Four Flowering Bonsai Plants – try to grow your own easily.

Four Flowering Bonsai Plants – you can grow easily. Actually bonsai is the art form of growing miniature trees in pots. Especially, with all the characteristic features of the trees that grow in nature. Surely, most of us are familiar with common bonsai trees like those from the Ficus family. For example, Ficus religiosa, benghalensis, retusa etc. Of course, these are beautiful bonsai trees, but we can grow a lot of flowering bonsai as well.I will introduce a few flowering  plants, that we can grow easily as bonsai.Preferably, in tropical places like India and South East Asian countries.

1. Bougainvillea bonsai.

Truly, all of us are familiar with this plant, bearing beautiful flowers in bunches. The bright coloured petal like parts are bracts and the  star like white flowers are very small in size. We can find Bougainville plants with flowers of different colours. Among these, Bougainville glabra with thin paper like flowers are common and the widely used one for making bonsai.The Bougainville plants can thrive well in warm climates. No doubt, it is one of the most suitable plants for bonsai in tropical regions. Above all, the plant needs a good supply of water with proper drainage. Also ensure sunlight for at least six hours a day.

Usually the thorny Bougainville plants grow as bush wine or trees. Hence, we can train them to any of the popular bonsai styles. Best method for propagation is through stem cuttings. The woody stem has the tendency to break, and hence we should take care while wiring.

2. Ixora Bonsai.

Ixora bonsai One of the Easily Growing Flowering Bonsai
Ixora Bonsai with white flowers.
Ixora plants with flowers in different colours, are ideal for making bonsai. Generally, the dwarf varieties with flowers in bunches make ixora bonsai really awesome. Pink, red, orange, white etc are commonly found colours.
Indeed, we can use stem cuttings for propagation. After all, the plant grows well in warm climates, and hence it is most suitable for making bonsai in tropical regions. A slightly acidic soil medium is ideal for ixora plants. Always keep the medium moist by watering with adequate drainage. Besides, adding organic fertilizer at regular intervals can keep the plant beautiful and healthy. Proper wiring and pruning can change the plant to a beautiful art piece.

3. Cassia fistula or the Golden Shower tree.

Cassia fistula is one of the Easily Growing Flowering Bonsai in tropical regions.
Cassia fistula or The Golden Shower tree.
Cassia fistula, is a very common flowering tree found in south east Asian regions. Surprisingly, the attractive yellow flowers make it the favorite of bonsai lovers. The seeds collected from pods, are used for cultivation. Well drained moist soil and bright sunlight are the favourable conditions for proper growth of cassia fistula bonsai trees.

4. The Fukien tea tree or Carmona retusa.

One of the Easily Growing Flowering Bonsai
The Fukien tea tree or Carmona retusa.
Small shiny leaves, white star like flowers, green and orange bead like fruits etc. are the main attractions of this plant. Moreover, we can train the plants to any of the required bonsai styles.Mentioned above, are only a few examples of flowering bonsai trees.
However, I will share with you later the details regarding cultivation, training etc. in respect of each of them.
In short, try to grow any of these four flowering bonsai plants. Make your garden as well as your home really awesome.

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