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Herbal coconut oil for hair care – make your own and try it.

Different herbal combinations of coconut oil ideal for hair care
Herbal coconut oil for hair care

Herbal coconut oil for hair care, you can try easily. It is quite natural for every woman to aspire for healthy shining hair. But the factors like  growth rate, texture, length etc. of  hair, are mainly based on one’s general health and genetic conditions. Also remember that there is no magical formula for hair growth.

However we can maintain the health and beauty of our hair with proper caring.

Moreover, a regular balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium etc. is the most essential requirement for healthy hair. Leading a peaceful and stress free life, is equally important.

Definitely, we can use a lot of natural ingredients for hair care. Especially, that are cheap and readily available in our kitchen or backyards.

Indeed, coconut oil and its herbal combinations are the best examples. I will share with you a few of this, we can prepare and use very easily.

Surely, I recommend Virgin Coconut oil for better results. Either you can buy it or make yourself easily from fresh coconut milk. Read the simple recipe for making Virgin Coconut oil Here.

If Virgin Coconut oil is not available, use pure ordinary coconut oil instead. Always ensure purity of the coconut oil you buy from markets.  Because, certain adulterated oils may cause allergy or other discomforts.

I will share with you a few simple recipes with coconut oil, for hair care.

  1. Hot Oil Massage.

For healthy hair, keeping a clear scalp free from itching and dandruff is most important. Surely a hot oil massage once in a week, is the most effective remedy for this.

How to do a hot oil massage:

First, take two tbsp coconut oil in a metallic bowl. Then, heat it on a low flame. Never allow it to boil. Remove from the flame, once it becomes warm enough.  
Apply this oil all over your scalp using a piece of cotton wool. Then gently massage your scalp with your finger tips for about five minutes.

Meanwhile, boil water in a pan, dip a thick cotton towel in it and squeeze. After that, cover your hair with the towel for steaming, and keep it as such for 5 to 10 minutes.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and pat dry with a soft towel. Personally, I suggest natural ingredients like powdered green gram, bengal gram etc. instead of shampoo.
Repeat the same, every three or four days.

2. Kayyonni or False Daisy (Botanical name: Eclipta prostata ) plant and coconut oil for hair carecare.

Kayyonni plant ( False Daisy).

This Herbal coconut oil for hair care, is very popular in Kerala. I got the recipe from my grandmother.

Usually this herb grows well in tropical regions. In Malayalam it is known as Kayyonni and Bhringaraj in Sanskrit. Really, this plant with coconut oil makes a perfect tonic for the hair. Regular use of this oil prevents hair fall and dandruff. Indeed, you can buy this oil from Ayurvedic medical shops.

Likewise, we can prepare this oil very easily at home. Let us see how to make it.

Ingredients needed:

Coconut oil – 1 cup

Juice of the Eclipta prostata plant- 1 cup

( To make the juice, take a few plants along with roots ( samoolam ). Wash it and grind well in a mortar or mixer jar. Squeeze the juice and filter using a muslin cloth).

How to prepare:

First, mix coconut oil and juice in a pan. Then heat it on a moderate flame. Bubbles appear when the oil and juice mixture starts boiling. Stir it occasionally using a wooden spoon.

Gradually, bubbling stops and the colour of the mixture changes from dark green to pale yellow. Remove the pan from the flame when the bubbles stop completely. Allow it to cool and strain out the oil. Keep it in an air tight glass bottle.

Apply this oil on your scalp, massage gently with fingertips for a few seconds. Then wash your hair using mild shampoo.

3. Shallots and Coconut oil for hair care.

Shallots and coconut oil for hair care.

The juice of raw shallots is a wonderful remedy for preventing dandruff and premature graying. Likewise we can use shallots coconut oil combination, which is more effective.

Ingredients needed:

Coconut oil – 1 cup

Shallots ( finely chopped ) – 10 nos

How to prepare:

Mix the ingredients together in a pan and heat on a moderate flame. After a few minutes, the colour of shallots changes to golden brown and foaming of the oil stops. Remove the pan from the flame and allow it to cool. Strain out the oil and keep it in an air tight glass bottle.

Use the oil at regular intervals, preferably twice a week. Definitely you can see the results within one or two months.

4. Curry leaves and coconut oil for hair care.

Curry leaves, one of the richest sources of vitamins, can do wonders in hair care. Especially when combined with coconut oil. We can prevent hair fall, dandruff, premature graying etc. by using this oil on a regular basis.

Let us see the simple method for preparing this Herbal coconut oil for hair care.

Ingredients needed:

Coconut oil – 1 cup

Curry leaves – A handful

How to prepare:

Mix the ingredients together in a pan and heat on a moderate flame. Take out the pan from the flame when the sizzling sound ceases and the colour of curry leaves turns black.
Allow it to cool, strain out the oil and keep it in a glass bottle.

Use it regularly at intervals of three or four days.

Always try to use iron pans for preparing herbal oils. All the above ingredients are purely natural. Hence, the chances for allergic reactions are rare. However stop using it, if you feel any kind of discomfort after using it.

Mentioned above, are only a few of the herbal coconut combinations for hair care. Surely, I will share with you more in my later posts.

Try to make any of the Herbal coconut oil for hair care, that suits fine for you.

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