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Fight depression with food, that is cheap and easily available .

Fight depression with food, that is cheap and easily available. In this fast and busy world, a lot of people from different age groups are suffering from stress. Especially employed women who are house wives as well. No doubt, our children are also not free from tension due to the present system of education. Actually serious health issues like hypertension, diabetes, heart failure etc. are the final results of leading a stress filled life. We can easily find a solution to this problem by including certain food items in our diet. Always remember that there is no need to spend any extra money for this. But wisely select your menu by including things that are cheap as well as readily available.Let us have a look at certain foodstuffs that are medicines too.

1. Leafy vegetables.

Spinach cooked with coconut.
Without any doubt we can say that leafy vegetables are rich sources of folates. Truly, Folates produce neurotransmitters that can control our mental health. Different types of Spinach, moringa leaves etc are leafy vegetables that we can grow easily in our kitchen garden. Hence try to include any of these in your diet at least four or five times in a week.

2. Banana, Fight depression with food that is cheap and easily available.

Ripe bananas.
Actually banana fruits are effective remedy for a number of physical conditions like hypertension, anaemia etc that leads to depression. Also the proteins and vitamins in banana increases the production of serotonin, a very important neurotransmitter. Really our happiness and peace of mind depend upon the production of serotonin in our body. Hence it is better to include banana in your diet daily. Especially it is one of the cheapest fruits available in almost all parts of the world.

3. Fatty fish.

Fish cooked with coconut and garcinia.
Usually sardines, tuna etc. are varieties of fish that can be classified as fatty. Moreover they are rich sources of Omega three fatty acids that is essential for the proper functioning of the brain . Actually the omega three fatty acids, helps to reduce the production of cortisol, the hormone that causes stress. Definitely, try to include fish in your diet at least three or four times a week.

4. Milk and Yogurt, Fight depression with food that is cheap and easily available .

A glass of hot Milk.
Milk and milk products such as yogurt, are rich sources of calcium and vitamin B. It can protect the nerve cells that activate the brain. Therefore, try to consume at least a glass of milk or any other milk product equivalent to it, on a daily basis.

5. Green tea.

The anti oxidants and amino acid called l- theanine present in green tea helps to keep our mind calm and peaceful. So make green tea a habit to prevent a lot of ailments such as obesity, cardiac disorders etc.

6. Oats.

Oats is often considered as a cheaper food stuff. Surprisingly it is a super food that raises serotonin, the anti depressant hormone. Also it can control blood sugar, cholesterol etc. Remember, a breakfast with a combination of oats and milk makes your day refreshing and healthy.

7. Avocado or butter fruit.

Certainly, this fruit is a wonderful source of vitamins B and E that reduces stress . Also it contains another anti oxidant called glutathione that removes unwanted fats from the body.Similarly, there are a lot of other food stuffs that are also effective remedies for depression. I will share with you in detail, in my next post.With this in mind, try to make slight changes in your diet by adding at least a few of the above. Also experience the changes and wellness that gradually occurring within you.

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