in natural environments can survive longer, than that kept in indoor aquariums.

Also you can use wire mesh covering above the pond, to protect the fish from birds like Kingfisher or cranes.

Wire mesh above the pond can protect fish from birds.
A garden fish pond covered with wire mesh.

Certainly you can use pebbles, bonsai plants, small statues etc. to decorate the surroundings of your  pond. No doubt, a small fountain will make your garden pond more attractive.

2. Presence of water bodies  influence a lot, in our general health.

Studies have already proved its positive results in Patients with hypertension, depression etc.  Similarly Indian Vasthu sasthra and Feng shui  support keeping water bodies, to bring positive energy.

3. We can grow beautiful water plants.

We can grow different types of water plants in garden ponds.
Purple lotus flowers in the garden pond.

Certainly, we can grow different types of water plants to make our garden more colourful. Lotus, Water lilies, water hyacinths etc. are suitable for tropical regions. Non- flowering plants like Salvinia, Water lettuce etc. are equally good.


4. Ponds are best examples of aquatic eco systems.

Truly, garden ponds are  smaller units of natural eco systems. Therefore, our kids get a chance to learn the first lessons to love Mother nature, right from the front yard.

Position for the fish pond.

Generally North-East corner of the land is considered as the ideal position for water bodies. To prevent excess growth of weeds in water, avoid places where sunlight falls directly. Likewise, making garden ponds beneath tall trees, is not recommended.
Hence, think about all these points before finding a place for your garden pond.

Size of the garden ponds.

A pond, which is in the right proportion with the dimensions of your garden, will look really awesome. 

Shape of your garden pond.

Commonly, garden ponds are found in round, square or rectangular shapes. But you can make it in any shape, that go well with your garden.

Ready to use small garden ponds are suitable for flats or apartments without front yards. Definitely, you can find a place for it in your balcony. 

Ready to use fish pond with water lilies

Always remember to refill pure water in your garden ponds, at least once or twice in a year. Because, a clean environment is most essential for the healthy existence of all living things including water plants.

Keeping the above points in mind, try to make your own garden fish pond. Let your life be as colourful as a lotus flower, and vibrant like a fish.

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