How to make the delicious Karimeen pollichathu – The Green chromide cooked in coconut milk

The Green chromide

As I promised in my earlier post, River Meenachil a part of our lives, I am sharing with you another recipe with Karimeen – Karimeen pollichathu, one of the very tasty and easy to be made dishes with Green chromide, the state fish of Kerala.

How to make it :

Preparation and cooking time: One hour

After removing fins, scales and innards, clean the fish by applying a little salt on both sides and gently rubbing it in a shallow earthen pot. Make a few scratches on both sides of the fish for a better effect on marinating.

Ingredients needed for marinating.

  • Red chili powder- 2 tea spoons
  • Shallots. 5
  • Salt. As needed
  • Coconut milk. ½ cup

For garnishing.

  • Curry leaves. A few

Make a fine paste with the ingredients and apply on both sides of the fish. Keep it aside for about fifteen minutes.

Make 50 ml of thick milk from two cups of grated coconut.

Place a piece of banana leaf in a shallow earthen pot, transfer the marinated fish into it and add the coconut milk.

Cover it with a lid and keep on a moderate flame for about ten minutes. Then lower the flame, carefully put the fish upside down and keep for about ten more minutes.

When it becomes cooked, the oil from coconut milk begins to appear with a very delicious aroma. Garnish it with a few curry leaves and keep out of the flame.

Your favourite Karimeen pollichathu is ready, and transfer it to a serving dish. You can have it with boiled rice, chappathy or bread .

Try this simple and delicious recipe.

The fish I used for making this recipe, was caught afresh from the river, by my husband on his fishing rod.

If Karimeen is not available, you can replace it with thinly sliced Seer fish that will also be equally delicious


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