How to grow Red spinach – try your own from seeds.

How to grow Red spinach  – try your own from seeds. This common leafy vegetable is one of the main ingredients that we use very often. Irrespective of regional differences, the most commonly used one is the Red spinach. However, it is very easy to grow this wonder source of vitamins in your kitchen garden .

Really, we can make a lot of nutritious and delicious dishes with this. Children as well as grown ups equally enjoy it. The attractive and colourful soup made of Red spinach is so tasty and rich in vitamins. Hence no doubt, even children who are reluctant to vegetables, will easily consume it. Moreover, the spinach cutlet is a very nutritious substitute, for those who opt veg dishes.

Let’s learn how to grow Red spinach in your kitchen garden. Truly, it is a short term vegetable and there is no need to wait much longer for harvesting.

With a very few simple steps, you can easily learn how to grow Red spinach in your kitchen garden.

Usually, we grow Red spinach from seeds, whereas some other types are produced from stem cuttings.

Step 1. Collection of seeds – How to grow Red spinach from seeds – try your own.

Red spinach seeds
Red spinach seeds

First, collect good quality mature well dried seeds. You can either buy it from sellers or collect from mother plants. The cluster like flowers contain lots of seeds that is easy to collect.

Step 2. Preparation of medium for sowing.

Surely the second step is preparation of medium for sowing seeds. You can use garden soil mixed with sand and fertilizer in the ratio 1: 1: 1. Preferably use any organic fertilizer or well dried and powdered cow dung.

Step 3. Sowing seeds – How to grow Red spinach from seeds – try your own.

Fill 3/ 4 part of a tray with the medium and sow the seeds carefully. It is better to mix the seeds with some semolina or crushed rice. This is to avoid the attack from ants. Also you can place the tray in a much larger one that contains water.

Keep it as such in shade and water regularly. But avoid over watering to prevent decaying of seeds.

Usually the seeds sprout within four or five days.

Step 4. Replanting seedlings.

Meanwhile prepare the bed, for replanting seedlings, especially with loose soil. Keep the medium with the same ratio as stated in step 2. Remember, the plant needs bright sunlight.

Indeed you can replant the seedlings when it attain the height of about two inches.

Moreover, the plant grows well in pots and grow bags. Also you can try this method if there is not enough space in the garden.

Make small holes in the prepared bed with a gap of about one foot. Carefully uproot the seedlings one after the other from the the tray and plant in the bed.

Always keep in mind that evening is the best time to replant seedlings. Otherwise, there are chances of getting it dried in the hot sun. Also give slight shade if necessary.

So your spinach garden is ready. Water regularly, especially in the morning and evening. Occasionally add fertilizer, preferably dried and powdered cow dung. Weeding is a must for keeping your plants healthy.

Replant the seedlings when it attains  about two inch height.
Red spinach seedlings replanted on a bed

Gladly watch your spinach growing day by day.

Certainly, you can harvest your crops after thirty or thirty five days.

Mature Red spinach plants are harvested along with roots.
Red spinach harvested ready to use.

Try this easy way of growing Red spinach, make your favorite dishes with it and enjoy.

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