How to Grow Aloe Vera Easily in your kitchen garden.

Learn How to Grow Aloe Vera Easily in your kitchen garden. Actually, Aloe Vera is a succulent that grows well in almost all tropical regions. Usually these plants are widely cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses. Definitely we can use Aloe Vera plants as home remedies for a lot of ailments. Without any doubt we can say that it is one of the must have plants in our kitchen garden.It is very easy to grow this plant in pots, if there is lack of sufficient space. Like any other succulents, the fleshy leaves have the tendency to rot easily. Hence, always ensure proper drainage for the container. Usually, the plant needs only partial sunlight and hence you can also keep it indoors. A place where you get sunlight for about two or three hours a day is ideal.

Grow Aloe Vera Easily in your kitchen garden.
Aloe Vera plant in a terracotta pot.
Owing to its beautiful appearance, we can grow Aloe Vera as an ornamental plant. Remember, it is one of the most important plants that can provide positive energy. Hence no doubt, keeping an Aloe Vera plant in our home, can improve the health and wellness of family members.
Let us see how to grow Aloe Vera plants easily in pots.


Using baby plants or pups is the best method for propagation.

Baby plants of Aloe vera ( Aloe vera pups ).Generally, we can use baby plants or pups of Aloe Vera plants for propagation. Leaf cuttings and seeds are equally good. But, using the former one is the easiest method. Either we can buy the pups directly from sellers or collect through division from mother plants. However, never forget to use healthy pups that are free from any kind of diseases.

Preparation of Medium to grow Aloe Vera plants.

Ensuring proper drainage, is the most important thing while preparing the medium for growing Aloe Vera plants. Especially, a potting mixture with the following combination is ideal.
Sand – 40%
Compost manure – 20%
Broken bricks – 20%
Garden soil – 10%
Perlite – 10%.
Mix all these ingredients well and fill ¾ of the pot with it. Then carefully plant the Aloe Vera pup.

Watering the Aloe Vera plant.

Watering on a daily basis is not advisable for the Aloe Vera plants. Therefore, water the plant only after draining out the medium completely. Also remember to avoid over watering.

Caring the Aloe Vera plants.

Indeed proper caring is most essential for the healthy growth of your Aloe Vera plants. Avoid keeping the plant in direct sunlight. A diffused sunlight of about 50% is good. Moreover observe your plant carefully so as to prevent conditions like rotting of leaves, attack from insects etc.


[ Aloe vera plants ( Land cultivation).
A water soluble fertiliser, preferably NPK, in the ratio 10:10 :10 is suitable for the Aloe Vera plants. Likewise, you can fertilise your Aloe Vera plants once in a month.


Diseases that affect Aloe vera plants.

Generally, Aloe vera plants are resistant to diseases. However, we can prevent certain minor conditions such as leaf spots etc.  by taking care while watering the plant. 
Surely, I will share with you later the benefits of growing Aloe Vera plants,  different ways in which you can use it etc.
Of course, you can grow your own Aloe Vera plants easily with the above simple steps. Hence try it, and enrich your garden with the wonderful plant that is useful to you in many ways.

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