13 Kerala shopping items – buy from God’s own country.

13 Kerala shopping items
13 Kerala shopping items – buy from God’s own country. Truly, most of us are very fond of travelling. Especially to places with rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Definitely, shopping is an important part of travelling. For a lot of people, it is a hobby to collect souvenirs from places they visit. Whereas, many others find pleasure in giving gifts to their loved ones after each travel.
However, you can buy a lot of unique things on your visit to Kerala, God’s own country. Surprisingly, most of them are related to the cultural heritage of this little state of India. Surely, I will introduce a few things that you can buy without any doubt.

1. Spices.

Definitely, nothing else but spices, are the most important things that you can buy. Especially, on your visit to the Land of Spices. There are a lot of spice markets in almost all tourist destinations in Kerala. You can buy farm fresh black pepper, cardamom, dry ginger, turmeric, nutmeg etc. Preferably at reasonable prices.
You can also buy top quality tea and coffee powder. These are widely cultivated in the high ranges of Kerala.

2. Cashew Nuts.

Cashew trees are cultivated in many parts of the state. But Kollam ( Quilon ) district has the largest number of cashew processing factories. You can buy different varieties of cashew nuts from Kerala.

3. Coconut products.

13 Kerala shopping items buy from God's own country.
Jack fruit chips in coconut oil.
The name Keralam means the land of coconuts. No doubt, Coconut trees are one of the main cash crops of Kerala, and of course you can buy a lot of products made from it. For example, virgin coconut oil, which we can use for many purposes. Likewise, banana chips fried in pure coconut oil is very popular. In addition, raw jack fruit chips, tapioca chips etc. are equally good.
Handicrafts made of coconut shells, coir etc. are other products.
Buy things made of coconut fiber from Kerala
Ganesha idol made of coconut fiber

4. Kerala special sarees and dhoties.

13 Kerala shopping items buy from God's own country
Kerala Sarees and Dhoties with golden Jerry.
The Kerala handloom sarees and dhoties with golden jerry, are in a class apart. We can proudly wear it on occasions like festivals, functions etc. Kasavu Kada, Karal Kada, Balaramapuram etc. are top brands in this field. Moreover Hantex, is the official handloom dealers of the Government of Kerala. Usually, most of the sellers offer discounts during festival seasons. So, you can select from a wide range, if you visit Kerala during the festivals Onam, Christmas, Vishu etc

5. Brass articles.

 13 Kerala shopping items buy from God's own country.
Brass articles in a wooden pooja space.
You can buy different types of traditional lamps, pooja articles, idols of deities etc. made of brass. Mannar, a place in Alappuzha district is famous for the largest collection of brass items.

6. Aranmula Kannadi.

Aranmula Kannadi  buy from God's own country.
Aranmula Kannadi.
It is one of the most auspicious things you can buy from Kerala. Aranmula Kannadi is a mirror made of a special combination of metals. The exact combination of metals is still unknown and is considered to be a family secret of vishwakarma, an ancient deity engineer of the universe. The makers are craftsmen from a particular group of people of Aranmula, a place in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. The unusually bright mirror surface is obtained after several days of polishing, since it’s not a normal glass mirror. This handmade mirror is considered to bring good luck. So don’t miss to buy one of this on your next trip to Kerala!

7. Sandalwood products.

Marayoor, a place in Idukki district has vast areas of Sandalwood forests. Therefore, you can buy genuine sandal products like oil, cosmetics, pefumes, powder etc.

8. Handicrafts made of Rose wood, Teak wood etc.

For example, the models of snake boats, elephants, jewelry boxes, different deities etc.

9. Nettippattam ( Elephant Caparison).

Buy Elephant caparison from Kerala.
The Elephant caparison.
It is a decorative ornament for elephants during festivals. But different models, of this unique accessory, are used as wall decor.

10. The mask of Kathakali.

Kathakali mask Buy from God's own country
Kathakali mask.
Kathakali is one of the most popular art forms of Kerala. The characters are mainly from various Indian epics. Above all, the colourful costumes and masks make this art form uniquely attractive. You can find the Kathakali masks with different facial expressions, in most of the handicraft shops in Kerala.

10. Mural Paintings

Mural painting on terracotta pot Buy from God's own country.
Mural painting on terracotta pot.
Furthermore, the mural paintings of Kerala are highly in demand. You can also find dress materials, shirts terracotta pots etc. with mural painting designs.

11. Jewellery.

Traditional Kerala Gold necklace buy from God's own country.
Traditional Kerala Gold necklace.
Though Kerala is comparatively a much smaller state, you can find a lot of jewellery shops all over. Most of them have got wonderful collections of traditional as well as modern ornaments.

12. Kozhikkodan Halwa.

Halwa, is a sweet of Kerala made with four basic ingredients. Usually, rice flour, coconut milk, jaggery and ghee. However, the taste of Kozhikkodan halwa in different flavours, is really wonderful.

13. Seashell handicrafts.

Out of 14 districts of Kerala, 9 share boarder with sea shore. Hence, you can visit a lot of beautiful beaches like Kovalam, Alappuzha etc. Seashell handicrafts, as usual are awaiting you here also.
Mentioned above, are a few of the most important things you can buy from Kerala. I am sure, that you will find more on your visit in person.
However, add the name of this beautiful little place to your list for the next vacation. And, have a wonderful experience, especially in shopping.
13 Kerala shopping items – buy from God’s own country.

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