Learn Growing Bush Pepper in pots.

Learn Growing Bush Pepper in pots, which is really very easy to follow. Truly Black Pepper, the King of Spices is an important ingredient in our kitchen. It is commonly used for adding flavor to dishes all over the world. Also it is one of the main component in a lot of Ayurvedic medicines. Moreover we can make home remedies for a number of ailments with this wonderful berry. However, without any doubt we can say that black pepper is an unavoidable thing in our day to day life.Usually black pepper is uch more expensive, when compared to other spices. For this reason it is popularly known as Black Gold.

If properly cared, pepper plants bloom within one year.

Bush pepper plants with flowers and fruits.Pepper plants are vine like creepers that need support. Generally the plant grows up to a height of about ten metres. Loamy soil and temperate climates are ideal for pepper plants. But we can easily grow it as a bush in pots or grow bags. Surely we get enough and more pepper corns for our kitchen needs from three or four bush pepper plants.

Advantages of growing bush pepper plants.

When compared to pepper vine, there are many advantages for growing bush pepper.1. Pepper vines always need supporting trees, whereas bush pepper plants grow independently.2. Generally pepper plants are shade loving. Hence we have to find permanent places for pepper vines. But we can place the pots anywhere according to our convenience.3. Actually plucking berries from a height of more than ten meters is really a hectic task. But we can collect the corns easily from our bush pepper plants. Usually this plant grows to a maximum height of about two feet.4. Definitely, the bush pepper plants add beauty to our garden like any other ornamental plants. Hence we can place it in our front yards as well.

How to grow Bush Pepper plants.

Lateral branches from pepper vines are used as saplings.
Bush pepper sapling

Let us see the simple steps to grow Bush Pepper plants.

1.Bush Pepper – Selection of saplings.

Pepper plants are propagated through stem cuttings. We can use the rooted lateral branches from ordinary pepper plants for developing bush pepper. It is better to select stem cuttings with three to five nodes. Also you can buy saplings directly from sellers.Then plant these cuttings in small grow bags filled with potting medium. Preferably gravel, sand and fertilizer in the ratio 1: 1: 1. Cattle manure or any other organic fertilizer is equally good. Keep the plant in shade for three to four weeks and water regularly.

Keep the bush pepper plants in shade for better yields.

Bush pepper plants in pots.

2. Bush Pepper – Replanting.

Meanwhile, prepare the pots for your bush pepper. It is better to use comparatively bigger pots. Fill the pots with mixture in the same ratio as stated above. Also ensure proper drainage for the pots. After that, take out the saplings carefully from the grow bags along with soil. Then plant four or five saplings in the same pot.

3. Bush Pepper – Caring -Learn growing Bush Pepper in pots.

Keep the pot in partial sunlight and water twice daily. Add fertilizer at intervals of every two or three months.Also you can prune the vines when it grows longer. Use a sharp knife or shears for cutting. Truly pruning keeps your Bush pepper plants retain health and beauty.Indeed, with proper caring your bush pepper plants begin to produce fruits within one year.Usually, we get pepper corns through out the year from the same plant. Hence you can also use green pepper that makes certain dishes more tasty.Try to grow at least two or three bush pepper plants in your garden. And enjoy the freshness of the King of Spices.Pepper corns well dried in sunlight last longer.Black pepper corns