Virgin coconut oil through simple steps- Make your own.

Virgin coconut oil - easy to make from coconut milk
Virgin coconut oil through simple steps – Make your own. It is quite natural that people widely use the commodities abundant in their locality. The people of Kerala are also not different from that practice. In Kerala, the land coconuts, it is really difficult for us to spend a day without using coconut. Because it is an unavoidable thing to us, either cooked or in the raw form.However, people all around the world are using coconut oil for one purpose or the other. Due to its nutritional value, coconut oil is often referred to as a Super food. Besides, studies have already proved its medicinal values such as regulating cholesterol levels etc. Also it is the main ingredient in a number of effective home remedies for various ailments.Moreover, coconut oil is one of the main constituent in cosmetics and Ayurvedic medicines. Definitely, aroma, taste and nutritional values are the factors that make coconut oil unique. Indeed, the advantages turn manifold if we use virgin coconut oil, instead.

How, virgin coconut oil is different from ordinary coconut oil .

Generally, both are extracted from the kernel of mature ripe coconuts. The difference is only in the methods of preparation. Ordinary coconut oil is extracted from well dried mature and ripe coconuts, commonly known as Copra. Whereas, fresh coconut milk is the raw material for making virgin coconut oil.Usually we get about 100 ml of oil from one comparatively large coconut.
Virgin coconut oil easy to make from diced and grated coconut.
1. First, break one mature and ripe coconut. You can use a heavy knife or a hammer for that. Do not discard the water as it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. From ripe seeds we get maximum oil, whereas the oil content in tender coconuts is much lesser.2. Then grate the coconut with a scraper. In Kerala the coconut scraper is an essential tool in each and every kitchen. If it is not available, you can cut it in to small cubes with a knife.Coconut – diced and grated coconut kernel3. Next, grind the grated or cubed coconut in a blender, adding a little water.4. Squeeze the coconut paste with hands and filter the milk using a muslin cloth.5. Keep the milk in the refrigerator or in a cool place for one day. Meanwhile you can see the cream as a thick layer on the top.6. Carefully, collect the cream with a spoon and discard the water.7. Finally keep the cream in a thick bottomed pan, and heat on a moderate flame stirring occasionally.8. Gradually the liquid turns colourless and the fresh, pleasant aroma spreads all around. Usually it doesn’t take more than thirty minutes to complete the preparation.9. Finally, the milk turns completely to colourless oil and a black residue forms in the bottom. Then keep it out of the flame, and leave for cooling.10. Filter, and your pure virgin coconut oil is ready. Keep it in a dry glass bottle.Surely you will love it so much.Improve not only your health, but the whole life style with this wonderful gift from nature.
Virgin coconut oil, easy to extract from grated or diced coconut kernel.
Virgin coconut oil through simple steps – Make your own.

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