Indoor plants for positive energy – at home and work place.

Grow indoor plants for positive energy – at home and work place.
We can grow a lot of plants that are believed to bring us good luck and prosperity. Also, all of us know that plants can purify the air, by absorbing toxic gases like carbon dioxide. Without any doubt we can say that  plants play an important role in our well being and general health. Hence we should make it a practice, to grow at least a few indoor plants. The only thing we have to do, is to find suitable places inside the house. Surely, window sides, balconies or even small spaces left in our bathrooms are ideal. Definitely, there are a lot of beautiful plants, that can survive even in minimum light. Let us see a few indoor plants for positive energy.

1. Money plants – Indoor plants for positive energy.

Keep money plants indoors for positive energy.
qMoney plants in a terracotta pot.
Whenever we think about indoor plants, the first one that comes into our minds, is the Golden pothos or Money plant. The most important advantage of growing money plants, is that it doesn’t need a soil medium. Indeed, we can grow Money plants in water, in which a few drops of liquid organic manure is added. You can read here in detail, how to grow Money plants.

2. The Jade plant or Money tree.

The Jade plant for positive energy.
The Jade plant ( Money Tree).
The importance of this plant is quite clear from the old saying, ” Jade by the door, poor no more”.The Jade trees are natives of the African forests, and the favorite food of elephants. Hence it is also known as the Elephant bush.
The heart shaped shining leaves resemble the precious stone Jade.
Definitely we can grow this plant indoors easily. Also it is one of the most suitable plants for making bonsai.3. The Snake plant.
Snake plants for positive energy.
The Snake plants.
Mother in laws tongue St. George’s sword etc. are the common names of this plant. Really, it is a low maintenance plant, and hence we can keep it anywhere inside the house. Studies have proved its ability to absorb carbon dioxide even during the night time. Also it is one of the plants, that prodce the largest quantity of oxygen.The plant thrives well in almost all climates. We can use saplings from  mother plants or leaf cuttings for cultivation.

4. The Spider plant.

Grow spider plant for positive energy. The Spider plant.
These fast growing low light plants are ideal for keeping indoors. The beautiful ribbon like leaves are the main attraction of the plant.There are a lot of varieties in the Spider plant family. But the plant with green and white striped leaves, is the most commonly used one.Indeed, we can collect saplings through division of mother plants.

5. The Boston fern – Indoor plants for positive energy.

Grow Boston fern plants for positive energy.
The Boston fern plants.
In nature, we can find ferns in cool shady and moist places. Likewise, we can grow the Boston fern plants inside our homes very easily.Generally, the plant needs only minimum quantity of light.  A moist potting medium is the most essential requirement for proper growth of these plants. We can use saplings of the plants for cultivation. Germination of spores or division of mother plants, are the different methods for producing saplings. Mentioned above, are only a few of the indoor plants that we can grow very easily. Definitely, as a beginner you can try any of these beautiful plants. Let your home as well as work place, be filled with positive energy.

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