Grow Money Plants Indoors, through simple steps.

Grow Money Plants Indoors, through simple steps.

Grow Money Plants Indoors, through simple steps . The Plant has got its name from the belief that it brings good luck to the house where it grows. Also it is known by different names such as Pothos, Devils ivy, Silver wine etc. The green waxy heart shaped leaves are symbols of happiness. Usually people keep Money Plants in the south east corner of the house. Experts in vastu sastra and feng shui recommend keeping Money Plants in houses and offices, for prosperity.Besides, studies have already proved its properties to purify the air by absorbing toxins and poisonous gases. Hence, no doubt we can keep it anywhere in our houses, especially in the kitchen.Though there are different varieties of Money Plants, the one with dark green shiny leaves, is common. Generally the plant grows well in almost all climates. Money Plant is a creeper that climbs on supporting trees. But growing it as bush in pots, is more convenient to keep indoors. Moreover it is much prettier than the hanging type.Also, you can try your own styles for making supports, if you like to grow it as a creeper.

Any styles can be tried for making a creeper Money Plant
Creeper like style

However, it is very easy to grow this lucky plant in the garden or indoors. The plant grows equally well in water and hence a soil medium is not an essential thing. Usually stem cuttings are used for propagation.

Let’s see How to Grow Money Plants Indoors.

  1. First collect cuttings from good quality, healthy plants. Especially those having at least two or three nodes. Remove old leaves, shorten the long roots and make it ready to plant.
  2. Meanwhile, select your pot for the plant. Truly you can choose any type of vessel, even one from your old collection from the kitchen cupboards.
  3. Then fill the pot with fresh water and add a few drops of organic liquid fertiliser to it.
  4. Gently place the cuttings in to the pot, and your lucky plant is ready. Keep at any place in your house, preferably near the widows.
Growing Money Plant Indoors use any pots you like
Money Plant in a pot

How to maintain your Money Plants.

Indeed, proper caring is most important for the healthy growth of your Money Plant. Always ensure sufficient water in the pot. Add fertiliser at regular intervals, as it is the only source of nutrition for the plant. Try to maintain the texture of the leaves by gently wiping it with a damp cloth or sponge. Certainly your Money Plant will grow well and new shoots begin to sprout from the nodes.

Money Plants – Pruning.

Occasionally, take the whole plants out from the pot, cut the longer shoots and roots. Then replant using fresh water with added fertiliser.Also you can use potting medium for growing Money Plants. A mixture of sand, gravel and any organic fertiliser in the ratio 1:1:1 is ideal. You can use any type of pots with proper drainage. But, always keep it in a tray so as to prevent wetting of the floor.

Money plants are ideal gifts on various occasionsMoney Plants are ideal gifts too.So follow the above simple tips and try to grow your own Money Plant. Above all, enjoy the positive energy, prosperity and all other good luck that flow endlessly to your home.

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