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Grow and Care Jade Bonsai – Learn How.

Learn to grow Jade bonsai- it brings luck and prosperity.
Jade Bonsai – Jade by the door poor no more.
Grow and Care Jade Bonsai – Learn How.There is a belief, that keeping a Jade plant in your home brings prosperity. Hence Vastu and Feng shui experts recommend to keep this plant in houses and offices. Likewise the Jade plant is known in different names such as Money tree, Lucky plant etc. Above all remember the old saying, “Jade by the door poor no more”.
Jade Bonsai – slanting style.
Jade, is an evergreen tree with thick branches and fleshy leaves. Truly it is a native of South Africa and grows abundantly in the forests. Also, this succulent is the favourite of elephants. Hence it is popularly known as the elephant bush. Indeed the heart shaped fleshy dark green leaves resemble the precious stone Jade.
Heart shaped Jade leaves –    resemble precious stone ‘Jade’.
The beautifu branches and small leaves make the plant ideal for making bonsai. There are different species of the Jade plant. But the most suitable and common one for making a bonsai is Portulacaria afra. Especially the plant thrives well in humid as well as temperate climates.However, you can grow a Jade bonsai, through very simple steps.


Definitely you can use stem cuttings for propagation of the Jade plant.
Always select branches from healthy plants free from any kind of diseases. Also it is possible to grow jade plants from leaves, but it needs more time to develop. Definitely the most important thing is the preparation of medium for growing the plants. Always ensure proper drainage for the potting mixture.
Saplings of Jade tree – from cuttings

Preparation of potting medium for Jade Bonsai.

Make a mixture with 40% river sand, 30% garden soil and 30% fertilizer. Indeed you can use well dried and powdered cow dung or any other organic manure.
First, put a few pieces of broken bricks in the bottom of the pot. Then fill the pot with potting mixture and carefully plant the cutting in it.

Caring for Jade Bonsai.

Keep the pot in diffused sunlight for a few days and water regularly. But do not over water, as it may cause the plant to decay. Within two or three weeks new shoots and roots develop.
Then gradually move the pot to direct sunlight. Always keep in mind that the tree needs bright sunlight. Above all care the plant properly. Water regularly, preferably twice daily. Add some liquid organic fertilizer at intervals of three to four months. Within one year, the trunk develops with a lot of branches.
Sapling of Jade tree white – a very rare species.

Pruning for Jade Bonsai.

Really from this stage you can try your artistic talent for developing your bonsai. Remove extra branches using a sharp knife or cutting shears. Apply some  fungicide on the wounds, as a precaution against any kind of infection.

Wiring for Jade Bonsai.

Wiring gives the required shape to your bonsai. Surely you can use soft aluminium or copper wires . But extreme care should be taken while wiring the branches. Never wind it too tightly, as it may leave wounds on the fleshy stem. Definitely the beauty of your bonsai depends on the way you care it.

Repotting your Jade Bonsai.

After about two years you can do repotting. Carefully take out the plant from the pot, remove one third of the roots using a sharp knife. Consequently transfer the plant to another original bonsai pot. Repeat the same steps for making potting medium as stated above. Finally your Jade bonsai is ready. Keep it in your house, office or wherever you like.


Generally the Jade plant is resistant to diseases, if you care it properly. Sometimes black spots appear on the leaves and stem due to over watering.
Really Jade plant is the most suitable one for bonsai beginners.
Try to grow a Jade bonsai, enjoy the endless flow of energy, good luck and prosperity in your life.
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