Ideal tropical bonsai plants – try to grow your own.

Ideal tropical bonsai plants – try to grow your own. Actually, the art of bonsai was originated in China or Japan. But, now it is one of the most popular hobbies of people all around the world. Usually, plants adapted to a particular climate, are suitable for making bonsai in that place. Hence, we can make beautiful bonsai from saplings of trees that grow around us.

However, I will try to introduce a few plants that are ideal for bonsai in tropical regions.

Different varieties of Ficus trees.

Definitely, I can say that different varieties of ficus trees are the best. Surprisingly, there are more than 800 varieties in the Ficus family. Hence, it is easy to collect the plants, even without spending money. Besides, saplings are available from mother plants that grow in our premises.

1.Ficus reigiosa bonsai – ideal tropical bonsai plants.

Ficus religiosa is an ideal tropical bonsai plant.
Ficus religiosa bonsai.

Indeed, Ficus religiosa plants are the most popular ones in the family.The beautiful heart shaped leaves are the main attraction. Also the woody trunk with branches, make it the favorite of bonsai lovers.

2. Ficus rumphii bonsai ( Bodhi tree) – ideal tropical bonsai plants.

Ficus bodhi is an ideal tropical bonsai plant.
Ficus rumphii or bodhi bonsai.

Of course, Ficus rumphii or bodhi trees are identical with religiosa in many aspects. But there is a slight difference in the texture of leaves. The tree has got religious importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. There is the belief, that Buddha got enlightenment while meditating under this sacred tree.

3. Ficus benghalensis bonsai.

Ficus benghalensis bonsai, ideal for tropical regions.
Ficus benghalensis bonsai

We can find these trees widely, in almost all Asian countries. Amazingly, the hanging roots are the main attraction. With proper caring we can train this bonsai to the required styles.

4. Ficus benjamina or weeping fig.

Ficus benjamina bonsai.

No doubt, Ficus benjamina trees are the most suitable ones for bonsai beginners. We can use cuttings from mother plants for propagation. Indeed, training this bonsai is much easier when compared to other bonsai plants. In addition, faster development of aerial roots, is its main attraction.

5. Ficus alii bonsai – ideal tropical bonsai plants.

Ficus alii is a beautiful and ideal tropical bonsai plant.
Ficus alii bonsai.

These beautiful evergreen plants are ideal for making bonsai. The elongated leaves make the plants entirely different from other plants in the ficus family.

Mentioned above, are only a few plants from the ficus family. Definitely, I will share with you later, more details about tropical bonsai plants.

With this in mind, try to grow your own Ficus bonsai plants. Make your garden as well as home more attractive, by adding these wonderful creations.

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