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5 Medicinal plants in kitchen gardens – grow your own.

5 Medicinal plants in kitchen gardens – grow your own. Definitely, you must grow these plants in your kitchen garden. Because they are effective medicines as well. We can use these plants as home remedies for a number of ailments. Especially, for common problems like cold, fever, stomach upset, insect bites etc. However, let us have a look at these wonderful creations of Mother Nature.

1. 5 Medicinal plants in kitchen gardens – Turmeric.

Truly, it is the most important plant you must grow in your kitchen garden.

Turmeric plants.

Studies have proved the medicinal values of Curcumin, the most important content present in turmeric. Indeed, turmeric is one of the main ingredients for making a lot of medicines. It is really a blessing to have at least one turmeric plant in our kitchen garden. Especially, in emergencies like insect bites, stomach upset etc.

You can read from here, the simple tips for growing turmeric plants in your garden.

2. Ginger.

Ginger plants.

No doubt, most of us use ginger in our kitchen frequently. Generally ginger is classified as a herb or spice. Above all, it is a wonderful medicine that we can use either afresh or in the dried form. For example, fresh ginger juice mixed with lemon juice is an effective remedy for nausea and vomiting. Likewise, we use different combinations of dried ginger powder, for a lot of ailments.

3. Curry leaves

The Curry leaves plants.

Certainly, curry leaves are wonderful sources of vitamins. In addition, we can use it as effective remedy for a lot of health conditions. Likewise, consuming curry leaves in empty stomach lowers cholesterol levels. Hence we must grow at least one curry leaf plant in our kitchen garden.4. The Moringa or Drumstick plant.Usually the tree grows up to a height of about ten metres. But we can grow it as a bush easily in our kitchen garden. Because, a lot of hybrid varieties are now available. In addition to drumstick fruits, all parts of this plant are effective medicines. Preferably, for health conditions like anaemia, hypertension etc. A fine paste made of Moringa leaves and salt, can make wonders in curing inflammation and joint pain.

Black Pepper plants in pots.

5. 5 Medicinal plants in kitchen Gardens – Black Pepper.

Though Black pepper is considered as the king of spices, it is a wonderful herb as well. Moreover, it is one of the main ingredients in almost all Ayurvedic medicines. Generally, the pepper plants are creepers that climb on supporting trees. But we can grow it in pots, commonly called bush pepper. Truly, we can use fresh pepper corns for a lot of ailments like fever, cough etc.In short, you can grow these plants in your kitchen garden very easily. Hence, try to grow at least one plant each, so that you can stop worrying. Especially, at times when you have to face attacks of minor ailments. Definitely I will share with you in my next post, the recipes for certain remedies, in detail.

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