Kerala Kottayam Fish Curry – Try to make this simple recipe.

Try the simple recipe for tasty and healthy Kerala Kottayam Fish Curry.Definitely, you will like the famous Kottayam Fish Curry. Especially the perfect blend of hot and sour tastes, that go well with boiled rice, tapioca or even chapatis.Of course, I will try to share with you the simple recipe for Kerala Kottayam Fish Curry.Usually, we use fleshy fish like Vatta ( Bluefin trevally) Neymeen ( Seer Fish) Modha etc. for this recipe. But you can use any type of fish available in your locality. Common fish like Mackerel, Sardines etc, are equally good.

How to make it:

Preparation time: 20 MinutesCooking time: 30 Minutes

Ingredients needed:

1. Fish – ½ kg2. Garlic – 10 clovesShallots – 5 nosGinger – 1” piece3. Kashmiri chilli powder – 2tbspCoriander powder – 1 tspTurmeric powder – ½ tspBlack pepper powder – 1/2 tsp4. Garcinia ( Malabar tamarind or Kudampuli) – 4 pieces5. Coconut oil – 2 tbspMustard seeds – ½ tspFenugreek – ½ tspCurry leaves – 2 sprigs6. Salt – to taste7. Water – as needed.

Make the tasty Kerala Kottayam Fish Curry :

Step 1.

First, clean and cut the fish into small pieces ( Preferably about ½ inch cubes). Surely you can add some lime juice or vinegar to the water for washing. Keep it aside in an earthen pot.


Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan. Splutter mustard, add fenugreek, chopped garlic, shallots and ginger. Sauté this for a few seconds in a medium flame. After that, lower the flame and add ingredients 3. Then, carefully fry it for a few seconds.

Step 3.

Add about two cups of water to the ingredients (or according to the quantity of fish) and bring it to boil on a medium flame.

Step 4.

Once it begins to boil, transfer to the fish in the pot. Similarly, add salt, kudampuli, fresh curry leaves and keep on a high flame for about five minutes. Carefully stir with a wooden spoon and lower the flame. Keep on the flame, till the fish cooks and gravy thickens.

Kerala kottayam Fish Curry
Fish Curry

Take a little gravy from it and check for the taste. ( Always remember, that you can adjust salt, chilli powder, kudampuli etc. according to your taste ).Finally, your favourite Kottayam Fish curry is ready.Try to make this simple Kottayam Fish curry and enjoy a meal. Especially, along with side dishes like aviyal, thoran, pulissery etc. the recipes of which I will share with you laterlater.