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Visit Kumarakom Back Waters Kerala.

Best place for vacation Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala

Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala. Visit Kumarakom Back Waters Kerala, as it is surely an enjoyable tourist spot. Besides natural beauty, water tourism is the main attraction. In addition to Backwaters, bird watching at Kumarakom is also very interesting. Kerala village life, fishing etc. are other specialties. Also tasting Kerala food, is another delightful experience.

How to reach Kumarakom Back Waters, Kerala.

The nearest airport is Cochin, fifty five kilometres away from this place. Also Kottayam railway station is fifteen kilometres from Kumarakom. Moreover buses, cabs rickshaws etc are available frequently from Kottayam.

Where to stay.

Resorts at Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala

In addition to resorts, star hotels are also available. Surely, frugal travellers can choose budget hotels and home stays.

How to enjoy there.

Kumarakom Backwaters is a part of the Vembanad lake. Definitely it is the largest lake in Kerala. The most important entertainment there is the ride in house boats. Almost all boat companies assure comfort as well as security for the travellers. Usually hiring of house boats depends on the number of passengers. However, house boat with a single bedroom is enough for a small family. Likewise, larger boats are available for groups.

Trip in House boats.

Usually a round trip takes about six hours. Also facilities are available for staying overnight in boats. It is really amazing to spend a night amidst water. Above all visiting an island, Pathiramanal in the middle of the lake is awesome. Bird watching is another entertainment at Kumarakom. We can see there a lot of migratory birds as well as natives.

Best season to Visit Kumarakom Back Waters Kerala.

August to May are the best season to visit Kumarakom. But monsoon tourism is also popular.

What to eat.

Indeed food and refreshments are q part of the package, that includes veg as well as non-veg dishes. Place orders in advance, if you need any special food. Menu includes fish meat seafood etc. The most important dishes in house boats are Karimeen fry and Karimeen Pollichathu. These are delicious dishes with Green chromide, the state fish of Kerala.

Other activities.

An adventurous ride in speed boats, is equally thrilling, and also you get chance for rowing country boats. Alternatively fishing in lake make the journey fabulous. Moreover there are a lot of restaurants on the way, and you can have a halt for refreshments. Also curios are available in the shops nearby.

Adventurous ride in speed boats

Other interesting things.

Toddy shops, drift wood museum etc are also fine. Besides, you can really enjoy the taste of Kerala food from local restaurants.

House boats at Kumarakom Backwaters Kerala

Therefore Visit Kumarakom Back Waters Kerala, and make your next vacation a memorable one.

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