Pack food in banana leaf learn easily.

In Kerala, the land of agriculture, different varieties of banana trees are widely cultivated. It might be the main reason why people still follow the most convenient and conventional method to Pack food in banana leaf. The advantages of packing food in banana leaves are innumerable when compared with that followed by people today, in this busy world.

The most important one is the health benefits we acquire on eating food on a banana leaf. Poly-phenol, an antioxidant found on the surface of the leaf as a waxy coating that melts when mixed with hot food, prevents a lot of lifestyle diseases. Studies proved that it has some antibacterial properties.

It is also very economical to pack food in banana leaf. Especially when compared with other materials like aluminium foils polythene containers etc. There is no need to bother about wasting time for washing lunch boxes. We can easily dispose the leaf after use, as it doesn’t cause any toxic materials on decomposition.

I will share with you the easiest way to Pack food in  banana leaf.

1. Take a fresh piece of banana leaf, preferably from the tip that is large enough to wrap the required quantity of food (Select a leaf that is not much tender or hard as it has the tendency to break easily while folding).

2. Heat the leaf on a moderate flame to make it a little flexible.

3. Remove carefully with a sharp knife, the rib on the back side of the leaf.

Food for packing arrange well before folding
Food well arranged in the leaf

4. Place the leaf in a tray, put your favorite food with side dishes in it. If you don’t like mixing of dishes together, you can pack it separately in small pieces of banana leaves.

5. Arrange well all these together, and fold from four sides carefully. It is better to avoid dishes with gravy, as it may cause spilling.

Fold the leaf securely from four sides
Finally packed

6. Finally wrap it with a piece of newspaper and your favorite banana leaf lunch pack is ready.

Next time, try this while going out for work. Throw away the easily degradable leaf after lunch, and enjoy your bonus time you acquire during lunch break .


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